Ceres in Virgo: Meaning and Traits

Ceres is a celestial body which was once considered the first discovered asteroid.

Its discovery happened on January 1st 1801 by Giuseppe Piazzi, Italian astronomer.

Now Ceres is considered a dwarf planet, and it is placed in the asteroid belt which spreads between the planets Mars and Jupiter.

Astrologically, Ceres is still an asteroid.

Ceres in myth

In Roman mythology, Ceres was a powerful goddess, ruling agriculture, fertility, and motherhood.

This was a well-respected deity in the Roman pantheon, and had special rituals dedicated in its honor, which were performed during marriage and funeral ceremonies, as well as during harvest.

Ceres had a whole festival dedicated by the Roman people, named Cerealia, which was held in April.

She was a goddess taken from the ancient Greek pantheon, and her counterpart there was the goddess Demeter, also the goddess of fertility and agriculture.

She was represented in a form of a mature woman, and she was also considered the ruler of childbirth and female virtue.

Also, Ceres was the protector of cast plebeian citizens of Rome and their rights and laws.

Ceres was the goddess Romans prayed to help the deceased easily transition into the afterlife.

Ceres in astrology

In astrology this asteroid has a lot of symbolism that is attributed to the goddess Ceres.

Asteroid ceres rules fertility, nurturing, care, family, family relationships, motherhood, mother – child relationship, food, agriculture.

This asteroid represents stages of womanhood, from a child to old age.

The placement of Ceres in the natal chart, in the sign and house, gives information about the person as a parent and a spouse.

This asteroid is more important in a woman’s chart because of her role as a mother.

Ceres can give information whether the person has a nurturing and caring nature, and about the way the person expresses their nurturing side.

Ceres can show whether the person is prepared to nurture others, especially their loved ones.

Ceres also shows how a person tends to nurture and care for others.

When placed in an air sign, the person tends to nurture others by comforting them with words, and in general does that through communication.

In fire sign, Ceres has a tendency of nurturing others by morally supporting them and giving them energy boosts and encouragements.

In water sign, Ceres nurtures others by giving them emotional support.

In earth sign, Ceres nurtures through providing food and comfort, giving the person material support.

Through analyzing this asteroid, we can make conclusions whether the person is a nurturing kind, and what type of caring for others they are likely to express.

Ceres also shows how prepared someone is to take care of others, especially in regard to the people who are closest to them.

It shows whether you have the urge to nurture not only people, but also animals and all living beings in general.

This asteroid describes a parent-child relationship, especially mother-child relationship, and the way the person as a parent will manage in this role.

It can also show potential parental issues.

Ceres is especially prominent when it makes strong aspects to the person’s ASC, Sun, or Moon.

People with prominent Ceres are concerned for their wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. They pay attention to their health, and especially their diet.

Virgo sign

Virgo is a sign ruled by Mercury and belongs to the group of earth signs.

Like all earth signs, Virgo is also very practical, grounded, and down to earth.

Typical representatives of Virgo are measured, logical and very systematic in every area of their life.

They are very organized and have a tendency to organize other people.

These perfectionists can be very extreme at times, getting on other people’s nerves, but in general, their traits prove to be very beneficial both for their lives and the lives of people in their surroundings.

They are very reliable and responsible and detail oriented. They make excellent administrative workers or in areas where attention to detail is required.

Their desire for achieving perfection is often causing stress and anxiety because it is an impossible mission they impose upon themselves.

The stress and tension they feel because they want to make everything perfect often causes gut problems and problems with their digestion.

These people (like Gemini, also ruled by Mercury) never miss a detail. Their brain works fast and processes everything they see.

While Gemini usually expresses their thoughts without giving them much thought, Virgo carefully monitors their thoughts and words they decide to express openly.

They are very observing and very intelligent. Their logic goes through all the gathered data and makes unmistakable conclusions.

Their memory is strong, and you can freely rely on their data.

Virgo people can be freaks when it comes to cleanliness and their health. Typical representatives of this sign are very tidy and know the whereabouts of the tiniest thing in their households.

They despise people who are lazy and untidy and can be ruthless in expressing their opinions in such situations.

Virgo people usually pay much attention to their diet. These people are rarely overweight because they tend to monitor the quality and amount of the food they eat.

They don’t appear very emotional although they are very protective and concerned about the wellbeing of their loved ones.

They are also not very passionate and are considered to have a cold personality by those who don’t know them well.

They are not afraid of hard work, and their nature is overall modest.

Virgos are generally not spendthrifts and can be perceived as cheapskates by many. They might be prone to saving money but they also tend to invest their money wisely, in quality rather than quantity.

Of course, some Virgos with challenging aspects in their natal chart can display completely opposite characteristics, but in general, that is a fairly accurate depiction of this sign.

Ceres in Virgo

Ceres placed in the sign of Virgo, makes the person responsible and very resourceful.

These people make excellent providers and care takers making sure everything is well organized.

They are wizards in providing and care with limited means. These people are good at saving money and are never afraid of the rainy days.

People with Ceres in Virgo are among the best providers in the Zodiac. They plan everything ahead and always have what is necessary both financially and materially.

These people are prepared to save and wait a bit of time to get what they want. They take their time and never rush into situations.

As parents they can be strict and not very tolerant because they believe that discipline is needed to build a strong character in their children.

Also, their children know when the resources are scarce and when it’s time to save.

Some of these people might go to extreme in savings which might negatively reflect their children during their process of emotional development.

They make sure their children eat healthy food and have a regular diet.

Ceres in Virgo might be those parents who will prohibit their children eat sweets and junk food which can sometimes be perceived as a burden by their children because it separates them from regular kids.

However, they might thank them later in life when they realize the good their parents did to them by making them eat healthy food during their early age.

Even though they appear cold and emotionally restricted, these people are very kind and helpful beings.

They are always ready to help others, especially those they love.

They might have rash moments when they can speak some unwanted words, but they usually apologize to the ones they offended.

These people might have a tendency of exhausting themselves with work and obligations. If it’s not their work duties, then it is tidying their home. They don’t seem to ever rest.

This tendency can make them overstressed and anxious which can cause health problems.

These people need to learn to control their urge to control everything and people’s lives.

They might have a tendency to give unwanted advice about how things should be done, which can be irritating to their surroundings. This especially hurts their children who might feel oppressed.

These people always have money in the stash. They might not ever be wealthy but will always have a security amount they can rely upon.

Ceres in Virgo people are very tidy both when it comes to their homes but also their personal appearance. This is very important to them.

Their attributes make them excellent care givers and this is why they are often find in similar professions. 

Woman with Ceres placed in Virgo

Women with their Ceres placed in Virgo are very put together and organized.

These women are precise with excellent sense for details, well organized and practical.

They don’t allow any surprises and they tend to plan ahead everything.

As mothers they can be perceived as cold and strict. Their goal is to make their children well-mannered and responsible. They want to instill important rules in them while they are young.

Their tendency to tell people what to do can be especially burdensome to their children. They might feel as if nothing they do is good enough for this woman.

Women with this placement are usually not aware of the effect of their behavior on others, especially their children because they believe they have their best interests in mind.

Believing they know everything best and lack of flexibility is one of their major flaws even though most of them would never admit of having these flaws.

These women are very thoughtful and focused on giving help and service to those in need.

They know exactly what to do to make things happen and they are undoubtedly the most organized and practical among all.

Their household always has food and basic needs, and their stash always has some backup money they can turn to in case of extreme need.

Their children and partner know they can rely on them to organize everything which is what this woman does best.

They are tidy and desire their household members to be the same. They won’t stop talking and giving remarks to them until they change.

For people who are different and don’t consider tidiness a big deal this attitude can be exhausting and be the cause of conflicts.

These women are very intelligent and want to instill the love for learning and thinking things through into their children as well.

They prefer quality to quantity, but they rarely spend their money for the sake of spending it and pleasures.

They are good at saving money because they want to be provided if something bad happens in the future.

Their tendency for perfectionism can make them irritated and anxious which can also be a cause for household tension and quarrels.

These women must learn how to relax and let loose, firstly for themselves but also for the sake of the good relationships with their children, family members and other people that come in contact with them.

Man with Ceres placed in Virgo

Similar to women with this placement, men with Virgo in Ceres are very organized and plan everything ahead.

These men are very precise and practical and don’t waste time on futile matters. Their mind works fast, and nothing misses their eye.

They are responsible and reliable workers and are chosen for such positions.

These men are very tidy and prefer their household to be spotless even when they live alone.

They are strict fathers, and their children respect them very much.

They can be sometimes overly demanding towards their children, giving them advice about everything, or criticizing their actions if they don’t agree with them.

This can be burdening to their kids and even though their intentions are good they need to learn not to impose themselves and their opinions on their children but give them the freedom to develop their own.

It is ok if they want to teach them right from wrong, but they cannot expect their children to be the same as them.

Men with Ceres in Virgo are excellent providers and can always be relied upon. These men always have food and money in the stash and not much can surprise them.

They love to plan ahead and are good at saving money. They can be sometimes perceived as cheapskates, and this is often a well-deserved attribute.

Comparing to people who are over spenders and never have money in the pocket, this is not always a bad trait, which their critics should have in mind.

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A person with Ceres in Virgo is practical, very logical, and reliable person. They are great providers and nurturers and someone people can rely upon freely.

They are very organized and plan everything ahead. They can be a bit irritating with their tendency to tell others what to do, but in general they possess many admirable qualities.

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