Dream About Shaving Head – Spiritual Meaning

Shaving head has been done through history for different reasons, religious, aesthetic, cultural, practical, fashionable, etc.

We have records of people shaving head since ancient history, in ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome.

Shaving the hear from the head especially in men was historically considered a sign of subordination.

In many cultures long hair symbolized power and shaved heads were symbolizing slavery.

Hair is very important for everyone’s individuality and removing it from the head was considered an act of depriving the person a part of their personality.

Not always is shaving head considered a sign of humiliation and slavery.

In the military shaving the head is done for reasons of practicality and hygiene, but also for reasons of discipline.

Shaving the head of men and women has historically been done as an act of humiliation and punishment.

Shaving hear can sometimes be done for religious reasons. Buddhist and Hindu monks shave their heads when they enter the order.

This practice is also known in Muslim faith, where its practitioners might shave their heads after performing the Hajj as a sign of commitment to Allah.

For men, but also women who suffer from hair loss it has become common to shave their head completely.

Shaving head can often be a fashion statement especially in women.

Spiritual Meaning of Shaving Head in a Dream

Shaving head in a dream can have a strong symbolism.

Often this dream could represent the ideas you have and your desire to share them with others or sharing your ideas with others.

This dream can sometimes indicate getting rid of ideas that you don’t like anymore.

Usually dream about shaving head indicates some part of your personality that you want to change.

Maybe you don’t like something about yourself, and your subconscious is messaging you to get rid of it.

Dreams about shaving your head could reveal your humble nature. It might indicate putting others and their needs first.

Often dreams about shaving head indicate major life changing decisions or changes you will soon go through, or you’ve gone through recently.

If you didn’t shave your head completely this could mean not being prepared to change completely.

Shaving hair might reveal self-image issues.

Maybe you don’t have enough confidence and you don’t think highly of yourself.

Shaving your hair in a dream could indicate trying to get rid of the sense of inadequacy.

Sometimes this dream indicates loss of a person or something important from your life.

Specific Meanings of Shaving Head in a Dream

Dreaming of fully shaving your head

If you dreamed of completely shaving your head, this dream could indicate experiencing challenges and difficulties.

It is possible that you might have some money issues.

These issues are possibly caused by some emotional blocks you need to work on resolving first.

If someone else had a fully shaved head in your dream, this can indicate someone you know experiencing some challenges or money issues.

Dreaming of partially shaving your head

If you dreamed about shaving your head but not shaving it completely, this is often a sign of progressively embracing changes.

Maybe you are not ready to make some major changes and you are taking things slowly, gradually making the changes. 

Dreaming of shaving your head

If you were shaving your head in your dream, this usually indicates your persistence and your ability to not give up easily.

This dream can sometimes indicate taking matters into your own hands, changing your self-image, making major life changes, etc.

You are not letting others influence your destiny.

Dreaming of shaving someone’s balding head

If you dreamed about shaving someone’s head and this person was going bald, this dream could be a worrisome sign.

It might indicate having fears related to your future.

This dream is a way for your subconscious to let you know about the negative energy you are harboring within.

These worries are dangerous because they could actually manifest and create the circumstances you are worried about.

Consider this dream a reminder to fight your fears and monitor your thoughts.

Fill yourself with optimism and expectations of good to ensure the best outcome.

Dreaming of shaving head in the middle

If you dreamed of shaving your hair only in the middle of your head is usually not a good sign.

It is likely that you are filled with negative thoughts and expectations.

Maybe you keep imagining the negative outcomes of some situations and your fears keep growing.

Consider this dream as a warning to monitor your thoughts.

Negativity and worries are detrimental, and they might soon materialize if you don’t change them immediately.

For some this dream could reveal a disappointment and pessimistic attitude.

Maybe you are prone to depression and negative thoughts and your subconscious is asking you to change because you are drawing in more negativity with such attitude. 

Dreaming of seeing a woman shaving her head

If you dreamed of seeing some woman shaving her head this could indicate issues with your feminine side.

Maybe you have problems accepting your femininity.

The dream could be a signal from your subconscious reminding you to work on becoming more feminine if you are a woman or embracing your feminine side if you are a man.

Sometimes a dream about seeing a woman shaving her head could indicate your financial situation improving.

Maybe you’ve been experiencing money issues lately, and this dream indicates your situation significantly changing for the better.

Dreaming of seeing a man shaving his head

If you observed some man shaving his head in a dream, it is usually a signal from your subconscious to slow down and relax.

Maybe you’ve been overwhelming yourself with way too many obligations and you feel like it has been to much for you.

Your subconscious is telling you to stop.

For some, this dream could indicate trying to compete with someone who is way out of your league.

Maybe it is time to give up on the race and live your life without having to prove yourself to others.

Dreaming of being in pain while shaving your head

If you were shaving your head in a dream and feeling pain at the same time, such a dream is usually not a good sign.

This dream can often indicate issues and problems you could soon experience.

The problems might cause suffer and pain in real life as well.

They could be either of physical or emotional nature.

Oftentimes this dream announces some challenging times ahead.

Maybe you will be exposed to some temptations that you won’t be able to resist easily.

The dream should be considered as a warning sign from your subconscious to work on your self-control if you are tempted to do something that you know is bad for you.

This dream is often a sign of regret for doing something rather than not doing something.

Dreaming of not managing to fully shave your head

If you dreamed of trying to shave your head, but not managing to do it completely, leaving patches of hair on the scalp, such a dream is usually not a good sign.

Usually, this dream indicates being indecisive and lacking faith in your abilities.

Maybe you have no clues how to take action to get what you want.

This dream is also a sign of mistakes due to lack of experience, but also due to indecisiveness and doubt.

Maybe you tend to overthink and miss on great opportunities.

In most cases, the dream carries a message from your subconscious to start building your self-confidence and faith in your abilities.

Insecurity will only draw you further from success and the things you want in life.

Sometimes this dream indicates knowing what you want but postponing action due to fears.

It is an encouragement to become more decisive and proactive.

Dreaming of someone forcing you to shave your head

If you dreamed you were shaving your head because someone was forcing you to do that, such a dream is a good sign even though it might not seem like.

This dream is usually a sign of experiencing success despite the odds and challenges.

It reveals your strength and ability to face the obstacles and overcome them.

The challenges you’ll face will only make you stronger.

If there is a challenge you need to face, this dream is a sign that you will face and overcome it with ease.

Dreaming of a relative shaving your head

If you dreamed that someone from your family was shaving your head, this is a good sign indicating that you have a caring and loving family members.

Your family cares about you and will help you succeed.

They are ready to give you their hand whenever or if you need it.

Dreaming of trying to shave a head full of tangled hair

If you dreamed of trying and struggling to shave a head that had tangled hair, whether it was your head or someone else’s, this dream is a warning sign.

It usually indicates confusion, disorganized and cluttered life circumstances.

Possibly your mind is cluttered, and this reflects to your home and workspace.

This state is most likely caused by repressed emotions, piled up problems and duties, and you feel like it is impossible to make any change. You possibly feel stuck.

The dream could be a sign of your subconscious trying to make you get rid of past hurt and memories.

These emotions keep haunting you and preventing you from moving on.

This is not an easy process. It is important to do it gradually.

Work on dealing with your mental issues first, and then begin decluttering your space.

Dreaming of shaving your kid’s head

If you were shaving the head of your child in a dream, this is a really important dream.

It symbolically represents your role in your child’s life.

You are helping your child to develop their self-image, identity, sense of self-worth and confidence.

The way you approach to this role might make a lot of impact in your child’s future.

Sometimes this dream could indicate someone close looking for protection and guidance from you.

Dreaming of shaving the head of one of your parents

If you dreamed you were shaving your mom’s or your dad’s head, such a dream is a warning sign.

This dream indicates being overwhelming with your current life circumstances and challenges.

This dream might reveal your subconscious desire to turn to your parents for help (or the parent whose head you were shaving in your dream).

Maybe this parent is always there for you and your subconscious instinctively chooses them for this dream to express this relation between you two.

Sometimes this dream indicates the influence your parents have over you and your life, especially when it comes to your self-image and confidence.

This doesn’t have to be a bad influence. It might indicate their influence in forming a good perception of yourself and your value.

For some this dream could indicate the need to pay attention to your parents needs.

Maybe the roles have turned and now they need you more than you need them.

Dreaming of shaving your partner’s head

If you dreamed you were shaving your partner’s head or helping them shave their head, such a dream could reveal your efforts to establish good relations with your partner or overcome differences between you two.

For you it is important to have good relations with your partner, and you would do anything to resolve any issue.

Your subconscious might be inspiring you to make the effort to make peace with your partner over some issues.

Dreaming of washing your head after shaving it

If you dreamed of washing or cleaning your head after you shaved it or someone shaved it, this is an encouraging sign.

It is a sign of being on the right path of achieving your goals.

Your subconscious is encouraging you to take action, and if necessary, change some goals to finally get what you want.

If this requires for you to adapt to new circumstances, that is what you will do.

This dream indicates being inspired to do the right activities that will lead you to your desires.

You will also get the right opportunities to achieve them, and you will act inspired and choose the best to get the fastest results.

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