Diamond Dream – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

Whatever your personal idea of diamonds may be, we must say that they truly signify decadence, money, wealth, high status, luxury, extravagance, etc.

Having one, the smallest one even can truly show that you are loved and that the person who has bought you that small rock wants to shower you with attention and love.

But the question is what when these expensive items appear as a dream symbol?

What do they say?

Do you dream of luxury that you do not have in real life, or are you the type of person that has their own wealth, so diamonds are just the manifestations of it?

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In some cases, the dream about the diamond is simply our care of the person who is very valuable to us, while in some others, it could be connected to the indication of interesting love meetings.

Something is about to happen in that area of life – for some this dream means that a lover will decide to surprise you with a romantic dinner or a nice gift, and it is also possible that you will go on an interesting journey that will change your life forever, but you will only see it when you start the travel.

Some others say that this is the dream that is connected to the need to balance your inner being, most notably emotions.

Diamond Dream in General

Dreams about the diamond, are usually very good – they could mean that you will hear some good news.

People often have dreams that they have found the diamond, on the ground most notably, and such a dream could suggest that soon, in reality, you will hear some good news.

That good news could be connected to your work life, and it could be positive news regarding a job you applied for a long time ago, but since you didn’t get any feedback, you stopped thinking about it.

Somewhere in your deep mind, there is a premonition that things will work out great.

It will give you the feeling that things will turn out great, even when you least expect it, you will receive that call that will present the opportunity in the best possible way.

One more version of this dream is very common – the one where you dream that you have lost a diamond.

In this case, such a dream indicates that, in reality, your friend is in need.

This is someone who is very close to you, and such a dream shows that you are such a loyal friend that you see his or her challenges and problems as your own.

You are kind and sympathetic.

You perceive that close friend as a person who is so valuable to you, and you will attempt to help that person as much as you can and always be his support and shoulder to cry on.

One dream where diamonds are the central motive is the one where you are paying something with diamonds.

Most commonly this is not a good sign.

It is possible that, in a reality, you will experience some damage, bad luck, or simply that you will experience some kind of humiliation.

Stealing a diamond in a dream, and if you are the person who did it, shows that you can be disappointed in a close friend or someone you love very much.

It is even possible that someone will try to deceive you or use you to achieve their goals.

Unfortunately, it will take you a long time to understand their true intentions, because you are firmly convinced that you two are such good and honest friends.

When you finally “see through” you will cut that person out of your life, and you will feel bad, knowing that such a thing must be done.

But, in a version of a dream, when someone steals a diamond from you, it is an indication of problems, most notably financial.

You probably find it difficult to match your income with the expenses you have.

As a result, your savings slowly go away, and sometimes you panic about how you will get through the crisis.

Advice for you, if you had such a dream is not to fall into despair, because that will only make things worse for you.

Try to not panic and become a reasonable spender.

Often, when you have a dream about a diamond, its meaning is associated to love.

It could be the symbol of mutual love, devotion, and connection, especially if you received it as a gift.

Usually, in this context, people dream of the person they are closest to, such as a partner, sibling, or parent.

If a stranger gives you a diamond, it means that you have a secret admirer, and you are not even aware of it.

In your close environment, there is a person who likes you but is afraid to admit it to you.

If you pay attention, you will surely easily figure out who it is.

But, if you are the one who gives a diamond to someone, then such a dream suggests that you will hear unexpected but pleasant news.

This information will surprise you, but you will certainly rejoice.

You may receive an offer to continue your career or education in another city or country.

Don’t hesitate too much, you already know what you would do.

Some people see a fake diamond in a dream – if you had such a dream, it means that you are trying too hard to impress someone.

It is not necessary, especially in the part where you exaggerate in a desire to show yourself in the best possible light.

Such dreams may also indicate that you are doing things that are not genuine, and that you are doing it all wrong.

Wearing diamond jewelry, for example, earrings or bracelets in a dream is a version that is not considered to be a good sign.

Such a dream, in reality, shows the possibility that you will be humiliated or hurt by a loved one; and that you will recover a lot after it, it will leave a scar for life, for sure.

In an alternate version, such a dream comes as an indication that you will have numerous misunderstandings with close people, because of which you will end some relationships, or enter some arguments.

It shows that you are trying to resolve some important matters in your life, in a completely superficial way, and that you need to stop right now.

Diamond Dream Spiritual Meaning 

Now, we all know that all object as motives in dreams has their own spiritual meaning, and this is the case when it comes to diamonds in a dream.

One of these dreams particularly sticks out and it is meaningful to mention in this context.

When you dream that you see, or have an object that is made out of diamonds then such a dream is very important.

It shows that in a real-life; you are probably at a turning point in your life.

This is the moment of change, the time when you must make important decisions, which makes you nervous and confused.

But this is exactly what happens when we grow.

We feel awkward for sure.

The advice here is that prior you choose a certain path, you take a look at your inner being.

Find the spiritual motive, before any other.

It is advisable that you should set yourself clear goals and plans for their realization, you must lead with a kind but decisive hand.

This will make it easier for you to overcome all the challenges that come your way, and this is possible only if you are clear from the inside.

A similar meaning that also follows this context is the one dream where you dream that you are mining diamonds.

Such a dream is a symbol that you have many challenges ahead of you, but that you must see them as blessings, not hardships.

This is also the dream that shows that you are truly a person who does not shy from walking the hard path.

This dream shows that you always, for your own personal growth, choose the harder way to success.

This is your way of showing everyone what you are worth.

At some point, you will doubt yourself, and this is all so normal.

You will think that you should have “taken shortcuts”, but by then it will be too late, and in the end, you will see that this was the right path for you, for sure.

Keep your head up, and don’t lose motivation, that’s the only way you’ll reach your goal.

Also, one more interesting dream is the one where you receive a diamond ring, or some other piece of jewelry, which is a sign of prosperity in life.

You could soon acquire enough means, not just material, but also in sense of ideas and motivation so that you don’t have to think about your future and the future of your loved ones.

And, at times, when you dream of a diamond in some kind of a bag; then it suggests a spiritual trip, there will be a journey that you will take on, and that will change your life.

It is very plausible that you do not see yet the value of that trip, but you will only see it when you are on it.

Diamond Dream Biblical Meaning 

Of course, that material should not be the center of our attention, and just like the Bible teaches us, it should not be our aim or our goal.

But, when a diamond appears in a dream, it could mean something else.

Such a dream could show that you are a person of great quality and respect.

People see you as a great person who should be followed for the great ideas you have.

Your community respects you and loves you for the numerous good qualities you have.

One of them is your readiness to help everyone when needed; you can talk to everyone without problems, so people often confide in you, even when they know you can’t help them.

In some cases, a dream about a diamond is a warning sign, that shows that you may suffer in reality, because you are showing love and kindness to all people.

You, just like Jesus did not judge and forgive the ones who hurt them.

This dream may suggest that you are the type of person who has always tried to help anyone in need without expecting anything in return.

You just have a kind heart and a loving soul; and in life, one of the tests will be other people who will try to use you.

Some people will try to abuse that trait of yours, instead of respecting it.

But, your test is, as the Bible teaches us, to forgive, even to our enemies, and the ones who want to harm us, and do not understand our good heart.

All those events around you may seem to be the call to be cautious – but with an idea to raise the awareness of different people who are close to you, some of them being suspicious people.

Someone will try to deceive you – it is very possible that you will be offered an alliance by someone who impersonates himself and tries to give the impression of a savior, a person who is kind and wants to help.

There are numerous easy promises, so you’ll want to check what’s really behind it all.

And you should.

Do not be naive.

In some cases, the dream about the diamond, according to the Bible, means that you will be rewarded, as you have put a lot of effort into what you have done.

Lately, you have struggled a lot to complete all tasks with quality and on time; even if you approached them with a pure heart.

It was a test of time and patience – and considering that you have passed it, a valuable reward awaits you.

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