Does Dreaming Of Fish Mean Pregnancy?

Fish are aquatic animals without limbs. Their origin dates a long time back into history and they are considered one of the oldest existing animals. The first fish evolved about 530 million years ago.

Dreams about fish are very common and they might have a variety of meanings.

Fish is a symbol of fertility and this is why dreams about fish are often related to pregnancy.

Does dreaming of fish mean pregnancy?

Fish is considered a symbol of fertility in many cultures around the world and it has been like this since ancient times.

The main reason behind this symbolism is the fact that fish produce a great number of eggs, which means there is a great chance of numerous offspring.

Because of this tied symbolism of fish with fertility, there is an ancient belief that fish dreams had by a woman or someone close to her, indicate that she might be pregnant.

Fish dreams do symbolize birth and this can be a true sign of upcoming pregnancy or even that the pregnancy has occurred.

For those that are trying to conceive and are expecting a pregnancy, this dream can indeed be a sign that their desire is fulfilled or that it will soon be fulfilled.

If you dreamed about fishing this can also be a sign of getting pregnant or that you already are.

This is especially true if you are catching fish during your dream. If you were catching more than one fish, this can mean that several women around you, including you, might be pregnant soon.

For some, dreams about fish might be a sign of fertility issues. Women who are trying to have children might dream about fish as a result of their thoughts and fears concerning their fertility.

This is an especially good sign to have when trying to conceive because it might mean that your pregnancy is about to happen.

This dream might be an inspiration to take good care of yourself and not give up on your desires.

Many women who have had issues with their fertility have been able to overcome them and give birth to healthy children.

This, of course, couldn’t be used as the only proof and it might just be an indication.

Dreams about fish do have many different meanings besides possible pregnancy.

Meanings of dreaming about fish during pregnancy

Pregnant women often dream about fish. The expectancy of new life as well as their baby swimming in the amniotic fluid, developing and preparing to enter this world is an association of fish swimming in the water.

The fish in the dream symbolically represents the fetus which is in the mother’s womb. It is a good sign because it reflects the mother’s care and love for her unborn baby.

Dreams about fish during pregnancy might be a sign of preparing to give birth to your baby. Women often dream about fish swimming in a pond or a river.

The dream reflects the excitement for the event that is about to occur.

The condition of the fish in the dream is a very important sign because if the fish is dead or something is wrong with it, this might be a warning to the woman to make sure everything is alright with her baby.

Below are some possible scenarios of pregnant women dreaming about fish:

Dreaming about fishing and catching fish

If you are pregnant and you caught a fish while fishing this is a great sign indicating that your birth will be smooth and generally is a sign of happiness with your baby.

Dreaming about fishing without catching a fish

If you dreamed about trying to catch a fish but didn’t succeed this should be considered a warning sign to take good care of yourself. Don’t stress or do things that might put your baby and yourself in jeopardy.

Dreaming of seeing others catching fish

If you dream of observing others catching fish this is a good sign, usually indicating that some of your friends will also become pregnant or that are pregnant already.

Dreaming of catching a carp

If you dreamed you caught a carp this might be a sign that you will have a son. Also, a dream about fishing in general might be considered a sign of a male baby.

Dreaming of catching a lot of fish

For a pregnant woman who is dreaming about catching a lot of fish, this dream is a sign that she will have more babies in the future and this won’t be her only pregnancy.

Dreaming about a dead fish

A dream about a dead fish during pregnancy can indicate some psychological issues the mother is going through, or the inner changes she is experiencing while expecting a baby.

This dream might represent the transformation of the mother’s life as a result of becoming a mother, and her current life circumstances and the stage of life changing.

The dead fish might represent the spiritual transformation and leaving the old self to embrace the new self to become a mother.

This dream can also be a reflection of the mother’s emotions and the emotional states she is going through while expecting her baby to be born.

It might be a sign of her realization that she will need to give up a part of her personality, habits, life, and other things to be able to perform the role of a mother the best way she can.

Other meanings of dreaming about fish

Fish is an important symbol and in dreams, it can also be seen as a sign of creativity and abundance. It is also a sign of progress and good fortune.

Fish can also represent the unconscious side of your personality, your hidden emotions, and your thoughts.

Often a dream about fish can indicate the process of transformation you are going through. It might also be a sign you could experience some transformation in life so you can grow.

Fish is very agile and able to avoid many dangers they come across. Similarly, a dream about fish can indicate being able to face and overcome the challenges you encounter.

For some, this dream can be a sign of your need for help and guidance in your current life circumstances.

Dreaming of fish can be a sign that you are embarking on a spiritual journey to develop your spirituality, and sometimes it can mean the continuation of this journey you have already started. This dream might be a confirmation from the Universe that you are doing the right things and being on the right path.

Sometimes fish in your dreams indicates new beginnings and changes of circumstances for the better. Just as the fish can indicate pregnancy and a new life which brings change into the person’s life, it can mean some new beginnings and creations that will inevitably change your life.

For some, these dreams will indicate the need for emotional healing and confronting your fears and traumas that have been blocking your progress. Maybe the dream is telling you that it is time to nurture your emotional side of personality.

For others, these dreams will be a sign of their need to establish harmony and balance in their life.

Fish in a dream can also be a symbol of the cycle of life. Maybe you have experienced the loss of a loved one recently, or you are expecting the birth of a child, the dream might be a reflection of your thoughts and thinking about the miracle of life and changing of seasons.

The old withers and dies and the new is born, it develops and grows stronger until it eventually also grows old and dies.

Possible scenarios of dreaming about fish

Dreaming about failing to catch a fish

If you dreamed about fishing but failed to catch anything, such a dream is a sign of disappointment. It is a sign of missing some opportunities, trying hard but not being successful in your efforts.

This dream is a sign that your current endeavors and the endeavors you have been working on for some time won’t be fruitful, unfortunately.

Dreaming about a fishnet

If you dreamed about holding a fish net or trying to catch fish using a fish net, this dream is a good sign indicating that you could expect some rewards for your efforts and some nice things happening in the future. Your past efforts might finally begin to pay off significantly.

Dreaming about fishhooks

If you dreamed about seeing or using fishhooks this is usually a good sign, possibly indicating finding new love or entering a new stage in your relationship where talks about babies start.

If you accidentally hurt yourself on the hook this might indicate having some frenemies around you so the dream is a warning sign to be careful who you trust.

When you see someone else holding a fishhook in your dream this is a good sign indicating joy and happiness.

Dreaming about a fishing rod

If you dream of seeing or holding a fishing rod this is a dream that has a message for you to turn to your subconscious and look within. Something might be on your mind or it is bothering you and you need to discover what that is.

The fishing rod in your dream can be a sign of some repressed anger and aggression and you need to discover the reasons behind it.

In some cases, the fishing rod in your dream might be a sign of your determination to finally reach your goals and put all the necessary efforts into achieving them.

Dreaming about fish jumping out from the water

If you dreamed about observing fish jumping out of the water, this is usually a good sign. This could mean something unexpectedly happening which will significantly improve your life.

This dream could indicate events that will bring happiness into your life and the life of those around you. It is a good sign indicating success and prosperity.

For some, this dream can indicate receiving some good news that will make your day.

Dreaming about observing fish dying

If you dreamed about observing fish dying in water or on land, this is not a good sign. There is a great chance that you will be missing some important opportunities or experience the failure of your plans and long-term efforts.

This dream can be a sign from your subconscious encouraging you to change your perception of things. Maybe you are the one who is thinking negatively about a situation and expecting the worst outcome, thus attracting it into your reality.

Your subconscious is possibly asking you to revise your thoughts and change your expectations and begin expecting success rather than failure.   

Dreaming about a fish in clean water

If you dreamed about a fish swimming in crystal clear waters, this dream is a good sign indicating you will finally gain clarity in some situations.

It is possible that you are trying to make a decision regarding some important matters and you don’t know what to do, and this dream is a sign that you are nearing the end of your decision process. The decision you make will likely be the best choice in your circumstances.

Dreaming about a fish in dirty water

If you dreamed about seeing a fish swimming in dirty water, this dream might be a warning sign. If you are currently trying to make an important decision, be very careful and consider all the facts because there is a likely chance of making the wrong one.

It is possible that during this period you are not in tune with your intuitive side and inner guidance and you might be led astray by some outside influences and people who don’t care about you.

If there is a possibility of postponing making this decision for some time, it is best that you do that.

Dreaming about a pet fish

If you dreamed about a pet fish swimming in a tank, this is usually a sign of some responsibilities you have in life which are burdening you.

It is possible that you feel emotionally torn because of these responsibilities and you are not able to express how you feel, and instead, you are repressing your emotions.

This dream might reflect your worries and concerns about being a good caregiver and doing this job properly. Maybe you have a responsibility towards someone and you are wondering whether you are good at it.

Sometimes this dream might be a reflection of your worries about a job or project you are working on and wondering whether you are doing it well.

Dreaming about seeing a fish out of the water

If you dreamed about a fish that was out of the water, struggling for air, this is usually not a good sign and indicates the state of your being currently. Maybe you feel inadequate in a situation or not up to a certain task.

It is possible that you feel like you don’t belong in a certain environment or a group of people and you feel that this is suffocating you and you want to be elsewhere.

This dream can sometimes be a sign of unpleasant situations you could be experiencing soon. It might also be a sign of disappointment and failure to meet your goals.

Dreaming about a colorful fish

If you dreamed about a shiny, colorful fish, this dream is usually a good sign. It indicates happiness and optimism. Often this dream is a sign of some good news that will bring you happy feelings.

This dream might be an announcement of some fun activities you might decide to participate in soon.

Sometimes this dream might indicate your decision to make a major life change, such as a change of career, change of country, etc.

You might be feeling the urge to take the leap of faith and follow your heart. Especially for those who are feeling depressed and unsatisfied with their current life circumstances, this dream is a sign that things will soon change for the better.

Sometimes this dream might indicate doing something unexpected and putting yourself out there completely out of your comfort zone. This dream is a sign that new and exciting experiences are coming your way and you only need to embrace them.

Dreaming about a black fish

If you dreamed about a black fish this is usually a worrisome sign.

This dream often indicates feelings of depression and anxiety, and sometimes fear. The black fish in your dream might represent something or someone you are afraid of in real life.

This might be some issue you fear encountering and dealing with and your subconscious is representing it in the form of a large black fish.

You might have this dream during difficult times in life where you feel that there’s no one you can turn to for help or there is no one you can trust.

Often the fish represent some negative influence in your life that you need to get rid of, and sometimes this is some person in your life that is not good for you.

Consider this dream an important sign from the Universe and your subconscious and try to figure out what negative influences you might have in your life that are preventing you from progressing or causing you some harm so you can remove them.

Dreaming about preparing fish to eat it

If you dreamed of cleaning a fish and preparing it for dinner or lunch, this dream is a sign of accomplishment. It is a sign that you feel taken care of and relaxed.

You might be preparing yourself mentally for the abundance you are about to experience. Maybe you are expecting to hear some good news or something good to happen, and this is likely what you will experience soon.

This dream is a sign of feeling happy and content with your life and your optimistic energy can be felt by those around you.

Dreaming about a large fish

If you dreamed about a gigantic fish, this is often a warning sign, especially if you were attacked by it in your dream.

This dream might indicate being under attack by some powerful enemies you didn’t even know you have. Maybe someone you considered an ally will turn out to be the competitor fighting for your role or your position or something you have.

If the fish didn’t attack you but you saw it swimming calmly this might be a sign of an enemy you have in your wake life. The dream is making you aware that someone in your life doesn’t have your best interest in mind and is working behind your back to harm you or take advantage of you somehow.

This dream is sometimes a sign of being gossiped about by people at work or in your environment.

Sometimes this dream can mean facing a major obstacle and challenge that will bring you fear and a lot of stress.

Dreaming about a small fish

If you dreamed about a small fish swimming in the water, this is a good sign indicating some insignificant event which will bring you a lot of joy and happiness.

Dreaming about seeing someone fishing

If you dreamed about seeing someone fishing, this is a sign that you need to work on your communication skills. The dream about a fisherman calmly fishing might be a sign for you to work on developing your patience and calming your nerves.

You might be a very impatient person who pressures people around. This dream is a sign for you to relax.

Dreaming about killing a fish

If you dreamed you were killing a fish, this is usually a sign related to your emotions. Killing a fish might indicate trying to remove yourself from some traumatic emotions that you cannot deal with and you are trying to ignore them or pretend they don’t exist.

Your subconscious might be asking you to stop ignoring these emotions and instead confront them because this will make your life better and bring you back your freedom.

Maybe you try to fight these feelings by pretending they don’t matter to you. This dream is a certain sign that they matter very much and it is very important to deal with them. If you cannot do it by yourself it is best that you seek the help of a trained professional.

Sometimes this dream can be a sign of finally coming to terms with something you have been trying for a long time.

It might be that you will finally let go of some past hurt, a person you were strongly emotionally attached to, or something similar, but sometimes this dream can mean finally getting the relief you need.

Fish symbolism

Fish live in the water most species cannot survive for long when they are taken out of the water.

Their nature and existence are inseparable from their habitat, which is water.

Water symbolizes our unconscious and fish are a symbol of fertility, which is why the most important symbol of the fish is life itself.

In Christianity

In the Christian faith, fish is a symbol of Jesus Christ. Christ created miracles feeding thousands of his disciples with just two fish and five loaves of bread.

Only using the power of his faith, he multiplied them to feed such a massive number of people and a lot of food remained.

Fish was used as a secret symbol of Christianity and Christ especially during the early years of Christianity when it still wasn’t an accepted religion and Christian believers were persecuted.

This is why they were forced to use secret symbolism to express their faith and devotion to their beloved Christ. This symbolism is tied to the idea of immortality and resurrection.

Fish is also associated with the ceremony of communion.

In Buddhism

Fish in Buddhism symbolizes freedom, but also happiness. Buddhists consider fish as a symbol of freedom from trying to adapt to the expectations of society and living a life of free choice.

Two fish in Buddhism symbolize spiritual harmony and health of the relationship between two people who can overcome their problems easily by joining forces.

In Celtic folklore

In Celtic folklore, fish is a symbol of fertility, but also wisdom and caring.

In African folklore

In African folklore, fish is an important symbol, representing creativity and fertility.

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