Dream of Corn – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

Dreams are a mirror of both our waking and sub-conscious life, a path to another realm, a delicate mechanism for processing our daily activities, tons of information we gather during our waking time and much more.

No one can tell for sure what dreams actually represent or where do they come from. There is probably a part of truth in all interpretations there are.

Dreams serve as a channel for our unresolved problems or suppressed needs and desires, but they are probably more than that.

Sometimes, we dream about things and scenarios that are too odd to be linked to anything we have ever experienced during our waking hours.

Sometimes, dreams are so strange that what we see in them can hardly be connected with our reality or reality of times we live in.

Some say dreams are a road to the other side, a parallel existence, a path into past, future or so.

Throughout history, many would think of dreams as prophecies.

Holy people would communicate with heavens through dreams, as well.

Dreams are a mystery. Humankind has always been intrigued by dreams, trying to figure out what particular scenarios, settings, objects, personalities and situations occurring in dreams are trying to tell us.

Animals dream, too. Who know what they dream about?

However, in case of us, humans, we usually know what we have dreamed of, although we do not always remember all of our dreams.

In dreams, we often see common things – something that we would not pay special attention to in our waking life.

However, in dreams, everything is a symbol. Everything has a special meaning, a message for us.

Although dreams could really be just a reflection of what we were doing during the day, or of thoughts we are obsessed by, they could be loaded with symbolical meanings, even though we might dream about fairly common things.

Maize or corn is not something that would really grab your attention, would it? It is just a common food we all know about, plant, harvest, cook and/or eat it.

While corn may be simply a sweet and hearty grain, it gains a special significance when seen in dreams.

Corn History and Symbolism

Maize, otherwise known as corn is an old grain, known for millenniums. It originates from Central America, where it was readily used for food.

It was one of the main food sources for Aztecs, who used it to make what we today know as tortilla.

The maize grain was cultivated even in earlier times. It was first domesticated by peoples of Mexico ten thousands of years ago.

Corn reached Europe in the era of great geographical discoveries, arriving to the European ground with the famous explorer, Christopher Columbus. Corn proved to be a very adaptable grain, easily adapting to the new climate conditions.

At first, corn was not used for human consumption. Later, it was used to produce corn flour.

Today, corn is a staple food in many areas of the world, and the total production of corn outgrows that of wheat and rice.

However, not all of it was meant for direct human usage. A part of the product goes into stock food, and some parts are used to produce ethanol, corn syrup, corn starch.

There are various types of corn and not all of them are yellow in color.

Corn and its products, especially those meant for human food, are used in many recipes.

In some parts of the world, cornbread is a very common food, for example, hearty, delicious and one that will keep you for long.

There are many different names for corn and its types, all around the globe. Corn is a true gift of nature, one might say. What is the symbolical meaning of corn? What does it represent?

Corn symbolizes abundance, nurture and growth. It also stands for fertility, prosperity, stability and resourcefulness.

Corn represents the importance of simple things in life. It stands for endurance and perseverance.

Dreams About Corn – General Info

What does it mean to have a dream about corn? Corn in dream can symbolize many things, although the meaning would depend on the scenario in a dream and one’s feelings about it.

In general, corn in dreams is a positive sign.

Associated with abundance, prosperity and growth, corn is something good to see in your dream, if, of course, the very scenario and setting of the dream does not suggest otherwise, which you will be aware of.

Seeing corn in dreams is a similar to seeing, for example, wheat or some other grain.

These are primarily associated with fertility and growth, with something that is simple in its nature, yet essentially needed.

The interpretation of corn dreams will vary depending on the exact and specific dream.

You may simply see a corn head in a dream, a corn field, something made of corn. You can eat corn, sell it, buy it, or whatever else.

Also, there could be corn of different color appearing in your dream – white corn, red corn, black one and so on.

Let us look into some of the interesting versions of corn dreams and try to figure out the meaning behind them.

Dreams about a field of corn

Seeing a corn field in your dream could have various different meanings.

Think about some of the possible ones. Seeing a field of corn, full of ripe, beautiful golden corn is a sign of future prosperity, abundance and wealth.

It means your hard work will definitely pay off, but you have to be patient.

Full, healthy and beautiful corn field is a sign of success.

However, if you dream about getting lost in a corn field, the meaning of dream could be quite different.

It suggests you are losing your track in life while trying to achieve something big, to gain something big – it is usually associated with material success and gain.

You may be too obsessed with trying to gain more and more, while you neglect some other areas of life.

Alternatively, it suggests you have probably took on much more than you can handle, you overestimated your own capacities, capabilities and qualities.

Now you have to deal with more than you are actually capable of doing.

Dreams about seeing a poor, barren corn field is not a good sign. It is a sign of failure of plans or an unexpected disaster.

Just as bad weather conditions may harm and heavily damage corn in reality, some plans could go bad in life, without you being responsible for the calamity.

Dreams about harvesting corn

Dreams about harvesting corn are good ones. They are a sort of an upgraded version of dreams about seeing corn field.

In this dream, you literally harvest the fruits of your success. This is a dream that should be taken as an encouragement and a positive sign.

Maybe you are insecure about certain plans of yours, anxious about the outcome.

Maybe you doubt your decisions and think that you have not made the right investments, figuratively or realistically speaking.

This dream should reassure you of such doubts. Have a little more patience and just keep going. You will have something beautiful to harvest.

Dreams about harvest are generally positive – if the harvest was rich, of course.

Dreams about corn cobs

Dreams about seeing corn cobs are positive dreams. Corn is generally associated with abundance and success, and in this dream, corn cobs are a metaphor of money, of gold (usually we first think of yellow corn).

If you see corn cobs in a dream or eat cooked ones, it is a sign of success and fortune, maybe an unexpected gain.

It does not have to be something big, but it will definitely be a pleasant surprise. Corn cobs could also be a sign of minor awards and acknowledgments.

Dreams about cooking corn

Dreams about cooking corn can vary. You can boil or roast corn, for example. You can also use corn cobs or sweet corn without cobs.

If you cook corn in your dream, it suggests you are working on your success.

You know what the steps are and that the result will be sweet. If you roast corn or see roasted corn, the meaning is similar, although there is a great risk of potentially burning the corn.

Be careful about what you do.

While your dedication is definitely a positive thing, do not overdo it. It applies to various areas of life, including relations with people.

However, it is mostly associated with things you do, your job, a project, hobby, anything you are really focused onto.

Dreams about corn flour

Dreams about corn flour or certain foods made from it, such as corn bread or so, are very interesting dreams.

Those suggest you have the ability and skill to use something for more than one purpose. You have a talent to transform something valuable into something more useful at the moment.

In addition, this dream should encourage you freely to use your resources, without fear of losing it all or fear of not being able to gather new ones.

Sometimes, we should experiment with what we have.

Even if you fail in the experiment and it turns out you have wasted your resources, think twice.

It is not really a waste, because you have tried something new. Do not give up, but try again. We learn from repetition.

The same stands for dreams about making food from corn or corn flour.

There are great chances that it does not turn out well, even if you follow all the steps in the recipe. Well, there is no harm to try to make something new.

Dreams about cornbread

Dreams about cornbread are a good sign. Those dreams tell about happiness and stability in life.

These dreams tell about one’s ability to be satisfied with some basic things in life, which will allow the person to be open for something more, with a pure heart.

Cornbread is not some extravagant, luxurious food, but it could be simply delicious, very tasty and it could keep us satiated for very long.

It offers a lot of energy and good nutrients. Therefore, dreams about cornbread tell about the beautiful simplicity of life, on one hand.

The same stands for dreams about baking a cornbread, eating it, even buying it, feeding somebody with cornbread etc. Those are very good dreams.

Dreams about eating corn

Dreams about eating corn could have different meanings, based upon the taste of corn and your general experience of eating corn in a dream.

If the corn was sweet, delicious and very tasty, it suggests you do not have to worry about money.

Eating corn in dreams tells about one’s attitude towards their own material possessions and finances.

Eating sweet corn suggests you should take pleasure in life, you should really enjoy the fruits of your work.

On the contrary, if the corn you eat was rotten or bad in any other way, or a dish made of corn tastes terribly, it means you are overspending or you are making bad investments.

It could also suggests someone dear to you, such as family members, very poorly manage money.

Dreams about white corn

Dreaming about corn of a specific color adds to the basic interpretation of your corn dream.

Now, you can dream about white corn in various settings, but let us try to give some basic interpretation. It is generally based on the symbolism of white color and the meaning of corn in general.

White is the color of purity, chastity, honesty, spirituality, softness and gentleness.

White is also a replacement for silver in certain depictions. As corn is a symbol of abundance and growth, dreams about white corn suggest the growth of these virtues.

Dreams about black corn

Black corn, like various black things seen in dreams, tell about a mystery.

Something unexpected is going to happen, not necessarily bad.

You will probably encounter a person who will catch your attention by their mystical aura.

Alternatively, as corn represents progress and abundance, it could tell about potentially great source of financial gain, something extremely rare and valuable.

Dreams about red corn

Color red is the color of passion and royalty. While red corn is not unusual to see in some parts of the world, the majority is used to yellow one.

So, if you see red corn in your dream, it is a sign of a special gain or a special connection.

Dreams about green corn

Green color in dreams indicates good health and refreshment, but it also symbolizes something that is still in the process of growth, immature, unripe.

about green corn carry both meaning. If you harvest green unripe corn in a dream, it indicates you are being impatient and hasty.

The same stands for dreams about eating green and unripe corn. You should probably have a little more patience with things you do.

Not everything depends on you and your actions. Sometimes, you just have to wait and let things grow naturally.

Dreams about popcorn

Dreams about popcorn are positive ones, associated with growth, with quick mind, genius ideas and curiosity in life.

These dreams suggest you might come to an incredible idea out of nowhere. Sometime, the best solutions and ideas are those we have never thought of before.

Popcorn in dreams also indicates social situations, time with friends, having fun and having good company.

Biblical meaning of corn in dreams

Grains are very positively seen in the Bible. While maize was not known in the biblical times, we may link its symbolism with that of grains in general.

There is a general term that represents commodity we commonly call grain, seed, corn, beans etc.

In general, grain is considered the great and extremely important source of food in the biblical text and so it has a very positive meaning.

If we would talk about biblical interpretation of corn related dreams, we could agree with all of the aforementioned.

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