Dream About Wasps – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

Small and irritating, wasps are synonymous with boring behavior, and what is even more, they can sting us, unlike bees which rarely do it, and on top of that, they are very useful for humans.

Just as with any other object, animal, or situation, wasps can come as a motive in dreams; and very meaningful.

You will see in what way.

Such a dream could tell you many things, for example, that you are being warned that something bad (in the widest terms) will happen, and that will come to you as a surprise, and you will be in a big wonder, but we have to say that this does not have to be something scary, it can simply be annunciation that something is going on or will happen soon.

It will happen very fast, and it may be that you have no chance of reacting as you would want to.

Are you scared of wasps?

Have you had any bad experiences with them, and do you kill them when they come close to you?

Answers to all of these questions can determine the personal meaning of a dream about wasps, and right away we can tell you that such a dream also has meaning from a spiritual and also from a biblical point of view.

Take a look.

Dream about Wasps in General

In a most general sense, if you notice wasps in your dream, just see them flying in the air – the most common one says to you to have as much caution to succeed in anything you have set your mind to do.

Be careful and watch all of your steps so that something does not come to you as a surprise.

This is the dream that depicts clearly that you are the person who strongly believes in all that people say to you, without any internal judgment, and the fact is that you always start from yourself and you have a feeling that people have no excuse not to be honest in your eyes.

Why should anyone lie to you?

There is no reason for it.

Nevertheless, you will discover that many of those people do not have the desire to make you feel good and to do good, and on purpose, at times, the same people will feed you with numerous false info, just for the reason they see you as a competitor, even if you do not see yourself as such, even if you try to be as fair as you can; simply people see you as a such person and want to compete to you.

What comes for you is a realization that you share all with a person who is honest and who can objectively scrutinize your circumstances- do not do it, the person who cannot do it, is not your friend for sure.

Advice for all those who have such dreams and a person who is near and dear to your heart, and you will learn the truth.

And it will be a lesson for the future.

One more dream, where wasps are the central motive, is very common – the one where wasps have attacked you.

People often have such dreams.

It goes even further –  where you have killed them, or at least one of them with your hand, for example.

Maybe you have been waving and trying to kill them many times.

Right away we must tell you that this is not a good dream it announces misfortune; and if you had it, be cautious.

It may be that all projects that you started and you looking forward to, are not working out as you would wish they work out, and the next period will be challenging, for sure.

Such a dream, also announces encountering a large number of obstructions (the majority of wasps, the fact that they operate in the majority) that will bring out the worst in you and compel you to defend and fight for yourself by all means.

You do not have to fall into panic, but you can fall into combat mode.

Now, one more version of this dream that is very common – we are talking about the dream where you are stung by wasps – this dream also signifies bad news, in numerous forms, each more problematic than the other.

This news will come to you, but what will they specifically mean is another question, that you will see, but the accent is a preparation for that event.

Even more, this dream suggests that soon you shall hear a lot of problematic information concerning a matter that you see as very significant – life, love, work, anything.

It is very likely that a certain business you intended to start, or created, but never started, and did not work out.

You likely will in the future, will discover things that will not be good for you, but it is definitely the process of learning from those lessons.

The advice here is to try to think as carefully as you can about whether you are willing to expose yourself to threats with unexpected consequences.

If the answer is no, then you are in a major problem, since life is all about unexpected events, and changes that are certainly constant.

In an alternate meaning of this dream, you will learn that things that are connected to the people you love (maybe friends or family members) are not working very well and that some of them are maybe hiding some hideous secret that will shake you to your core when you learn of them.

And you will learn.

A person from your environment is not the person that he or she represents it is, and you will have a hard time processing and accepting his or their true nature.

But this is also a part of life.

If you dreamed that wasps have stung someone else, not you, but that you were the witness of such an event, this dream has a good meaning, unlike previous ones.

It shows that even if you have not expected it, you will find yourself in a position to defeat your enemy; it does not have to be a person, it can be fear, and it can be a problem that you may look as unsolvable.

You are now in a position to resolve those issues.

This will come as a consequence of your behavior, stupid actions – as you set to be one very perceptive person who can think several steps ahead.

You love planning, and this dream shows that when the plan has been executed well – just right at the moment when opponents think they are going to beat you, you come out as a true winner.

At that moment you get the inspiration to do something that turns the tide in your favor.

For some of you, this dream could show your true life calling – if you have such a dream or you had it more than once, then you should opt for the role of the seller or intermediary person.

It will suit you well because you have the gift of “reading” people founded on their motions and facial expressions.

You can easily see what is their next move, and you are perfect at hiding your plans.

For many, this is the reason for success.

If you dreamed that you were attacked by wasps, it implies that you are not meeting someone’s expectations; you simply feel like you are not good enough.

Presumably, a person from your environment wants to persuade you to do something, and in reality, you resist, and that person is getting angry by the minute.

It is very challenging to maintain such relations if the other party is not ready to compromise and if you are not prepared to show any understanding toward others.

A dream in which you see wasps attacking someone else, and you are the witness of that event, then such a dream indicates that you should not interfere in someone else’s life, even if it is a person who is very close to you.

It could be a sibling or a parent.

It could be anyone who is close to you, it could be anyone who is emotionally relative to you.

Do not impose your own decisions, ideas, and plans on that person with your suggestions, but reinforce that close person in whatever she or he is doing.

The idea of being supportive is seen in acting like this – sharing advice when someone asks you for it, and if you do it in some other way, it can be interpreted as an attack on their privacy.

People do not like it.

If you saw a swarm of wasps in your dream, know that you are having one of the most common dreams regarding wasps.

Such a dream means that your supervisors respect your efforts and work and that you could be awarded for it in the immediate future; this is one meaning regarding work, but it could be applied to almost any part of life.

But, you need to be careful – it is possible that others will not be happy about your promotion; and feel envy and jealousy at every step, but don’t pay awareness to it.

You know what you’re worthy and it’s time to charge for it.

Dream about Wasps: Spiritual Meaning

Now, some people have this interesting dream, and it is a dream that has a strong spiritual meaning.

Insects are generally connected to the spiritual realm, and this implies to wasps also.

The process of turning into wasps is amazing, and it comes as an indication that you are in reality, the type of person who is filled with harmful energy and discouragement.

For whatever reason this is true – now has come the moment to process these feelings appropriately.

Such a dream has a bearing purpose – to make you see; that lately, you feel very bad and you are failing to expect that certain aspects will transform.

You are craving for a change, that is not coming your way, and it is all thanks to your pessimistic nature and a lot of pain that you hide on the inside.

The advice here, if you want to grow and become a worthy person, then you must focus on what is suitable for you.

Only then things will look so much different.

You can use this time to grow, and you must not ever allow yourself to sink, even if that is an easy way out.

To grow, to grow from the inside, from the spiritual point of view, is to focus on yourself, because you only think about what you cannot influence.

On yourself you can make an impact, and that is for sure.

If someone else from your environment has turned in wasps, especially if that person is very close to you, then once again this dream is not nice, and it does not carry good symbolism.

Many people dream of another scenario that a loved one is turned into a wasp.

Most commonly this is a dream that depicts who and in what way will hurt you.

That person or many persons will adversely affect you.

This is a story about negativity – and this is the place where spiritual growth is not possible.

So, this dream may show that a person from your environment is too negative, so they emit that kind of energy to you.

Advice for you is to try to isolate yourself from those human beings at least for a short time, to recuperate from the depressed mood.

A dream where wasps have anchored on your face but did not sting you, then this dream carries a good symbolical value.

In that case, you will listen to the right information about something that matters to you very much.

For example, in this situation may be – lingering the effects of exams, career interviews, or medical examinations, but you are set to be happy shortly.

This will be a turning point in life you will be able to think more relaxed and calmly about the time ahead.

If in a dream you see wasps anchoring on some other person, on some part of their face, like for example their nose, then such a dream speaks of the feeling of pride.

It shows a situation where you are significantly scornful of the person you love.

Someone close to you will achieve great success on a personal or business level.

It is not excluded that you shall be prepared for entertainment and socializing in their honor.

If wasps are landing on some kind of animal, then such a dream is an indication that you should be careful since there is a chance that a certain person will attempt to abuse your compassion and altruism.

In your environment, you have a person who will hurt you for his claims.

If you give this matter more concentration, you will surely quickly understand who this person can be, and prevent him or her from making this true deal.

When wasps are landing on some plant or a leaf, flower maybe, then, in that case, such a dream comes as an indication that in reality, you will shortly be in a more relaxed place in life.

This stage comes after you have recently, had a lot of issues and responsibilities, and you suffer a bunch of pressure.

Nevertheless, soon some things will “fall where they belong”, and you can subsist a comfort.

Also, if you had a dream that you hear a lot of buzzing that comes from wasps, but you are not able to see them, such a dream comes as an expression that the assignment you are working on for a lengthy period will not obtain the desired results.

Namely, you devoted many hours and effort to something that will not meet your expectations. To avoid complete dissatisfaction, you have to let go of that idea in time and commit yourself to shape things.

If you intentionally or accidentally touched or stood in a wasp’s nest, it symbolizes facing unexpected obstacles and challenges.

It is possible that you prepared in detail how to achieve something, but you shall process some situations on the go.

Another possibility is working out all unpredictable people, people from whom you never know what to expect.

Dream about Wasps: Biblical Meaning

Bible has a saying on this topic, and all animals and insects also are important here.

If in some cases, you have trapped wasps in a pot, for example, or some other box, jar, glass, or similar, then such a dream, or to be more concrete its meaning, is associated with victory, with the idea that you are a winner.

This dream shows the ability to win all, to defeat the enemy with his weapons.

To turn around the situation, there are a few things that you can do.

You will learn in time that someone wants to intimidate you, so you will operate proactively.

Rather than staying for him to put his dream into motion, you will be the first to “invade”.

In that way, the opponent will not think of attempting to attack anything regarding you, once again.

For example, a dream where you see captured wasps, and you are letting them get out of some closed small place, like a bottle, or jar.

Then such a dream symbolizes a willingness to ignore a person for risking all to hurt you badly.

Although you will try to repair your connection, it will be impossible to ignore what that someone did to you, and the two of you will never be the same again.

The dream where someone else has trapped wasps comes as an indication that someone, in reality, will give you a chance to make things right.

You will have the chance to become a better human being, to become a better person; and in the attempt to justify their trust, you will do anything.

If in a dream you have seen a wasp’s nest, then such a dream indicates problems in personal connections.

If you have destroyed it, then such a dream represents a time of fluctuation in emotional connections.

You will presumably experience competition with the person you love that will make you decide to separate, at least for a short time, so that you can think about what you desire with a cool head.

You won’t be certain whether you want to stay together or not.

A dream in which you see someone destroying a wasp’s nest indicates that someone will try to urge you.

Someone may insult you or try to undervalue your achievements.

If you keep your calm and don’t let anything make you angry, you’ll avoid disgrace.

Nevertheless, if you respond violently it will give that person happiness and hurt you.

Heading away from a multitude of wasps in your dream indicates short engagement in some risky business.

It can be anything – in work or emotional life.

Such a dream suggests that shortly you will find yourself in an unenviable situation.

For the first time, you may run into a situation that confuses you.

You will feel for an extended period about what should be done, but it would not be bad if you consult about it with a person you trust.

Someone’s advice can assist you to overcome the problem more efficiently.

In a version of a dream where you see a wasp’s nest, it can symbolize a time of anxiety, frustration, and sadness that will be shortly discovered.

The explanation for this can be home connections or bad financial circumstances, and maybe a mixture of both.

You have sufficient power to deal with it, it’s just necessary not to lose hope for a profitable outcome.

In any case, and in the worst case, prepare yourself for unexpected events, that could be bad or good.

Anything is ok, and accept it all as it comes.

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