Dream About Anger – Biblical and Spiritual Meaning

Dreams are an unexplored realm of meanings and hidden messages.

Although we dream since ever, we still fail to understand where do dreams really come from and what do they represent.

There have been many attempts to understand the nature of dreams.

According to certain researches, dreams may represent random brain impulses, random images unfolding before our eyes or, rather, behind our eyelids, while we are asleep.

Our brain processes various piled up information and project them in form of images.

There is certainly some truth to that. During our waking hours, we gather so many information and we, normally, cannot process them all consciously.

Our brain, however, takes them all in and needs to organize them. Our brain is a fantastic mechanism!

It classifies the info we should receive consciously and suppresses or discards those we do not need to take seriously or that are not of immediate importance, so to say.

Of course, it often happens that the process is not done very thoroughly.

It depends on many factors, including our emotional response to things, our experiences in general and so much more.

According to some, dreams are our suppressed desires and thoughts, in a Freudian sense.

Definitely dreams do help us process things we either take for granted and ignore consciously, those we deliberately try to suppress and definitely those we suppress on a completely sub conscious level, unaware that we are doing so.

All our suppressed thoughts and desires find their way out, eventually, Sometimes, they are channeled through our dreams.

Dreams can tell us much about who we are. Dreams reflect our daily experience, but dreams are also considered a realm of something unfathomable, unreachable, something mysterious.

In old times, dreams were taken as prophecies, they were considered omens and signs.

There could be some truth to that, too. Prophetic dreams are a subject of virtually every belief and religious system there is.

Folktales and legends are full of people dreaming about some important events and changes.

Dreams are still a bit of a mystery. Nevertheless, it is of great use to try to understand our own.

Dreams could be unsettling, pleasant, dreadful, happy, incredibly positive…our experiences shape up our dreams, but, it is also that our dreams may shape our experiences, as well.

The State of Anger – General Info

Dreams including a particular emotion are always striking. In general, we usually have some kind of emotion as we dream.

Maybe we dream about a sad event or a happy one; either way, we would feel one way or another in a dream or upon waking up.

Some dreams could be so powerful and overwhelming that we experience the emotion it awaken in us for some days.

However, dreams that are all about a particular emotion could be very powerful and could tell us much about who we are.

Emotions released in dreams are sometimes those emotions we are afraid to show in our waking life.

Alternatively, those could be emotions we so strongly feel all the time, so they reflect in our dreams, as well.

Either way, strongly emotional dreams are always about our strong emotional response to things we have in our experience or are experiencing right now.

Those dreams are usually not prophetic or incredibly mysterious, but they reveal truth about ourselves, to ourselves.

What about anger? Anger is one of the most powerful emotions, perceived negatively.

Anger, sometimes called rage or wrath is a very strong, intense emotional response.

It is an emotional state usually associated with hurt, aggression, provocation and threat.

Anger is accompanied by a variety of psychological and physical expressions.

It is marked by specific facial expressions and body language.

People who are angry typically do not control all of their actions, they often yell and become even physically aggressive.

From a psychological point of view, anger is a natural human emotion, normal and expected to occur.

It is a part of our survival instinct. It is quite normal for anyone to get angry, if they were mistreated, if someone threats them, if they need to defend themselves.

However, if uncontrolled, anger could have many negative implications and consequences and it could be a symptom of some underlying behavior disorders.

No wonder wrath is considered one of the seven deadly sins.

Now, it is okay to get angry from time to time; there are many things that could annoy us and make us response in an agree manner.

However, it should never be our way of operating within society. In fact, an angry person has difficulties in creating and maintaining social relations.

Oftentimes, anger is actually a consequence of fear and feeling helpless, a way for a person to try to mask the emotions they perceive as an expression of weakness.

By raging around, people try to present themselves as dangerous and not to mess with.

Anger could occur in our dreams, as well. It usually has to do with certain experiences of ours or some suppressed thoughts and emotions.

In dreams, we could be very angry at someone, but also others could be angry at us.

Let us see what dreams about anger could mean. What is the message behind the angry dreams or dreams about facing the anger of others?

Dreams About Anger – General Info

Anger is an extremely intense emotion each one of us has experienced.

Sometimes it feels relieving, especially if we have been withholding some negative feelings.

In general, it is better to get angry in an irritating situation, then to leave the dissatisfaction piles up.

What about angry dreams? If you have experienced anger in your dreams, you should definitely think about it, for anger is not an emotion to be left uncontrolled.

If you are not angry in your waking life, but you dream about being angry, there has to be some cause to it.

Think about your current life circumstances. Is there something that makes you feel uncomfortable, something that annoys you or makes you feel dissatisfied?

If there is and you do not respond to that, it may be the cause of you being angry in your dreams.

You should also pay attention to details. Were you angry at someone specific? What does that particular person mean to you in waking life?

Is it someone who irritates you all the time, but you do not have the guts to tell them?

Is that someone who never did you any harm, someone who actually acts nicely and treats you with kindness and love?

If so, you should definitely rethink your attitude towards that person. There has to be some reason why you feel angry towards them, in dreams.

Now, you can also dream about someone being angry at you.

Dreams about anger are greatly about interpersonal relationships, but also about our self perception and self value.

There could be a good reason someone is angry at you in a dream, although, in waking life, it seems as everything was pretty fine.

The worst kind of anger in dreams, but also the most revealing and helpful, once you get it, is self-hate, self-oriented anger.

People are usually more mad at themselves than at others. Self-criticism is, generally, a good trait, but taken to extremes, it could be devastating.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some of the various angry dream scenarios. There is a great chance you find yourself in some of them.

If so, these interpretations could perhaps help you better to understand your own emotional states and related dreams.

Dreams about being angry at yourself

Dreams about being angry at yourself are usually associated with the feeling of being unworthy, helpless, incapable etc.

In general, dreams about being angry at yourself are a reflection of not being very satisfied by who you are and what you are doing.

Even if on the outside you appear very self-confident, deep down inside, you probably have a sense of not doing things the way you should do.

You may feel unaccomplished and blame yourself for not being good enough.

People who dream about being angry at themselves are either mad at themselves in their waking lives or they try to suppress it and they convince themselves they have been doing just fine.

Now, the interpretation of these dreams is tricky.

Think about why you are angry at yourself in the particular dream, if there were any specifics.

Is that something you did wrong or something you did not do, but you should have done?

Place this angry dream in the contexts. Many times, we criticize ourselves because of others’ expectations of us.

Are you under pressure from your surroundings to accomplish things you actually do not have desire to?

Or is there something you would really love to accomplish, but you are afraid of loss, failure, being seen as a loser etc.? Think about it.

If you have this type of dreams very often, it is likely that you are not really using your potentials and capacities to the fullest.

This would make you feel angry at yourself, even if you try to convince yourself you are actually doing great.

This dream may be unpleasant, but it should actually move you and inspire you to discover and use your talents and potentials.

Alternatively, it could be a voice of your conscience. Maybe there is something terribly wrong that you did.

Perhaps you have hurt someone or lied or otherwise transgressed and now your conscience haunts you, because you do not want to admit your mistake even to yourself.

Once you actually accept it, you will stop being angry at yourself and you will be able to repair the damage or, at least, to take consequences of your actions maturely and deal with them in a proper way.

Dreams about being angry at a friend

If you dream about being angry at a specific person, especially someone who is very close and dear to you, there could be various reasons to dream about them in this particular way.

Maybe your friend did something wrong, something that hurt you in a way, even if they do not meant to hurt you.

Since it is a person whom you hold dear, you try to get over it, but it continues bothering you.

It is likely that you do not want to spoil your relationship by telling them they did something you did not like. Many people act like that.

However, if the thing really hit you, it is very difficult simply to let it go and it could reflect in an angry dream.

In the dream, you actually release all the annoyance and anger you really feel towards the person or, better, the act of that person.

The dream should make you talk to them and clear thing up.

If you dream about being angry at a good friend who did nothing wrong to you, on the contrary, the dream is likely about your own insecurity and bad self-image.

In a way, you feel as if you do not deserve them to be kind towards you.

However, instead of being angry at yourself, you project it in a different direction.

Alternatively, you may feel suppressed jealousy towards a good friend who does well in life, but who is still kind and loving towards you.

Since you know there is no actual ground to be angry at them for doing well and being good and kind, you suppress that poisonous feeling of envy and jealousy and you channel it through a dream of being angry at a person who did not deserve to be treated so.

Dreams about a friend being angry at you

Dreams about another person being angry at you could have roots in various experiences and circumstances.

If you dream about a friend being angry at you, there is a chance you have did something hurtful towards them, but you are not aware of that.

Think through your actions and your friendship.

If you remember something you knowingly did wrong, but did not apologize, it may be the cause of a dream about a friend being angry at you.

This dream could also mean that someone you consider a good friend actually does not think so nice of you.

In truth, that person has mixed feelings towards you, but does not want to lose you, so he or she is afraid to confront you over certain things.

Sometimes we dream about dear people being angry at us, because, in reality, we are the ones to be angry at ourselves for one reason or another.

Dreams about being angry at a stranger

People who dream about being angry at strangers, at people who they have never seen in life, usually have a problem with their self-image.

In fact, it is not others their anger is directed towards, but it is usually self-oriented.

If you dream about being mad at a complete stranger, there is probably something in your life you are deeply dissatisfied with.

People often blame others for their own problems and it is sometimes easier to direct your anger towards the outer world.

However, in some cases, dreams about being angry at a stranger could be a way of channeling anger someone has towards a very specific person in their life, someone who hurt them and betrayed them, but whom they regarded really highly.

It is very difficult to admit we have been hurt by people we love, so, in dreams, it could project to a scenario in which we are angry at someone we have never ever seen in life.

Being angry at a stranger in a dream could also be a reflection of negative experiences of being negatively treated by people throughout our life, so we become very sensitive to anger and easy to blame the whole humanity for our sorry state.

Dreams about being angry at your family

Dreams about being angry at your own family are usually associated with certain expectations your family has of you.

People typically dream about being angry at their family members when they feel under pressure from them.

Being angry at your family in your dreams could also be a reflection of a suppressed blame.

You blame your family for how you have been brought up and for the consequences you associate with it.

You may love your family, of course, but deep down inside, you may blame them.

This is a dream that leads towards acceptance.

Your family may have did the best they could to help you become a great and successful person, but, remember, there is no recipe for that.

On the other side, you may really have had a difficult childhood and dysfunctional family relations.

However, in order to move on, you have to accept and forgive. There is no use of being angry the whole life.

Dreams about being angry at your partner

Dreams about being angry at your loving partner are very similar in nature to dreams about being angry at a good friend.

So, maybe your partner has some nasty habits you have tolerated for way to long and now it actually makes you angry.

However, you do not want to speak up for various reasons.

On one side, you have yourself allowed it to keep happening, on the other side, you are afraid of your partner’s reaction.

Maybe they just did something you consider wrong and, for the latter reason, you are afraid to say.

The dream about being angry at your romantic partner should actually move you towards action.

It is not good to hide your emotions from the people you share life with.

A key to a good relationship is honesty. If there was something you find irritating, tell them.

Maybe it is time to reconsider some aspects of your relationship. Maybe you should even separate.

In any case, it seems you should talk, in order to make things between you function properly, one way or another.

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