Do The Dead Know We Miss and Love Them?

Each of us has lost someone we loved in our lives and he cared a lot about mine.

Life is very short, and man’s greatest tragedy is that he is aware that one day his time will come.

Man and every living being are created from energy and energy is immortal.

The energy can be low but its level can be charged.

When we die the soul leaves our body and goes to reach the source of its creation.

Depending on whether the person has been sinful for life and how much depends on how long he will stay in that place and after that his next training begins.

The first thing a person thinks about when he dies is not a concern for his survival, but a concern about whether and when he will see his loved ones again.

This is the biggest concern of a living person.

More about the soul

The soul has no barrier to the body and its energy and feels and hears the messages we send it, feels our sadness, our love, and lack wherever it is.

Especially when we go to church to pray for the salvation of the soul of the deceased and for his salvation.

Then they especially feel and hear our prayers.

They can even become our personal guardians who will send us signs when we are doing something wrong or right and can even wait for us when it is our time to leave this world.

If we had a strong relationship with the deceased during his life, even a part of our soul can be separated to wait for him on the other side when he dies.

Soul sharing is possible and we are not aware of it and it is a field about which very little is still known and the question is whether it will be known in our lifetime.

When a person dies, he does not immediately leave the planet earth, but his soul remains to live in the circle of his family and people whom he loved throughout his life and who meant a lot to him.

She is allowed to do that until she feels the need to say enough is enough and it is time to leave these premises.

This can sometimes last for months and even until the anniversary of his death.

They not only feel but also see our suffering after the loss and try to send us positive energy of comfort so that we can overcome the difficult moment more easily.

When the soul sees that we have recovered from the loss, then it moves on.

It’s a strange thing that when we die some people won’t even come to our funeral and will find some excuse not to attend it.

Whether it’s because they simply can’t attend funerals now because they can’t stand them or we simply didn’t mean enough to them in their lives to say goodbye to us, it will be up to us to establish that one day.

When we lose a loved one and bury them, we have the right to leave work for three to seven days and after that we have to start working, no matter how hard it is, it will mean that we are not alone.

After a month or more, the pain slowly begins to subside, after three to four months we will watch some comedy on TV and laugh spontaneously, or we experience a situation that will make us smile for the first time.

If we lost our spouse after a year, we will feel the need to be with someone again.

When the soul that was next to you sees that you are ready to move on, it is also ready for its departure and union with the light from which it came.

Until then, he is with you and sees and hears everything, and you should not be ashamed of whatever you say or do, because souls think on a totally different wavelength and are not able to judge anyone for anything.

They feel only the love of positive vibrations, both of you and of all people, and they can determine what you need and ask all the saints to meet you and find you if you are in trouble because they themselves cannot do it, but only the heavenly angels who to be sent by God to earth on early missions to protect someone or to be in trouble.

Do The Dead Know We Miss and Love Them?

The dead, that is, their souls, feel that we are missing, but they see it much differently because time flows differently for them.

Souls are eternal and do not think about time in the same way as humans do because they are aware that they are immortal and for them, time actually does not exist.

They know that you will soon join them and that you will spend some time together until you go your own way and on your own task.

Every soul has a certain kind of obligation when they go to the next world and that makes them whole and fulfills their purpose.

Also, by completing certain tasks, she can progress and can even be reborn on the planet in order to pass certain tests and rise even higher in the eyes of God.

Planet earth is just a training for us and if we have committed some sin for life that is difficult to forgive, we may even want to go back and feel in our own skin how the person we did, for example, felt.

For example, if we have committed a murder in our lifetime, we may wish to return so that the same thing happens to us in order to make amends and feel it on our skin.

As for souls, there are old souls who have been born on the planet several times and they are usually very wise, calm, and composed people who do not wish harm on anyone their purpose on the planet is to help, and that fulfills them more but the same.

Young souls are more prone to sins because their feelings are turbulent and restless and they do not know how to control themselves.

Older souls when they die usually find and wait for the young ones when they leave this world in order to calm them down and explain to them what awaits them and what they need and can do so that their journey will pass without problems.

If a young soul finds itself alone after being separated from the mortal body, it is very disturbed and frightened because it is not aware of what is happening to it.

That’s why she always waits for an older woman who is there to talk to her and calm her down.

Soul attends her funeral and after that spends some time with her loved ones because she finds it hard to leave them because she sees their suffering and pain due to loss.

The soul of the deceased can remain on the planet for a long time in the sight of some animal, most often a bird that will often visit you in order to have contact with you.

It can even be a dog or a cat that will caress you in order to achieve any physical contact with you.

They feel our love all the time and it gives them strength and comfort on the road ahead. If the soul was lonely for life and had no one who could be there for her both in life and in death, she will be welcomed by people who were close to her in one of her previous lives, so that they could calm her down and take her away to another world.

If the soul was lonely and this is her first life and the first death, then one of the guardian angels will meet her, who will live with the soul and explain what awaits her depending on what kind of life she lived and what sins she committed.

Older souls also feel love from people from previous lives, because time does not exist for them.

There are souls who, unfortunately, during their life on earth committed terrible things and great sins, and their souls go to the underworld.

She is not even allowed to attend her own funeral, because it is considered that she does not deserve it.

That soul is suffering and in pain because of everything she did and only now she realizes the weight of everything she did and now she regrets it.

She will only feel bad vibes from people who knew her and whom she did evil for her life on earth, and the energy we send to that soul will greatly repay her in her salvation if there is any hope for that at all.

Every soul that sincerely repents for the sins that it committed during its life gets a chance to repent, but its path will be thorny and very long.

She may wish or choose to be reborn and live the life of her victim, for example, if she has committed a murder.

To suffer in the same way and experience the suffering and to understand what she did from the point of view of her victim.

If we know that one of us who passed away had mortal sins during his life, we can guess where that soul is now.

We can help her to get out of the underworld if we go to church often and burn saints and pray for her soul.

Prayer is a very powerful thing because then the angels and saints see that she still meant something to someone in her life and that there is a glimmer of hope for her.

If anyone could love her and have any kind of beautiful feelings for her, it means that he has at least a grain of goodness in him and that there is salvation and hopes for her.

Then the angels descend into the underworld to check on the soul and its sufferings and to try to open its eyes so that it will repent and be able to get rid of the final destruction that awaits it if it does not do so.

But the soul must sincerely repent and not out of fear of losing its immortal form.

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Feeling that the person we love is never going to return in the shape we know it and that we will eternally miss it, is a feeling that nothing can compare to, and this is especially true when we are talking about a parent or a child.

Those who have lost a child experience one kind of grief that cannot be compared to anything else.

But, there is something comforting in all of this, and religion and even science confirm that there is something after death, and even if it is an eternal mystery, it is simply not the end.

It is just a physical end of something that we have called life, but the soul is, as we have said eternal; and just because we are not seeing that person in a material form it does not mean that he or she is not with us.

There is a connection that cannot be broken, there is a universal source that connects us all, and the answer is yes, they know we miss them.

But this is not the main question here – the main thing should be this.

We should not miss them, as we will meet them again, and this is certain, and the life that we live in this planetary shape is just one of many, and it is just a fragment.

Do not suffer, accept, and if you have lost someone you love, cry if you feel like it, suffer and experience the pain, but have at least a fraction of comfort in your soul, knowing that the connection we have in this life, is transcending through the eternity.

Just like we know that they never leave us, they know that we miss them, but we should not care for them as much, as we are not long and will be separated.

Until then, these gone souls want us to live lives that are worth living, and they want us to enjoy and learn, as this is also a new experience for sure.

Live your life with comfort and joy, and do not let to think of it as an ending of all things.

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