Dream About Whale – Biblical and Spiritual Meaning

Whales are the largest existing mammals.

They are completely aquatic animals, and their largest terrestrial relatives are hippopotamuses, which are also considered their ancestors.

Because they evolved from land animals, they cannot be constantly submerged under water, and they regularly surface to breathe.

Some species of whales can stay submerged more than an hour.

Whales are known for their extraordinary vocalizations which resemble songs, especially the humpback whale.

They are spread all over the world, but most of their species prefer the colder waters.

Some species such as the blue whale and the humpback whale can travel long time, thousands of miles without feeding.

Women give birth once in two or three years, and they are the sole caregiver to their offspring. Males have no role in raising their babies.

There are estimated 90 species of whales.

The name whale is sometimes use in the names of some dolphin species, such as killer whales or differently named orca whales.

These beings were a mystery to humans for a long time, due to their size but also their aquatic habitat. There were many fearful stories attributed to these animals.

Some human communities throughout the world had deities dedicated to whales and in many cultures they are greatly respected. Whaling was a respectable profession for many tribes and peoples.

Due to their sometimes enormous size, whales were often mistakenly considered sea monsters.

Whale symbolism

Whales are a symbol of communication, greatness, gratitude, transformation, wisdom, psychic abilities, sound, and protection.

The whale spirit animal is a powerful protector that gives special abilities to a person.

These animals are enormous in size, which is why they symbolically represent greatness.

They are not just great because of their size, but also because of their incredible traits.

These animals are loyal, they are protective, and are known to feel grief.

These are also the loudest animals in the animal world. The sound of some whales can be heard at a distance of hundreds of miles.

As a spirit animal it gives the person the gift of openly speaking their mind and making sure they are heard.

These animals even though they are aquatic creatures of gigantic size are excellent communicators using a sonar like system of emitting frequencies of different range to collect data from their environment and also communicate with other whales.

They communicate using a variety of whistling and clicking sounds.

This spirit animal also gives the gift of communication. It reminds you of the need to communicate properly and expressing your wants and needs openly.

Seeing this spirit animal often might indicate the need to be open about your feelings. Also, someone might be trying to communicate to you in an unconventional manner.

Whales are very protective animals, and they protect not only their offspring and their species but other species as well, especially seals. There have been stories where whales have protected people.

This spirit animal is therefore a symbol of protection and reminds you to be protective of your loved ones.

The whale is also a symbol of gratitude. This spirit animal reminds you of the importance of feeling and expressing gratitude in life.

Whatever we appreciate tends to multiply, and whatever we take for granted tends to leave us.

Whales are very intelligent animals. That is why they are a symbol of intelligence and wisdom.

This spirit animal is also a reminder to use your intellect and wisdom. Don’t be afraid to explore and be curious because this will lead you towards your desires.

Whales also symbolize transformation and remind you to change your life if you are not satisfied with it. There’s nothing you cannot achieve if you decide.

Another trait whales are connected to are psychic abilities. This spirit animal reminds you to get in tune to your inner voice and receive the answers you need from within.

Spiritual & Biblical Meaning of Whales in Dreams

Most people are familiar of the Biblical story of Jonah who was swallowed by a giant fish, believed to be a whale.

Jonah was asked by God to go to the Assyrian city Nineveh and warn its people of God’s rage caused by their wickedness.

Because Jonah believed these people didn’t deserve salvation, he didn’t follow God’s command and went out to sea.

God’s anger caused a great storm and knowing that he was to blame for this danger, he jumped into the sea to save the sailors and the ship from a disaster.

Once in the sea, Jonah was swallowed by a giant fish, believed to be a whale.

He was in the whale’s belly for three nights and three days. He prayed to God and repented for his actions, so God spared him.

After being saved by God’s mercy, Jonah went to Nineveh and followed God’s command.

Specific Meanings of Whales in a Dream

Whales are a powerful dream symbol.

Whales are a symbol of strength, protection, but also spirituality. Sometimes they are interpreted as a sign of loss and dark periods in our life. Whales can indicate feeling alone and isolated.

Often seeing a whale in your dream can be a sign of experiencing some important event that will mark your life.

Some interpret dreams about whales as a sign of encouragement from the Universe, confirming that all will be well in a certain situation.

This dream might reflect a feeling of deep connectedness you feel towards someone in your life, possibly your mother.

A dream of whales could also reflect your feeling of strength and ability to overcome any challenge you come across, as well as to accomplish your goals without much effort.

It might also be a sign from the Universe symbolically representing that you are protected and guided by the divine.

This dream, depending on the circumstances, can indicate your inner world, traumas, and sometimes some hidden secrets.

Depending on the details of the dream, such a dream could indicate some major challenges and setbacks that you won’t be able to overcome with ease. Maybe you consider that something in your life is overwhelming.

These dreams can sometimes indicate communication and cooperation.

Maybe the dream has a message for you to become more open about your ideas and start cooperating with people to join forces and fulfil your goals.

Interpreting a dream about whales, just like any other dream should include all the details.

For example, a dream where you saw a whale swimming through the water or rising above water to take a breath of air, usually indicates your strength and ability to withstand turmoil and difficulties and rise victoriously above them.

On the other hand, seeing a whale in a wavy ocean and waves crushing around, can be a sign of some drama and uncertainty in your current life circumstances.

The size of issues we might encounter after such a dream is correspondent to the size of the whale we dreamed about.

If the size was gigantic, accordingly we can expect dealing with some major problems in the near future.

Dreaming about specific species of whales can also have specific meanings.

For example, killer whales indicate strength but also exaggeration that can cause problems.

These dreams could also indicate reconnecting with people from the past. Sometimes they can indicate conflicts with loved ones.

Humpback whales can indicate the ability to manage and thrive in a variety of environments and surroundings.

This might also be a sign of changing direction in life, for example by choosing a different career path, etc.

Dreaming of white whales

White whales in a dream represent a good dream omen in general.

This dream indicates times of tranquility and happiness. You might feel joyful and ready for some adventure. There might be a tendency to act childish.

Generally white whales indicate carefree emotions and periods of life. You might experience times of happiness followed by good health.

This dream is a reminder to try to stay away from disagreements with others and mind your business.

Dreaming of gray whales

Seeing gray whales in your dream could be a sign of strong bonds you have with some friends.

Sometimes this dream can indicate being the object of gossip where some people might try to discredit you and your work.

Dreaming of black whales

Seeing black whales in a dream is also a good sign. This dream reveals your strength and ability to overcome obstacles on your own.

When things are tough you usually don’t start asking others to help you, but you instead try to find out the solution by yourself.

Sometimes this tendency to be overly independent and never ask anyone for anything might become exaggerated and depict you as someone who only things highly of themselves and looks down on everyone else.

Black whales are a general sign of overconfidence.

Sometimes the dream might indicate being afraid of doing something or confronting someone.

Dreaming of a humpback whale

If you dreamed about seeing a humpback whale this dream is possibly a sign of some changes you are going to be making in your life soon.

Possibly you might choose another path in life and make important life decisions. These changes are likely to occur fast.

Dreaming about a pod of whales

If you dreamed about a group of whales swimming together, this is a great sign, especially related to your family.

This dream indicates times of great relations with family members, experiencing and giving love to your loved ones.

For those who feel they are not spending as much time with family members as they should, this dream is a reminder to reschedule your duties and devote more of your time to your dearest ones.

This dream might also indicate refusing to do some teamwork, and instead doing it all alone.

Seeing more than one whale in a dream might indicate your relationship with your friends and family members. It is likely that you are very close to them and feel very protective towards them.

This dream is also a sign of your kind and gentle being.

For some this dream might indicate being romantically involved with someone and feeling very happy.

Dreaming of being attacked by whales

If you dreamed you were in the ocean and a whale or a group of whales had attacked you, this is usually a warning sign.

This dream can indicate facing a challenge or multiple challenges. Depending on the size of the whale or whales in your dream you can discern whether the challenges will be surpassed with more ease or not.

Often this dream means clashing with someone powerful.

Possibly your subconscious has fears about someone being a potential treat to you or your loved ones, and this is why you have this dream.

Maybe this dream warns you to pay attention to the motives and actions of the people around you.

Sometimes this dream is a reflection of some unpleasant situation you have experienced.

Dreaming of swimming with whale or whales

If you dreamed you were swimming alongside a whale or a pod of whales, such a dream is an interesting sign.

It might indicate becoming romantically involved with someone in the near future. This will likely be someone from your close surroundings.

This dream could indicate meeting someone that will arouse your interest soon.

For some, this dream can be a sign they will have to make some important decisions regarding their life soon, possibly related to your business or family.

The dream might be an asking from your subconscious to rely on your intuitive guidelines while making these decisions.

Dreaming of seeing a dead whale or whales

If you dreamed of seeing dead whales in the ocean or on the ocean shore, such dream is usually a bad omen.

It is usually a sign of depression and loneliness you feel in your everyday life. It is possible that you feel abandoned by people that are close to you.

For some, this dream can indicate finally overcoming some major challenges and setbacks. It might also be a sign of a victory over a powerful enemy.

Dreaming of killing whales or a whale

If you dreamed you were killing whales or a single whale, this dream is a good sign regarding some problems you might be currently facing.

It surely indicates being victorious in a situation and overcoming difficult major obstacles.

Sometimes this dream might reveal your hesitation to embark on a spiritual journey or ignoring some spiritual guidance.

Dreaming of a killer whale

If you dreamed you saw a killer whale or whales in the ocean, this dream is an encouraging sign.

It might reveal how gradually you are gaining confidence and strength to deal with the challenges you encounter in your everyday life.

This dream can also be a sign of peace and tranquility you feel about your current life circumstances and the path you have taken in life.

Possibly you also feel confident about possible enemies that might try to oppose you and attack you in some situation.

This dream might be a sign of some upsetting destructive forces present in your life. Possibly you are deeply concerned and bothered by something.

Sometimes this dream might also be a sign of harboring some negative emotions, such as rage, jealousy, anger without a reason.

A dream about a killer whale could be a sign of some new opportunities to make changes and improvements in life, but also difficulties and obstacles in trying to seize them.

Dreaming of whale babies

If you dreamed of seeing a mommy whale with her baby or several whales with babies, this dream might be about your maternal instincts.

Maybe this dream is related to the feelings of protection and love you feel towards your children.

For some this dream can be related to your desire to have children and start a family soon.

Maybe the dream is a reflection of your nurturing and protective behavior you tend to express to the ones you care about.

Usually this dream is a sign of family happiness and satisfaction.

It can also be a sign of overall happiness and bliss you are currently experiencing in your life.

Dreaming of whales jumping in the ocean

If you dreamed of observing whales jumping in the ocean, this is usually a great sign.

Such dream usually indicates your feelings of freedom and being successful.

This dream can indicate finally being able to overcome a huge obstacle and feeling overwhelmingly happy about that.

Sometimes this dream might indicate finally reaching emotional freedom in a situation.

Dreaming of listening to whales communicating

If you dreamed about seeing and hearing whales communicating, this might be a sign that you have a desire to express some important feelings and opinions.

Maybe the dream is referring to some secrets you are keeping to yourself, and you feel that it is time to let the world know about them.

This dream can be perceived as an encouragement of your subconscious to openly speak your mind about the things that are on your mind or are bothering you.

Dreaming of seeing whales or a whale swimming alongside your boat

If you dreamed of observing whales or a single whale swimming alongside your boat, such dream might be a revelation of your current circumstances.

Maybe you are preparing to experience something very important for your life, and you are worried about the outcome.

This dream indicates worries about something major in life.

For some, this dream might indicate experiencing setbacks at work, or regarding your finances. Fortunately, you will easily overcome these problems.

Dreaming of a killer whale being very close to you

If you dreamed about a killer whale being very close to you, such dream is often a warning sign about someone close.

If you had some disagreements with a family member or a close friend it is best that you approach this person and try to amend the situation because it might become nasty if unattended.

Dreaming of killing a killer whale

If you dreamed of killing a killer whale, possibly you are experiencing issues with your spirituality.

Maybe you tend to ignore your spiritual guidance and you are missing out on major improvements in your personality and life.

If you killed a killer whale by hunting it, this is a good sign regarding the fulfilment of your goals, meaning you will be successful.

In some cases, this dream scenario indicates making some correct life decisions.

Dreaming of a whale in the ocean

If you dreamed of observing a whale swimming in the ocean, such a dream is usually a great sign regarding the outcome of some current endeavors.

It is a sign of success and progress, either in your personal or professional life.

It might be a sign of reaping the fruits of your labor.

Sometimes this dream could be a reminder to begin thinking about the future and building your future stability.

This dream is sometimes a sign of major changes you will be reluctant to accept at first.

Dreaming of a whale on the beach

If you dreamed of a whale stranded on the beach, such a dream is a worrisome sign.

This dream might indicate obstacles and blockages that are preventing you from reaching your true potential in life.

Sometimes this dream is a sign of some ungrounded worries.

Dreaming of a killer whale turning your boat

If you dreamed of being inside a boat and a killer whale hit the boat turning it inside the water, such dream might indicate some major events happening soon in your life and you aren’t sure whether you want to participate or not.

Sometimes this dream is a sign of bad luck.

Dreaming of chasing a whale or whales

If you dreamed of being in a boat or in some other way chasing a whale or whales, this dream might reveal your highly ambitious nature.

Maybe you are about to encounter some opportunities to accomplish some goals you have.

Dreaming of petting a whale

If you dreamed of petting a whale, this is often a good sign. Sometimes it might indicate unexpectedly becoming wealthy.

It is likely to get some money through some unforeseen means, for example, getting an inheritance you didn’t expect, getting a better paid job, or some other fortunate circumstances.

This dream is a sign of fortunate opportunities coming your way soon.

Dreaming of a killer whale jumping out of water

If you dreamed of a scene where a killer whale jumped high out of the water, such a dream is a great sign.

It is often a sign of finally emotionally freeing yourself from some past trauma or hurt. The scene you dreamed about symbolically depicts your emotional state of freedom.

Dreaming of a whale or whales causing a shipwreck

If you dreamed of observing a single whale or whales causing a shipwreck such a dream is not a good sign.

This dream is a sign of some unfortunate events you could soon experience. This might be a series of events that will lead one to another.

The dream is a sign from your subconscious to prepare for some difficult times ahead.

Dreaming of a whale ejecting water

If you observed a whale ejecting water this dream can have a variety of meanings, usually of a romantic nature.

This dream can indicate romantic encounters you could soon experience.

Whether they will form lasting unions or not depends on the details of the dream.

If the whale was in the distance, this might be only a fling, but if you saw it from a close distance, or the droplets of water splashed over you this might indicate that the relationship might become a serious one.

Dreaming of a whale getting close to your boat

If you dreamed of being on a boat in the ocean, and observing a whale getting closer to the boat, such a dream can be a worrisome sign.

This dream might be a sign of some dilemma you can soon experience about the decisions you should make in some situation.

This might also be a sign of some major problems approaching and needing to find the right solution for them.

Such a dream could also be a sign of getting some major responsibilities and needing to deal with them. This can refer to circumstances that will completely change your life.

Dreaming of a whale swallowing you

If you experienced a whale swallowing you in a dream, such dream can be a sign of issues in your home and family.

This can be a sign of conflicts between you and some family members or between some of your family members over some major decisions and changes concerning all family members.

The dream can also indicate some issues caused by bad reasoning either yours or some family member’s which can cause great problems in the household.

Dreaming of seeing a whale in the distance

If you dreamed of a scene where a whale was swimming far away in the ocean, such a dream is a sign of some adventures you could experience in the near future.

It is likely you will meet some interesting people and enjoy their company.

They might broaden your horizons and inspire you to become more adventurous.

This dream is a sign of changes in your life routine and experiencing a more dynamic lifestyle. You might plan a trip to a far away place you’ve always wanted to visit.

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