Chiron in Aries: Meaning and Traits

In astrology, Chiron is categorized as an asteroid. In astronomy this celestial body is a centaur.

It is a hybrid combined of traits of comet and asteroid. Centaurs are located between the planets Jupiter and Neptune.

Chiron was the first discovered centaur. This happened in 1977.

The name centaur comes from the mythical beings in Greek mythology, which were half human-half horses. Chiron was one of the most prominent centaurs.   

Chiron in myth

The mythological Chiron was also a centaur. He was considered the wisest if them all. His parents were the nymph Phylira and titan Cronus.

When Phylira conceived with Chiron, Cronus appeared in the form of a horse. This is why Chiron was born a hybrid between a horse and a human.

Nevertheless, his father had rejected the baby because he was appalled by his appearance.

The rejected baby Chiron was adopted by the god Apollo. He became his foster father.

Chiron learned many skills from his adopted father, such as the skills of archery and hunting, healing and herbs, gymnastics, but also the gift of prophecy.

Chiron is often attributed the credits for the discovery of the science of medicine, especially using herbs for healing purposes.

Artemis, Apollo’s sister, and the goddess of hunting helped her brother in the process of educating young Chiron. She taught him the art of hunting and archery.

Even though he was abandoned by his parents, Chiron was destiny’s favorite.  He lived a protected life and had an excellent upbringing and education.

He had a kind and nurturing nature, unlike other centaurs, which were usually untamed, lustful, rude, violent, and drunk.

Chiron was very civilized and polite. Chiron was also very intelligent.

Unlike other centaurs, who had only human head and torso and the rest of their body was a horse body, Chiron’s head, torso, and front legs were human, and only his back legs were horse’s legs.

Other centaurs were always naked, and Chiron is often represented as fully clothed.

These differences show the intention to represent Chiron as completely different from other centaurs.

Chiron was a teacher and tutor to others, he was a healer, and an oracle. He was also an astrologer. Some of his students were famous.

His life unfortunately ended in a strange, unexpected way.

The hero Heracles had thrown a poisonous arrow to kill some other centaur, but unfortunately that arrow ended in Chiron’s body, killing him.

Even though Chiron was a healer, he didn’t manage to save himself. Because of the misfortune he experienced that ended his life, Chiron is often called the “wounded healer”. 

Chiron in astrology

In the natal chart, Chiron’s placement reveals the area where we are most insecure and vulnerable.

It points out to some old wounds, possibly from childhood, but many dating way back to some previous lives we spend on this earth.

Chiron was abandoned by his parents, and this subject of abandonment is always present in some way with Chiron wounds.

Until the healing is completed the person is constantly abandoned by what represents the root of the wounding.

During the healing process, the abandoning by their parent/s, partners, friends, children, job, money, etc. continues.

Healing those wounds comes from learning the lessons they brought into our lives. Chiron’s placement also indicates the lessons we need to learn.

The placement of Chiron in a certain sign and house and its aspects with other planets describe those wounds and lessons, and also give us the clues to their learning and healing.

Chiron shows which blockages in our personality are preventing us from expressing our full potential and living our life fully enjoying its pleasures.

The way that Chiron operates is making us deny that we have issues regarding certain area of our lives.

This is what makes us overcompensate and exaggerate in doing the activities which are actually disturbing us and making us feel uncomfortable.

Chiron makes us continue doing things which make us feel most insecure and we lack self-esteem in doing them.

Still we keep doing them and experiencing constant disappointments and shame.

These are the most delicate areas of our lives where we feel most inadequate, and we put a lot of efforts to make them successful, usually without any results or results that don’t make us happy.

Full circle around the signs of the Zodiac lasts around 49 years.

The sign where it’s placed in the natal chart should always be combined in interpretation with its placement in a certain house of the chart, as well as with the aspects it creates with other planets.

The place where our wounds and insecurities are found in the natal chart is also the place where we should look for solutions to heal them.

The first step towards healing our wounds is to recognize that there is an insecurity and accept it. The next step is confronting it.

Chiron makes us aware that in some areas of life we don’t feel adequate and makes us expose ourselves to these feelings of inadequacy.

He teaches us to accept these feelings and know that we could be healed.

It is not easy for any of us to accept and admit that we have low sense of self-worth and esteem regarding some matter.

It is not easy to admit that our ego is hurt, and we are taking some actions rooted in this hurt ego.

These things are not easy to admit for any of us, but they are the prerequisite to healing them. The acknowledgment is the beginning of healing.

One strange thing about Chiron wounds is that we are usually experts on giving advice on healing such wounds to other people, whilst when it comes to our own wounds, we don’t have a solution but repeating the same mistakes.

The best way to recognize such wounds is detecting situations and areas where we feel ashamed, inadequate, disappointed, and uncomfortable talking or thinking about them.

When we detect these situations, it will be easy for us to gradually change our thoughts and behavior whenever we find ourselves in such situations.

After discovering the wound we can then focus on finding the remedy to overcome our insecurities. It is a long process but it will pay off at the end.

It is important not to be discouraged if we don’t have immediate results, or if the disappointments continue even after we have completely changed our thoughts and behavior.

This is an internal process, and it will require some time for the change to be completely integrated and be perceived by your subconscious as something that was always there.

Aries sign

Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac. These people possess confident personalities and are usually very ambitious.

They have a reputation of being reckless and thoughtless. They don’t think much before taking action which often backlashes at them.

This trait is sometimes a good one because these people are first in line when someone needs help, and this requires quick and determined action.

Their ruler Mars is the god of war which is why these people usually possess an aggressive and dominant nature.

They might be prone to start fights without thinking about the consequences of their actions.

They are always ready for war and sometimes see war where it actually doesn’t exist.

Aries people are not very patient and are very direct. They won’t hesitate to speak their mind, which can often be interpreted as rude.

They are not the most polished persons, which is especially detrimental for Aries women. Women in this sign are often perceived as very masculine.

These people are not malicious. They don’t do things behind people’s backs. They settle their disagreements in person.

Aries is usually a righteous person. They are fair players and they don’t hesitate to congratulate their opponents on their victory.

Both men and women of this sign are very passionate and need a lot of intimacy. They are usually perceived as very attractive and desirable, even though they possess rough sensuality.

They are usually joyful and optimistic. They don’t allow challenges to put them down easily, and they usually quickly recuperate from disappointments.

Aries people usually have impulsive nature. They are sport types and don’t like to stay still. They are always in action.

They are prone to taking risks and possess bold personality. These people are very brave and are not afraid to stand up for their beliefs.

They are also very determined, and nothing can stop them from reaching their goals. Setbacks and obstacles just make them stronger and more determined to succeed.

Because they recklessly waste their energy, they can easily become overwhelmed and suffer from burnouts.

They are great friends and very loyal. These people have leadership inclinations and even though they can be a good team player, they prefer to have the leading role in every group.

Chiron in Aries

Chiron in Aries causes issues and wounds with one’s identity.

One of the potential wounds that the Chiron in Aries has is lack of confidence.

This trait is the opposite of a typical Aries sign trait. Chiron distorts Aries traits and causes their opposites in the person with this placement.

Often the person with this placement doesn’t appear to be confident despite all of the evident qualities they possess.

Many of them feel as if they don’t have a purpose in life, comparing to the other people they know.

To be able to heal this wound the person needs to discover what prevents them from expressing their true personality, and causes them to feel this way.

This can be done by analyzing the house where Chiron is placed and its aspects.

People born with Chiron in Aries usually suffer from physical and/or psychological injuries.

Even though they have most likely suffered a lot due to these injuries, these people don’t appear like that.

These people are usually good at dissolving the pain and moving on. Resilience is their trait.

Even though they have been wounded in the same manner multiple times, they continue to fight and try again.

The problem is that until they heal the root of the wound that causes new wounding, they won’t be able to attain what they want.

They will either not get it or get something or someone they don’t want.

Because they are so proud to admit that things aren’t working out in the most important area of their life, they are usually pretending that it is all ok.

And this pretending can last a very long time, only hurting them in the process and even worse, wasting their time.

The quicker they realize they have a problem the quicker they will heal and get what they truly want.

Unfortunately, for many of Chiron people this process lasts almost a lifetime, and some of them never realize they have a wound that is causing their problems.

Oftentimes the process of healing the wounds corresponds with Chiron return in its natal position, which usually happens around 49-50 years old.

This is when the person is usually finally mature enough to accept the wound without shame and deal with it for good.

After that, things move very quickly as suddenly those doors that were closed for so many years begin to open.

What is good news for Chiron in Aries is that they don’t get as burned and destroyed by Chiron wounds as some other signs. They often don’t take long to forget about their injuries.

We don’t claim that they are insensitive, only they are more resilient and too proud to allow themselves sob over a disappointment for years. They don’t have time for that.

They will talk to others about their experiences and share their story so they could help them avoid their mistakes and waste time.

They can teach others to move away from their pain as quickly as possible by focusing on other things. They also teach optimism in the darkest of times.

Woman with Chiron placed in Aries

Women with their Chiron placed in Aries have a contrasting personality.

At one moment they appear strong and confident, and in the next moment as the most insecure, shy person in the world.

These women appear attractive to men who might find them intriguing at first, but after discovering that insecurity is their truest nature, they become discouraged and feel repulsion towards them.

Their behavior can sometimes be seen as a game, but it is their true nature, and they are the ones who are hurt the most by that fact.

She can appear very passionate at one moment, and cold in the next. They are often difficult to be with.

These women love changes both minor and major. They love to change environment and have adventurous nature.

They are often fighters for the rights of the oppressed.

Man with Chiron placed in Aries

Men with Chiron in Aries appear very brave and independent, but in fact often struggle with fear and lack of confidence in their abilities.

They might want others to perceive them as bold and masculine, while in reality they might be fearful and lacking confidence.

They could also have both set of traits, which interchange in time.

These traits might also be the reason why women find them adorable.

At the same time they appear robust and gentle.

Their nature is introverted which differs them from typical Aries men who are very extroverted and easy going.

Their lesson is to learn how to embrace more of Aries qualities. 

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Chiron in Aries speaks about wounds and lessons related to our identity.

Contrary to the sign of Aries, who is outgoing, confident, and brave, these people represent a mix of these traits interchanging with their introvert nature, lack of self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness, and fearfulness.

These people often experience issues and disappointments stemming from these traits.

Their lesson is to embrace Aries qualities and make them their second nature.

They learn these lessons through various experiences which build their strength, confidence, and self-esteem.

Through failure they become stronger and fearless.

Don’t forget to include Chiron’s placement in the natal chart and the aspects it is making to get the clear picture when doing the analysis.

The truth is that not everyone feels Chiron’s energy as strong. For some people these lessons have already been learned through series of lives of experiencing wounds and disappointments.

Those with Chiron in prominent houses and on angles, making strong aspects with the ASC/DESC and/or MC/IC axis, or the Sun and the Moon, are usually affected by Chiron’s placement and are still in the process of learning its lessons.

When the potential areas where the issues might come from are detected, the person should analyze their actions and past experiences, so they could make the necessary changes in attitude and actions.

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