Dream of Being Robbed – Biblical and Spiritual Meaning

Home is supposed to be the one place where you feel safe from everything in this world.

Coming to your home after a long day could be one of the best feelings in the world.

But, what happens when safety of your home is ruined because of someone else?

Robbery is not uncommon, it is a well-known term for everyone.

Thief is a person who steals stuff, burglars are the ones who enter someone else’s house to rob them.

Burglars are everywhere around us, your house may be targeted right this second.

In most cases there are groups of thieves who make a certain plan about the robbery.

Robbery is not something that is easily done, it takes time to plan everything out and to find a perfect timing.

Most robberies happen while the house or an apartment is empty, there are cases where it happens while someone is inside of the house.

Some look like the ones from ” Home Alone” , there are people who simply are not capable for it.

While there are ones who are done by professionals, the ones who do not make mistakes.

There is no way to fully protect yourself from robbers, no matter what you do they will always find a way to break inside.

Alarm systems are not enough, just like dogs who are supposed to be guarding your home.

Whoever has a dog it is likely that robbers will put poison in the dog’s food to put him down so that they can enter without a sound.

It is also hard to track them afterwards, they enter a house take what they need and leave it.

There is also a fact that everyone at a certain point messes up, there is a chance that they leave something behind them.

These organised groups can be one of the worst nightmares for people.

When someone breaks into your home, your safe place, a lot of things change.

You see, you become aware of the fact that someone can enter your safe place and take what they want out of it.

You stop being comfortable in your own home, you start acting paranoid and afraid of a new possible attack.

Everything around you changes, it actually changes your perspective and mindset.

You never know who is watching and what plans they have.

Burglars were always here and will probably be among us always.

You never know if they will attack you or spare you, you have no idea who those people are.

But what you do know is that they are taking way more than just some stuff from you.

They are taking away the safety of your home and that is priceless.

It takes a lot of time and patience to start acting like nothing happened, you woll gp through many sleepless nights and you will probably always have a feeling like someone is lurking around the corner.

In this article we will discuss about the meaning behind a dream where you are robbed.

This type of a dream has several meanings and it goes deeper than just losing your precious stuff.

It is connected with your emotional state and it may represent a lot of things in your life.

There are different interpretations of this dream and they all have a special meaning.

It is important to pay attention to details in your dream, those details can be cruical when you are seeking for the message behind your dream.

In most cases, dream of being robbed represents a certain loss in your life.

It does not necessarily mean that this is the loss of a person, in most cases it represent lack of confidence and control.

It may represent your feeling of being powerless and weak somehow.

Maybe you are not feeling like you have strength to deal with challenges in your life.

Everyone feels powerless in their life at some point, it feels like some things can’t end.

Troubling times seem like they will last forever, like there is no way to resolve those issues.

Some situations make us powerless, sickness or death of someone shows us how we have no control over destiny.

Everything happens for a certain reason, we can’t change certain things no matter how hard we try. These dreams are also a sign that you are not feeling safe.

Perhaps there is a certain person who invades in your personal space or perhaps there is something that causes fear in your life.

Maybe you are scared of someone or maybe you are scared of a certain situation.

These dreams are often connected with your inner fears, fears no one knows about.

Also, this type of a dream may appear if you are entering a new relationship.

Perhaps you are afraid of opening up to your partner because you do not feel safe. Or you are afraid that this person will leave you eventually.

You can dream about seeing a person that is robbing you, perhaps you could talk to them in your dream.

You can also dream about someone attacking you which is sometimes connected with these dreams.

It represents a person in your life who is not respecting your personal space.

There are cases where you think that there is some kind of danger lurking around the corner.

Remember that a dream where you are being robbed by someone does not necessarily mean that someone is going to rob you.

One of the most common ways of being robbed by someone is on the streets.

Many people got robbed while taking a walk or perhaps getting into big crowds.

There are many ways and moments for someone to rob you.

You should always take an extra eye on your possessions, especially when clubbing or being in a big crowd.

These dreams sometimes do not even have a meaning, they can be the product of your everyday thoughts.

If you watched a certain movie or series like ” La Casa De Papel” , then it is perfectly normal to dream about these things.

Perhaps you should take a break from those kinds of movies and thoughts.

Find new hobbies and more positive programs. Also, do not be too worried to have this dream.

It is tricky to not feel scared because these dreams have the form of nightmares.

The most important thing to remember is that your subconscious has various of ways to send you a message.

The easiest and the most common way is well through your dream world.

Find the meaning behind your dream and improve your life, hopefully you will find the right meaning in this article.

It is important to mention that biblical meaning behind this dream is connected with your spirituality.

It means that there is a chance that you are not so close to God and that fear is filling your heart.

Perhaps you should turn back to your religion and try to pray more often.

The Most Common Dreams Of Being Robbed By Someone

Dreaming of attempted robbery

This dream has one important meaning for the dreamer.

In most cases it is a sign to keep your guard, do not let it down for anyone.

It means that people around you are probably not good for you.

There is a certain person from your close circle of people that is trying to harm you somehow.

Maybe this person is waiting for the moment that you are vulnerable to attack.

That is why it is important to always be on the watch for someone trying to harm you.

The thing is you never know the true intentions of someone, the closest people can have hidden agenda.

Be extra careful around people, try to analyse everyone in your life.

Do not let anyone harming you, do not trust anyone that much.

Dreaming of not seeing the robber

When you dream of getting robbed without seeing the robber, this dream represents a person that is trying to use you without you realising it.

This person is trying to control you and make you do things they want you to do.

While trying to accomplish his or hers mission, they want to stay back in the shadow.

This person does not want you to know or to realise it.

That is why you should be careful when trusting people around you.

Isolate yourself for a bit, try to take back control.

It is actually easy to find this person, it is someone who constantly suggests something to you.

This person is usually really close to you, it is someone you respect and value.

Sadly, this individual sees you only as a tool to get what they want.

Hopefully you will find a way to stop them.

Also, start working on yourself and stop letting people play you like a fool.

Make your own decisions and do not be easily manipulated.

People can easily manipulate you when you are unsure about your intentions.

When you know exactly what you want and when you know who you are then you cannot be manipulated.

So gather your thoughts and work on your improvement.

Dreaming of discovering that you were robbed

This dream is actually not a bad sign. It represents your will to let everything go.

Perhaps you had a lot of feelings you tried to suppress, but now you are releasing it all.

It is not easy holding everything inside yourself, sometimes you need to let yourself feel things.

You have to release everything bad that is inside you, find ways.

Going to the gym, running, painting, writing things down in a diary can help you.

People find different activities that can help them while coping with something difficult.

It is also important to talk it all out, find someone you trust and let it all out.

Perhaps a family member or a really close friend can give you a good piece of advice.

Or just find a person that will sit down and listen to you without judging you.

Dreaming of planning a robbery

A dream like this represents your mistakes.

You are soon going to hurt a person you love because of your poor choices.

It is likely that you are going to make some serious decisions that will hurt someone in many ways.

Perhaps you are going to betray a loyal person, or perhaps you won’t keep a promise you have made to that person.

This dream means that you will be the bad person in someone’s story.

One possible scenario is that you will end a certain relationship with someone who would do anything for you because you are not thinking like a normal person.

You need to set out your priorities in life and make some changes in your behaviour.

Impulsive decisions never lead to positive results, they can lead you only to a certain disaster.

Be careful when making decisions, some can’t be fixed afterwards.

Keep in mind that people do have feelings and you can hurt them.

Remember all the times someone has hurt your feelings, do you really want to be that kind of a person?

People can be fragile and emotions of your loved ones are not something to play around with.

Take those people seriously, at the end of the day people you love are the only thing that matters.

So do not hurt them, love them hard and let them know how much you love them while they can hear you.

Dreaming of your car being robbed

This dream represents issues with your loved one.

In some cases it means that your relationship will eventually break because you two are not being hundred percent honest with each other.

Or you are having too much doubts about your partner, you are doubting their intentions.

Or perhaps the two of you still are not fully trusting each other.

In every relationship two main keys are trust and communication.

You can love someone and it is important to love someone, but that is not something that keeps the relationship going.

It is important to trust someone, to communicate about your needs and to be understanding.

This is why you are not going to succeed in your relationship, you are lacking fundamentals .

Just end it before it turns into something toxic, do not waste anyone’s time.

Hopefully you will develop into a person that is capable of having a mature relationship.

And hopefully you will find somebody who will do what it takes for you and your relationship.

It could also be connected with your friendships, perhaps the trust is gone and now it is coming to an end.

Once that trust is gone, sorry means nothing always keep that in mind.

Dreaming of your house getting robbed

A dream like this is not a good sign for the dreamer. In most cases it is a sign of troubles inside of your house.

This could mean that you are probably going to experience certain difficulties with your family members or your spouse.

It may be a sign that you and your spouse are not on the same page when it comes to a certain topic.

This could be a major problem if you have children.

Everyone has a period of drama at home and everyone is trying their best but sometimes there comes the time when nothing feels right.

Everything is somehow wrong and twisted. But, at some point it all passes and new things arrive.

Family can be complicated and hard to deal with, but they are everything we got on this world.

You need your family, people who love you and annoy you at the same time.

No matter what kind of fights you are having, keep in mind that family is a priority in your life.

So whatever happens always forgive your loved ones and never turn your back on them.

Dreaming of robbing someone and getting caught while doing it

This dream is an indication on misfortune.

It signifies issues with your finances and money, perhaps you are wasting your money on nonsense.

Or perhaps you have a bad habit like drinking alcohol or perhaps buying stupid things you do not need.

Your actions are leading you to a disaster.

You will go too deep into debt and then you won’t be able to fix the situation.

Find someone responsible to help you and change your behaviour.

Sure money is a tool, but it is not something to be thrown away easily either.

There are people who do not have anything to eat while you are wasting all of your money.

Act like a grown-up and mature a little bit.

Dreaming of catching a person committing a robbery

This dream is quite interesting, even satisfying. It also has a positive meaning for the person who has it.

In most cases it represents respect, it means that you are likely to do something that is going to make people respect and value you more.

You should continue doing what you are already doing. Or perhaps you have recently received a lot of money.

Everyone knows that unfortunately people respect those who have a lot of money.

So you will either do an incredible act or your financial status will rise.

Dreaming of robbery at work

This type of a dream is a warning sign. It represents issues on your work place.

Someone from your work, a colleague is trying to take your position.

Or perhaps you have a certain plan and they want to steal it away from you.

Be cautious and do not talk about your plans and moves out loud.

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