Dream of Broken Phone – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

Dreams could bring us to a personal revelation, exalt us to likely or unlikely reachable heights, terrify us to death, thrill us, excite us, for better or for worse, and leave us utterly perplexed!

Dreams are a realm of their own.

In dreams, we see things no one could believe. In dreams, we may feel like kings of the world or as the last people on earth.

No one could safely say what dreams are. The origin and true nature of dreams remain a question without concrete answers.

However, some ideas are plausible. Dreams may represent a bunch of unprocessed thoughts and emotions a person piles up during the day or over an extended period.

In truth, dreams often work as some magical processing machine for our suppressed thoughts and feelings.

Most of the time, we don’t know how many thoughts and emotions leave unprocessed and unresolved. We may feel like they are unimportant or just put them away subconsciously.

Some scientists say dreams are random brain impulses associated with how our mind works.

On a more mysterious note, people have always linked dreams with divine presence and a parallel universe.

In various traditions around the globe, throughout the long history of humankind, dreams have been linked to the idea of loose boundaries between what we call reality and a higher level of existence. In many cultures, people believe dreams are prophetic.

Dreams are an inevitable part of human existence, regardless of how mysterious and unfathomable they may seem.

There are still many things to discover when it comes to humankind.

In dreams, we encounter people we have never met, people from the past (or future!), just as we see people we know.

We see and handle various objects, including common, everyday ones like the phone.

Dreams about phones could appear as no big deal, for sure.

However, mundane objects carry a lot of symbolism, precisely because we use them daily. They have become an essential part of our daily life and routine.

Everything that makes our life easier – or at least we think – such as a phone, could have a deep meaning in a dream.

What do dreams about phones mean? What is the meaning behind the dream of a broken phone? Let us find out.

Dreams About Phone – General Info

Today, when we say phone, we usually mean a mobile phone. Mobile phones are devices we practically use all the time.

We use phones for work, fun, communication, finishing tasks, playing games, taking photos, recording music, and so much more.

A mobile phone or a cell phone is a storage for millions of data about the phone owner.

The way mobile phones work in our day makes them little personal treasuries. Modern people cannot imagine life without their mobile phones.

Phones connect us, and that is the greatest asset of having a phone.

Dreams about phones generally have to do with connection and communication.

If you dream about seeing a phone, perhaps you have to contact somebody or talk to somebody you haven’t spoken to for a while.

Phone calls in dreams could have hundreds of meanings, depending on who calls, whom the call comes from, etc.

Dreams about mobile phones have a deeper meaning because mobile phones represent the constant connection with everyone around us. In addition, they could be highly personalized.

Dreams About Broken Phone – General Info

A broken phone in a dream, that is, a broken mobile phone carries various meanings.

The meaning depends on whose phone breaks, what part of the phone is broken, does the phone work or not.

For example, seeing a smashed phone, especially if you know it is yours, marks an ending of a relationship with certain people.

It could be something you subconsciously hoped for but did not want to admit.

Dreams about a smashed phone

If you see a smashed phone in your dream, or you see how it gets smashed into pieces, it means there is no turning back from the point where you are in life. It has to do with your contacts and relations.

Such a dream means there is no way back – a bridge has fallen.

There are no means of communication, figuratively speaking, between you and one or more individuals.

Dreaming about a smashed phone symbolizes an ending.

There is hardly such an artisan who could repair a completely smashed phone and restore it to its original function.

There are also relationships and connections that you cannot repair, for one reason or another.

This dream suggests you can live with them. A chapter in your life is over, although the ending could feel unpleasantly abrupt.

Regardless of the reason it happened, you should get yourself back together, and move on.

Dreaming about a smashed phone could be your subconscious desire to break up with someone.

It does not have to be a romantic relationship. You feel suppressed and used by someone, and you want to end it once and for all.

Dream about broken phone screen

If you see a phone with a cracked screen or break it in a dream, it has to do with your self-perception.

Likely, you do not feel good enough in your life. You worry about how people see you.

The problem is not how others see you but how you see yourself. The broken screen is like a broken mirror.

You do not see yourself as you are. Either you see yourself as better than you are or the other way around.

If you are trying to repair it in a dream, it is a good sign. You are trying to improve yourself.

Be careful, though. Do not put all effort into repairing the outer image only, because the screen will eventually crack again.

Instead, work on what is on the inside, work on your personal softer, to say so.

Many people put their sulfide, a photo with friends or family, or a picture of something that means a lot to them as their home screen or locked screen image.

If the screen is broken the image is distorted. Maybe you should ask yourself how much whatever is on the screen means to you.

Dream about broken protection glass

If you dream about dropping your phone and seeing its protection glass break, it is a good sign, regardless of how strange it may sound.

The protection glass symbolizes the outer shell you wear. It may be transparent but strong.

The dream about cracked or smashed protection glass, with the device remaining safe and whole, is good.

You can withstand challenging things in life. Your armor may suffer damage, but it saves you.

This dream means you know how to protect yourself. This dream also indicates you have been through rough times.

You are capable of dealing with life challenges. You are resilient and able to overcome difficulties.

Dream about someone breaking your phone

When someone in a dream breaks your phone, others control your life.

Someone holds the reins and manipulates your communication and contact with people.

Maybe you know the person who broke your phone in a dream. Is it someone manipulative and demanding?

Maybe it is someone who wants to protect you? In any case, no one but you should be in charge of whom you are making connections with.

However, be cautious about this dream, and try to interpret it in the context.

Maybe someone wants to protect you from a toxic relationship, shady business, or anything else that could bring you harm.

Alternatively, perhaps you do not feel as if you ever get the chance to determine whom you want to build relations with. Someone else is in the control, not you.

This dream also indicates jealousy. Someone is jealous of the contacts you have, and the relationships you maintain.

That person would gladly see you out of these relationships. They are jealous of your success, or they have experienced some sort of rejection from you.

Dreams about you breaking your phone

Dreams about breaking your mobile phone happen for various reasons.

If you dream about destroying your phone out of rage, it probably has to do with regret, guilt, frustration, or anger.

Perhaps you have said something you should not have said. You know, sometimes we send text messages and immediately regret it.

Remember, phones symbolize communication and connection. Whatever you did, did not reflect well on others.

Maybe you were breaking your phone out of sad feelings. You want to end a particular communication because you feel hurt.

The destruction of a communication device symbolizes the end of a connection.

Dreams about you breaking someone else’s phone

If you dream about smashing someone else’s phone, it is similar to dreams where someone else breaks your phone.

However, now the roles have changed. Think about whose communication channels would you like to obstruct and why?

Is it a person you would like to protect from a bad company? Is it someone you love, but it does not seem the person loves you back?

They have someone else in life with whom they are in connection.

Maybe you have noble intentions of stopping someone from spreading lies and deceit, but you do not know how to do it in reality.

In dreams, you break their phone, the most common gadget for spreading both the truth and false rumors.

Dream about an accidentally broken phone

If you dream about dropping your phone by accident, the dream is about your recklessness. You do not value what you have in life.

It is not only about material possessions, which are an important aspect of life.

You should pay more attention to the things that surround you. Be careful both with objects and the living things around you.

Do not act as if nothing was important and without value.

Dream about a phone that cannot break

If you dream about a phone that cannot break, it indicates you are a strong and integral personality.

It also indicates bonds, contacts, connections, and relations you have with some people are resilient, enduring, and unbreakable.

For example, you can have a dream about a car wheel driving over your mobile phone.

Curiously, it remained whole in your dream.

This is a very good sign. It means that no matter how things get tough you will have people to call and rely on in times of need.

Biblical meaning of a broken phone in a dream

The question of the biblical meaning of a broken phone in a dream is interesting in itself.

As we all know, there were no phones in biblical times.

In fact, for the longest part of human history, no phones were known.

Phones were invented in the nineteenth century and have been around ever since.

In more recent times, it took only a couple of decades to get from a wired phone to the whole little computers we now carry around all day long.

Therefore, there is no biblical meaning of a broken phone, as the Bible does not mention any phones.

However, we could associate the idea of a broken phone with the one of disrupted communication.

In the Bible, the inability to communicate with one another, that is, the lack of ability to understand others is associated with division, decadence, and chaos.

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