Chiron in Taurus: Meaning and Traits

Chiron is one of the lesser known factors in a natal chart, speaking of common knowledge about astrology, horoscopes and birth charts.

Astrology is more than your zodiac sign – it is about the complex movement of planets and their influence over one’s life.

Astrology can be divided into various fields, but most of us are familiar with personal astrology, individual horoscopes, comparative astrology and natal chart readings, the latter being essential for everything aforementioned.

What are natal charts and what can we find within one? Natal or birth charts are personal horoscopes.

The very term of horoscope derives from two Greek words, those for ’time’ and ’observance’.

Horoscope is, indeed, the observance of time. To be more precise, when it comes to birth charts, horoscope is about the observance of the planetary placement in one particular moment in time, your or someone else’s birth.

According to astrologers, planetary placement at the moment of our birth decide who we are or, better, who we might become.

Astrological charts offer us a better insight into our personality and life path.

Natal chart readings do not predict events as set in stone, but informs, to say, about our potentials, inclinations and many fine details that even us do not know about ourselves.

Astrological readings also help us better understand our relations with other people.

Now, you are probably familiar with your Sun sign and your ascendant.

You likely know about the placement of ten planets in astrological houses and you as well may know about aspects they form.

There are various other factors and celestial bodies that play a role in one’s natal chart.

Chiron, a small celestial body of an uncertain status, often considered a planetoid, plays a very interesting role.

Chiron in Mythology

Originally, Chiron is a character from Ancient Greek mythology; thus, astrological Chiron’s meaning derives from the myth of Chiron.

Who was he? What is his story and how it decides on the meaning of the heavenly body in astrology?

Chiron was a centaur, one unlike the rest of his kin, for most centaurs, save for a couple of exceptions, were considered brute, rude, wild and not particularly wise beings, without any nice manners.

Chiron was one of the exceptions. He was born to the titan Kronos and an Oceanid, water-nymph Philyra, who were disgusted by the birth of such an odd creature, for Chiron was considered awkward and imperfect, being half-man, half-horse.

His mother was in such a distress over giving birth to a creature like Chiron that she plead the gods to transform her into something other than what she was; Philyra was eventually turned into a linden tree.

Chiron was abandoned by those who should have loved him the most, but he found a noble guardian and tutor in the noblest of gods, the beautiful Apollo, the deity of sun.

Apollo took good care of Chiron, taught him wisdom and many other things he could pass down to others.

As Chiron became familiar with suffering from his birth, he became a healer to others.

He was wise, well-educated and had healing skill. Chiron lived on the Pelion mountain, where he educated many of the greatest mythological heroes.

Chiron was a tutor to Telamon, Thesues, Achilles, the Gemini – Castor and Polydeuces and was a friend to the famous Ancient Greek hero, Heracles himself.

However, the friendship with Heracles led to Chiron’s death.

According to the myth, Heracles accidentally shot Chiron with a poisoned arrow, during an argument with wild centaurs Chiron was no part of, but it happened he was present.

Heracles shot him by mistake and did what he could to save him.

However, nothing could be done, for hurtful Chiron had to suffer for eternity, being an immortal creature.

Chiron decided to trade his immortality for the life of another important figure of ancient mythology, Prometheus.

His noble nature inspired him to make use of his terrible destiny in order to save someone else.

He made a deal with Hades to receive him in the underworld, exchanging his immortality for the release of Prometheus.

The story of Chiron tells about someone destined to suffer, yet one who never grew bitter because of abandonment, pain and loss. Chiron is a healer, a wounded healer, with a noble heart.

Chiron did not allow his trauma make him hateful and dark; instead, he became a teacher and a healer.

Once he was stricken by unceasing physical pain, he did not let it make him bitter and vengeful; instead, he used it to help others.

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Chiron in Astrology

Much of the astrological Chiron has to do with the myth of the wise and noble centaur, who was friend to some of the greatest Ancient Greek figures.

Chiron was disappointed early on and hurt, but still, the fairest of gods recognized his value.

Apollo’s kindness could also be taken as a moral of the story; Apollo thought great of Chiron and had much hope about him, despite his unusual form.

This is also something to remember when talking about Chiron in astrology.

Chiron entered the field of astrology in recent times, in comparison to traditional heavenly bodies. It was discovered in the twentieth century and not certainly classified.

It could be enlisted amongst asteroids and comets, considered a planetoid.

In any case, this little celestial body travels slowly. It takes half of a century for Chiron to transit through the whole Zodiac. It is located between Uranus and Saturn.

In astrology, it is not the size or actual nature of Chiron that matters. This little one plays an important role in natal charts.

Chiron stands for pain, suffering, troubles, but also for healing and regeneration.

Chiron offers us information on particular fields of life that could be troublesome to us, but it also offers us healing gifts.

Chiron is about our weak points, our flaws and our traumas.

However, it does not only inform us about our thin lines, but help us deal with them in a healthy way. Chiron is about abandonment and acceptance.

This ‘wounded healer’ help us overcome troubles and outgrow our pains, not by denying them, but through acceptance.

Astrological Chiron, just like the noble-hearted centaur, help us remain good people even if we suffer greatly.

It help us find ways to turn our weaknesses into something benevolent and beneficial. We should not forget about pain, and we cannot, but we should not grow bitter.

Naturally, we would like to save ourselves from all pain, and we would like to protect dear people.

However, pain and suffering, to a certain degree, are inevitable.

Chiron teaches us how to cope with it and how to take something good out of it. Life is full of lessons, some lessons could hurt.

At the end of the day, if we learn from them, we will have a happy and fulfilled life, in essence.

Chiron also teaches us how to pass down our knowledge and experience to others and help them go through hard times, to grow and progress.

Taurus Personality and Traits

Before we move onto this particular placement of Chiron, let us tell a few words about the earthly, hedonistic, steady Taurus.

Taurus is the second zodiac sign, the ruler of the Second House, governed by Venus.

The second field is associated with possessions and material values in general. Venus in this field expresses her tendencies towards possessing.

People born under the sign of Taurus are oriented towards what they can see, touch, smell, hear, feel under their fingers.

They are very realistic and in love with material goods. They are inspired by the idea of wealth and richness.

However, Taurus people work hard to reach their goals and they love to take the work into their own hands, even literally.

Their need to possess this or that does not end in the material world; they love to bind people they like, as well, to have them near.

In that sense, Taurus people are very simple and have quite well-established and solid recipe for happiness: a good home, a nice family and faithful friends.

They would see to provide the best conditions for their loved ones.

Taurus people are hedonists and the best hosts.

If you come over to a Taurus’ house, be sure you will be treated like royalty.

These people are organized, patient and steady in their steps.

They like to make long-term plans, they work diligently, but calmly and they find pleasure in routine. They do not like changes.

They tend to be stubborn about their definitions and their frames of life.

If you would like to change a Taurus’ mind, be sure it will be an exhausting and probably fruitless effort.

Taurus people are rational and generally peaceful. They do not like arguments and they will see to avoid fight.

However, in extreme situations, when someone manages to enrage a Taurus, be sure there is no escape.

The rage of a Taurus is legendary, and, fortunately, extremely rare. Taurus’ people are generally calm, tactful and even indifferent.

They are not bellicose like Aries, but their wrath could be equally destructive.

Taurus people are warm, pleasure loving and sensual. They are respectful of others and kind hearted. Financial stability is very important to a Taurus.

Chiron in Taurus – General Information

Astrologically, Chiron tells about the source of our weaknesses, about our weak points, but also about the source of our healing potion.

What does the placement of Chiron in Taurus reveals?

The weakness of people who have Chiron in Taurus is to be found in the area of life where they find security, safety and stability, especially if associated with material stability.

People with Chiron in Taurus are particularly sensitive about things (primarily, but also people) they possess or perceive as belonging to them.

It is something they build by their own hands, something they invest into.

Such areas are the cause of distress and anxiety for people with Chiron in Taurus.

They are extremely sensitive about the three pillars of happiness, home, family and friendship.

Materiality is what makes Chiron Taurus people weak. They worry too much about it and even find their own worth in what they possess.

If they lose it, they feel incapable, but above all unworthy. Chiron in Taurus tends to give them a hard, but essential lesson.

The lesson of Chiron in Taurus, the antidote to toxic materiality is simple- it is not all about possessing.

We cannot posses people by force, nor we can keep things by force; it always ends badly and everyone is hurt.

Chiron Taurus people will have hard time to understand this, but the revelation will be healing, regenerating and will make them breathe freely.

Chiron in Taurus – Positive Traits

Chiron in Taurus people Go through a transformative phase of learning that not everything in life is about possessions.

In fact, nothing of real, immortal worth is about possessions.

Chiron in Taurus challenges us to change our mindset and start valuing something beyond the material world and there is much to be found out there.

Once we learn this lesson, we could pass it down to others in need.

Chiron in Taurus helps us realize there are things out of our rational control and that there is nothing bad about it, on the contrary.

It will be a major relief, once we realize it.

This placement of Chiron eventually leads to a release from the claws of the exclusively materialistic mindset.

Chiron in Taurus – Negative Traits

Chiron in Taurus people worry about everything tangible and visible, be it physical body or material possessions.

They could become control freaks about their body, out of fear of losing its form and losing health.

Chiron could have such Saturn-like limiting effect over the nature of Taurus, so people with this placement often try to restrict themselves in everything they deem controllable.

As they are realistic, they control what they (think) they possess.

The same goes with material things. They become afraid of losing it, so they actually take no pleasure in possessing what they built, earned or got. They become fearful and stingy.

On the other hand, they think they worth as much as they have.

Chiron in Taurus would eventually help them change the mindset, but it could be a tough struggle.

Chiron in Taurus Man

Chiron in Taurus men are focused on building a life of stability and comfort.

They are excellent planners, very patient and steady.

They are gentlemen and would prefer to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner.

Chiron Taurus men would work hard to reach their goals, with patience and persistence and no complaint.

Like all Chiron Taurus, they find satisfaction in material wealth; it could be a source of anxiety, as well. The same goes for ladies.

These men value family and friendship above everything else and they associate the importance of material provision with these.

This is hat gives them the greatest motivation.

Chiron Taurus men are warm-hearted and traditional. They have a good taste and good judgment.

These men are loyal friends and partners. In love, they are very passionate, warm and gentle.

They seek for a long-term, stable relationship and marriage.

Chiron in Taurus Woman

Ladies with Chiron in Taurus are big dreamers, capable and hard working women.

They see greatest value in having a loving family, steady income and faithful friends.

They love others feel like home around them.

These ladies are sensual and loving, devoted and cuddly, but, at the same time, they have a masculine-like drive towards success.

They love to provide for people they care about, especially their family.

Chiron Taurus women are realistic, well-organized, steady and patient. They have a practical and a logical mind.

These ladies are affectionate and loyal when in a romantic relationship.

They prefer long-term relationship that would lead to a next step, over short-term affairs and experiments. They plan their future and see to fulfill it.

Chiron in Taurus – Brief Summary

Chiron in Taurus is a challenging placement, seen in people who but much value into the materialistic.

They will have hard time realizing it is the source of their weakness, not their strength.

However, once they bring that into awareness, they will feel transformed and relieved.

Chiron in Taurus tells about the trap of materialistic mindset.

It help us realize material things do not last forever, so we have to establish ourselves in values that are above material.

It does not mean we should ignore the materialistic and physical side of life, on the contrary.

Chiron in Taurus help us find the needed balance between the material and everything else priceless there is.

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