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Choosing Abundance 30 Day Program - Manifest Money Without Struggle



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Are you Tired of Worrying About Money?

Did you know? How you radiate your energy determines how much abundance you allow into your life.

Do you feel secure, comfortable, at ease, and eager when you think about your finances?

Or do you feel anxious, unsatisfied, stressed, worried, frustrated, and maybe even fearful?

If you are like most, then you likely feel that you don’t have enough money and abundance in your life, and in spite of watching videos and reading books, you don’t know why your situation doesn’t improve as fast as you would like.

These feelings determine how much abundance you are manifesting in your life! These feelings are a result of how you habitually radiate your energy!
If that sounds like you, keep reading…

It’s time to change how you feel about money once for all!

My name is Karin Yee, and I’m going to show you a road map to a new life of abundance and joy in the next 30 days.
Let me explain…

I can totally relate to this feeling. My name is Karin Yee, and I’m going to show you a road map to a new life of abundance and joy in the next 30 days.

Let me explain…13 years ago, after completing grad school, I couldn't find a job for months. At that time, I also just got out of a failed engagement. I was broke, lonely, and depressed. At the time I was living in a small apartment behind a friend's house. My friend (who didn't have that much money either) felt sorry for me and rented me this tiny studio apartment for $600 a month. Bank of America had just offered me a credit card with a $2000 credit limit and a few credit card checks. I was grateful that this would cover a few months of my rent payment.

When I moved in, the first thing they told me was that the air conditioner in the studio apartment didn't work well, and I should try not to use it too much. Living in a hot climate like Florida, and having the A/C off turned out to be a nightmare. When I did have to turn it on, it was so loud - like somebody mowing your lawn right next to your ears all the time. It also leaked a lot. I couldn't really sleep with the A/C on. And I couldn't sleep with it off either. It was so damn hot!

In my sleepless nights, I tried to read all the law of attraction books I could find. I tried to visualize being in my dream job and having enough money to move to a decent place where I could sleep comfortably, but all my efforts failed. I couldn't get in a positive feeling even for a second. The crazy, loud A/C and the dripping sound of the water leaking from it constantly reminded me that I was FAR FROM MY DREAM LIFE.

Then one night, I got really really fed up with all of it. I threw out all my LOA books and I lashed out at God, "How come none of this stuff is working for me? What am I missing here? Should I just prepare to live on the street after I run out of the credit card checks? Should I just give up?"

Interestingly, this time I felt a strong message from within myself. It was not really a voice, but an urge or a feeling that can't really be interpreted using words. If I tried to interpret, it would sound like this: "No, you should never give up on your dream life, however, you need to take a new approach. Your dream life is not far away. It's already there. You should no longer focus on getting bits and pieces of information from 50 books that suggest different approaches. Instead, you should create your own road map - your own game plan of validating that your dream life is already manifested. This road map is not about getting to a faraway land, but rather, stepping into it every day. If you follow this game plan religiously for a period of time, regardless of your outer circumstances, you will naturally find yourself in your dream life easily."

I had never felt such immense peace in my whole entire life. I never felt so connected to the divine when I was reading those books! This message brought tears to my eyes. I pulled out my notebook immediately and started taking dictation from my higher self. That night, I drafted my own game plan.

The next day I put my plan into action. The A/C was still loud and leaking, I was still single, and I still had no job. However, something inside of me changed. I was so focused on executing my game plan that the things that used to bother me didn't mean much anymore. Every day I was practicing a new technique that my higher self showed me, and I was instantly living my dream life while working on the technique. I was having so much fun with my plan that I totally forgot about my circumstances.

Then the miracle happened. About 3 weeks into doing this, I discovered a high-income job posted on a job site. The ideal candidate they described was an exact picture of me. I quickly applied and deep down I believed this job would be mine. Within days I received the offer! A few days later, I got to know my husband George, and we are still happily married today.

I now believe that you have all the power within yourself to become a magnet to money and abundance.

I believe that we inhabit an abundant universe and it is always there to gently guide you. All you need to do is to tap into this infinite stream of abundance.

But why is it so hard to become aware of this tremendous power you possess?

  • - You live paycheck to paycheck and barely make ends meet
  • - Or the source of your money is a job about which you are not passionate
  • - You are not free to live the lifestyle you want. You don’t have time to enjoy life with people you care about or travel to places you want to see

If one of these describes your reality, you are reacting to what your mind defines as “Real”, and you will be forever trapped in it like 99% of the people in the world.
Now you can choose to cut ties from this state of mind, and choose a new version of yourself!

You can live the lifestyle you desire. You can travel to places you’ve always wanted to see. You can feel relaxed and sure that money is flowing to you easily and abundantly. You can have the freedom to spend time with people you love.

The solution is what I call “Choosing Abundance”.

It’s my secret formula derived from 20 years of practicing turning thoughts into reality. I have read hundreds of law of attraction books, helped hundreds of people achieve success in my past jobs, I’ve had rigorous meditation training given by Buddhist masters, and been through the journey of growing my own online business from $0 to $42,000 a month.

Choosing abundance is a 30-day step-by-step program to help you align your conscious and subconscious mind with wealth and abundance, and help you step into a new reality of abundance, freedom, and fulfillment!

In the next 30 days you can

  • - Identify money and success blocks accumulated through your past
  • - Clear your subconscious programming and all your limiting beliefs about money and abundance
  • - Develop your point of attraction to attract more money through active, passive, leveraged, and windfall income sources
  • - Have a step-by-step plan to manifest money, success, and abundance with clarity, focus, and joy.

And most importantly, have an amazing sense of abundance, freedom, and fulfillment in life!

For the next 30 days, commit an hour a day to work on this program and it will change your life!

Why watching YouTube videos and reading inspirational books only work to some extent:

It’s because your mind is scattered and confused by so many different instructions! “Choosing Abundance” is not just another instructional video course with more lectures. I publish 3 videos a week on YouTube for FREE. If you are looking for more lectures to watch, just go to my YouTube channel.

However, if you are serious about changing your life, you must take inspired (but serious) action to change how you think and how you radiate your energy.
You must actively work on shifting your focus from lack to abundance.

How do you do it?

Nobody can teach you in a YouTube video.

If you ask a runner how to successfully run a race, can she just make a video about how to run? Absolutely! Will it help? It will give you good information if you have never run in your life.

But what truly makes you a great runner is to start running and start training.
And even better, having a coach who has been running for 20 years by your side with a clear plan that tells you exactly how to train, how long to train each day, watch your progress, and offer your feedback while you train.

I will serve as your coach if you join the Choosing Abundance program.
There won’t be more explanations unless it’s absolutely necessary.
Instead, you are given the exact tasks to do.
You are given a plan with clear instructions to implement.
I’m giving you a powerful formula to change your life!

Watch this video to see how one of our students transformed her life with the Choosing Abundance program

Here’s what you are getting inside the Choosing Abundance program

  • - A new technique to practice every other day which will lead you, step-by-step, to a life of abundance and joy
  • - Exclusive “Choosing Abundance” daily meditations that will clear your limiting beliefs about money and abundance, and bring you to the energy place of abundance and freedom.
  • - Exclusive 35 –minute subliminal that will help you clear all subconscious programming and establish new beliefs about money and abundance
  • - Extensive EFT tapping video with the script to collapse your old money paradigm, and anchor new abundance consciousness
  • - Exclusive daily affirmations to shape your new reality
  • ($1097 value for above)
  • - Special Bonus 1: 30 minute customized Reiki vibration boost video session by Karin ( $149 Value)
  • - Special Bonus 2: 10 Personalized affirmations by Karin and George ($100 value)
  • - Powerful recorded hypnosis session for wealth transformation ($111 value)
  • -Exclusive Tesla Code 3-6-9 Manifesting Statement for Abundance ($111 value)

Read more testimonials to see what our students said about their experience!

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IMPORTANT: Read Disclaimers Below

We don't believe in get-rich-quick programs. Choosing Abundance is not such a program. We believe in taking responsibility, consistency of practice, commitment to personal growth, adding value, and serving others. That's what our programs are designed to help you do! As stated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your own ability to get results or earn any money using our techniques. We don't know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. We're here to help by giving you our best techniques to manifest your dream life and develop wealth consciousness. However, nothing on this page or any of our websites or emails is a promise or guarantee of future earnings. If you have questions, email


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Choosing Abundance 30 Day Program - Manifest Money Without Struggle

Choosing Abundance 30 Day Program - Manifest Money Without Struggle