Dream About Eyelashes Falling Out – Biblical and Spiritual Meaning

Dreams where we see ourselves, or a certain part of our bodies are common, often depicted in a very weird way.

We can have a dream about our arms, fingers, hair, nail, etc…

Often in very interesting scenarios.

Also, some seemingly small parts of the body can likewise be seen in a dream, like an eyebrow or an eyelash.

Just the fact that these two are elements that have their biological purpose and are also esthetical, makes them important to look at from a symbolical point of view.

Here we will take a look at the meaning of a dream about eyelashes, and in one particular version, where eyelashes are falling out.

The meaning of such a dream could vary a lot – it could indicate certain gains, especially monetary from random sources.

It’s possible that it’s a lottery win or even an inheritance that you didn’t expect or didn’t know about.

In any case, one of the meanings of this dream is abundance, and how it will come true is quite individual and depends on the case.

Even if such a dream could be uncomfortable, its meaning is not so bad; and if you understand it in a good way, you can relax freely because you are finally expecting a positive period in life, and you have certainly earned it with your work and various sacrifices.

What was hidden, now is open for all to see.

Dream About Eyelashes Falling Out

Eyelashes are much more than decoration for the face, and the eye.

We know that their biological purpose of them is to protect the eye from any foreign bodies entering it, in the formation of particles, and dust.

If that would happen, such an impact on the eye could damage the eye, intrude with eyesight, and can lead to eye infection and severe health issues.

Also, eyelashes are growing constantly, and it is also normal for them to fall off and renew in a natural process that is somewhere between 6-10 weeks.

So, in a biological sense, eyelashes that are falling out are not abnormal, but if this process is extreme, then it can be caused by some form of inadequate care or too much makeup.

But, from a different, or inner point of view, it is a known fact that eyelashes can fall out from stress that is caused by some negative emotions, suppressed pain, etc.

Having said all of this, what does it mean when you have a dream that eyelashes are falling out?

First of all, in a general sense, any dream that has a central motive eyelashes could speak of the person who has such a dream.

It shows that that person is looking for things in life, which are currently unavailable to them, or rather hidden.

Also, alternately such a dream could symbolize that someone is attempting to hide those things from the person who has a dream or to prevent it from seeing or getting to some things that he or she needs.

Now, in the central version of this dream, where the eyelashes are falling out, then the dream signifies that a person often uses their appearance or some other things to achieve or get something.

But, if you have such a dream, and your eyelashes have fallen out, then your cover or attempt to do so has fallen, and now you are in some kind of a problem.

If the eyelashes that are falling out in a dream are beautiful and shiny, then such a dream may indicate some kind of business success that awaited you, that made you feel happy and excited, is now out of the reach.

That opportunity was a good business prospect that could bring you happiness, but now, for some outer or inner reason, the chance has been lost.

But do not feel sorry for too long, because, have in mind that the eyelashes are also the symbol of rejuvenation and renewal, and if you do not despair, a new opportunity will appear.

Think about your business opportunities and if an opportunity comes your way, don’t think about whether you should take it or not.

In a version of a dream where eyelashes are falling out on some other person, not you, then such a dream could mean that you are currently in a period where something is blocking your progress, and it has got to do with people who are close to you.

This dream or its meaning refers to various things; that progress can be blocked by a certain person, event, or certain circumstances in which you find yourself.

Such a process was hidden for a long time, but now it is more obvious than ever before; it is even shockingly open.

If it’s a person who is blocking your progress in the area you want to succeed, think about who it might be.

That person creates various obstacles on your way to achieving your goal, and do not stand there in shock, but face him or her.

Apart from the previous meaning, eyelashes that are falling out on someone else in a dream, also refer to the stabilization of your life, but the one that will be based on the opportunity that you will notice and take on.

It is definitely a good opportunity for you, and now it is presented to you. It is also possible that you will receive some income as a result of your efforts and well-done work.

Expect recognition from society.

If you dream that fake eyelashes are falling out, then such a dream could mean that you will meet someone who will be established as your great love.

That chance meeting will be unexpected, but exciting as such, and will bring you great happiness.

Biblical Meaning of a Dream About Eyelashes Falling Out

From the biblical point of view, we can say that dreams of eyelashes in a positive sense indicate a happy and long-lasting marriage that awaits you.

If you are currently in the period of marriage planning and it is bringing you a lot of stress, you should relax because you have chosen the right person for you.

But, when the eyelashes are falling out, there will be some troubles, and you are in a doubt regarding your love life.

Also, this dream can represent that certain changes will soon come into your life that is mostly positive and that will certainly improve your life and direct it on the path you have chosen and want.

The second element in the Biblical meaning regarding this motive is associated with vanity.

And this is what is not recognized as a good dream, as the Bible always insists on concerning vanity in all of us.

Following this Biblical idea, this dream sends you the message – to work on your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Working on yourself is incredibly important, and this dream tells you that you should start such work, with a focus on the eternal part of your being.

In this way, you will also increase the sense of personal worth that is often misplaced in today’s moment when we are surrounded by distorted values ​​inflicted on us by the media and social networks.

We are hiding behind them, and this is what we have mentioned at the beginning of this piece, where the eyelashes are the symbol of things we want to hide from others.

This is a reminder that comes from a dream – and if you have recognized yourself in the world where you are led by the external appearance, this dream is not a good sign, but eventually, it will be a good reminder to change your life.

A vanity that we have spoken about here, as one of the biggest sins, in reality, could be reflected in the jealousy of your colleagues.

If you are able to avoid it and give a hand to them, but be dignified as you can; success will bring you many good things; from increasing income to a greater reputation, but also the progress of the society itself.

Such a dream may indicate some of your mistakes for which you are now repenting; and when you observe from this point of view, you know that you needed this wake-up call.

Another, relatively negative connotation of this dream, is this one –

such a dream could indicate that you will soon experience a great disappointment in someone or something.

This most often refers to fraud and betrayal of your closest people, but the accent of the Bible here is on forgiveness.

Work on your relationship with them and try to avoid this situation in real life.

Spiritual Meaning of a Dream About Eyelashes Falling Out  

Did we mention that dreams about eyelashes can indicate happiness in family life and bring a certain kind of protection to such a life, but also represent happiness in itself?

This is important to remember when we are speaking of a spiritual aspect of this dream.

As we have said, the process of falling out lashes is normal, until it is excessive, and caused by some inner problem, and from a spiritual point of view, this could mean that things are not in balance and that the physical manifestation is the final outcome of such imbalance.

So, in this sense, such a dream is most commonly not a good sign and indicates certain losses, usually of financial nature, but we must say that not any so-called failure is purely financial nature, but always is eternally inner.

And even if we could say that there is a chance that you will lose a large amount of money, or that you will lose something that means the world to you.

But, what is even more important is this – think of what led you to the current situation, and you will see that it is a deep inner matter.

Perhaps the importance you put on material goods and the dependence you have on material stuff around you.

Do not do it; if necessary and possible, postpone some decisions that could bring you a potential loss.

Although we must admit that finances are very important, don’t allow yourself unnecessary trouble in this matter, because you will not be able to see the core, and resolve things from it.

Dreams where others are plucking eyelashes on you, and they are falling out, then this dream is a sign of gullibility.

It is one thing to be open and honest, but you do not have to trust everyone because you will often find yourself in a situation where you are disappointed, and you could have prevented that situation from the start.

Being confident in yourself is the primary goal here, and from here you will be able to move toward a spiritual direction.

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