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Reiki Infused Subliminal: Divine Protection



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Access divine protection by listening to this subliminal daily. Affirmation spoken by Karin Yee from Choosing Gratitude. Infused with Reiki, Produced with 432HZ with binaural beats. Length: 45 minutes.
Are you feeling anxious, worried and/or fearful?  Use this subliminal to restore a sense of calm, safety and security! The universe is full of love. You are divinely protected! The affirmations within this subliminal are created using my own voice. This special subliminal is infused with Reiki, performed by Karin Yee, Reiki level III master practitioner. The audio production is set to 432hz and includes binaural beats. It will transform your life, , Transform your life by listening to this subliminal daily. This subliminal will help you tap into the divine protection that you deserve! Listen to this file once daily for at least 21 days. (All Rights Reserved @ Dreams of Gratitude.  Produced with 432HZ music with binaural beats )



I deeply trust that the universe is benevolent.
I trust that the universe is always here to help me and support me.
I feel safe.
I feel secure.
I am safe and secure.
I am protected by the divine.
Everyone I Iove and care about is safe, secure and protected.
I release negative energy consciously.
I release negative karma with divine love.
I am guided by the divine to the right places where I can be safe and protected.
I am one with the divine.
I am in full alignment with the divine will.
I am in full alignment with the great compassion of source infinite healing power.
Every time I take a deep breath in, I become one with the divine healing light.
With this healing light, I am protected, and I am free from unnecessary suffering.
I am now sending out this healing light to all people around me, whether I know them or not.
I am now sending out this healing light to all the people in this world.
I am now sending out healing energy to all people who chose to become free from unnecessary suffering.
I am sending out this healing light to mother earth.
I am this benevolent universe. This benevolent universe is me.



Please read the instructions below before you start using this subliminal:

You won't consciously hear the script provided above. Rest assured it is used in the subliminal, and it's buried under the music so your conscious mind won't hear it. Subliminals are made this way so your subconscious mind can perceive the message without the interference of your conscious mind.

Watch this video to understand how subliminals work: 

You can use the script as your daily affirmation, or just forget about it. You don't have to read the script while listening. 

Please note that this subliminal is about 45 minutes long. Listen to it once a day for at least 21 days. For best results, listen to it when you are drifting into sleep at night or when you first wake up in the morning. Some people may experience a light headache or cold-like symptoms when they first start to listen. Occasionally, women may experience change of their menstrual cycles. These are all signs that your mind is resisting the positive beliefs you are trying to install. If you experience any of these symptoms, stop for a day or two and start again by listening to it for only 15 minutes a day for 5 days. Once your resistance subsides, you can start listening to it in its entirety for 21 days or more.

**Please keep in mind that the material offered here is not meant to treat, cure, or prevent any mental illness. This is strictly for purposes of coaching, theorizing, and entertainment. If you suffer from mental illness, please seek help from a local provider.** **ALL SALES FINAL. While results should be noticeable after 21 days, note that every person begins from a different vibrational starting point. As such, results cannot be guaranteed.**


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Reiki Infused Subliminal: Divine Protection

Reiki Infused Subliminal: Divine Protection