Ceres in Taurus: Meaning and Traits

Ceres is an asteroid and is considered a dwarf planet positioned in the asteroid belt between planets Mars and Jupiter.

Ceres was discovered on 01.01.1801. by the Italian astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi and was the first asteroid ever discovered.

This celestial body was first perceived as a planet, later reclassified as an asteroid, and in 2006. it was reclassified once more as a dwarf planet.

Ceres in myth

Ceres was named after the Roman goddess of fertility, agriculture, and motherly relationships.

She was the goddess honored in ancient Rome, especially during harvest, marriage, and funeral rites.

Ceres is represented as a mature woman. She was the counterpart of Demeter, the Greek goddess with similar rulership.

She was attributed abilities to fertilize and multiply plants and animals.

Romans had a whole festival devoted to this goddess, held in April, and named Cerealia.

This goddess was connected to the trait of female virtue. She was also the goddess of fertility, childbirth, and motherhood.

Ceres was the protector of plebeian laws and rights. Rituals performed in honor of Ceres were also performed at funerals.

She was also believed to help the dead proceed into afterlife and prevent their ghosts become trapped in between worlds.

Ceres in astrology

In astrology, Ceres carries a lot of its mythological role.

Ceres equals Mother Earth. She is the ruler of nutrition, nurturing, health, agriculture, food, family relationships, fertility. It symbolizes the stages of womanhood and motherhood.

She describes a woman as a mother and parent, and also a spouse.

She reveals the nurturing side of our personality and how prepared and willing we are to nurture the people in our life.

The traits of the sign and the natal house where Ceres is placed in our birth chart reveals the way we handle these roles.

This asteroid and its placement in the natal chart also describe parent child relationship issues.

Ceres reveals your need to protect and nurture others. It describes your attitude towards all living beings, not just people, but also animals and nature.

People influenced by this asteroid are very concerned about their wellbeing.

They make sure they have a healthy diet and pay much attention to what kind of food they allow to enter their intestines.

These people are also concerned about nature’s wellbeing and protection.

Ceres is simple and enjoys ordinary life and pleasures.

Ceres in our natal chart describes how we nurture and take care of others.

With Ceres in an air sign, you probably take care of others through communication and on a mental level.

With Ceres placed in an earth sign, you might prefer to nurture others through food and providing them support and practical solutions to their problems.

When Ceres is placed in a water sign, you nurture others through emotional understanding and support.

When Ceres is in a fire sign, you nurture people through encouragement and moral support.

Prominent Ceres is usually Ceres conjunct Sun, Ascendant or Moon.

Taurus sign

The sign of Taurus belongs to the group of earth signs. This sign is ruled by the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure, the planet Venus.

This is the sign of sensuality and pleasures of all kinds. Taurus people love to indulge in good food, beautiful things and surroundings, and physical pleasures.

These people care a lot about their financial security and need to be provided to feel at peace. When finances are scarce these people feel very bad and anxious.

Venus, the planet of beauty usually gives these people a pleasant appearance. Sometimes these people, both men and women are incredibly beautiful.

Because they love comfort and beauty, their living space is very important for them. They are very creative and artistic, and they enjoy decorating their home.

They also love luxury and are usually able to provide it. They are not hesitant to work as much as possible to be able to live the life they want.

These people aren’t afraid of hard work, and the love saving their hard earned money so they could invest it wisely.

When they’ve saved more than enough, they could start indulging themselves a bit. Of course, they would never jeopardize their financials security for pleasure.

They also love pampering themselves and this is an important part of their lives. A weekend in an exclusive spa is their idea of an ideal retreat.

Their love for good food and eating is making many of them foodies. Because they love to eat, they often struggle with weight issues.

Being an earth sign, Taurus people are tidy, reliable and organized. They are also very trustworthy.

They are considered loyal and devoted friends and partners. These people are rarely unfaithful.

They prefer having a monogamous relationship and building a stable home and family life with their partner.

Ceres in Taurus

When Ceres is placed in Taurus, this might describe the person as stable and very organized.

Their idea of nurturing others is by providing them with comfort and good food.

This placement of Ceres indicates abundance and growth. Relationships that keep you stagnant and prevent your growth are not acceptable to you.

Your kind and welcoming nature needs reciprocation from the ones you love. You detest superficial relationships that have no future, and you avoid investing your time and effort in such unions.

People with Ceres in Taurus are very nurturing by nature and want to protect their children at all costs.

Their protective instincts will make them stand against everyone who tries to harm their loved one.

These people respect the institution of marriage and parenthood. They don’t take these roles lightly. When they commit to having a family, it is for life as far as they are concerned.

Their role continues even after their children have grown and established their families.

Their need to make sure everyone of their loved ones is protected and secured never ends.

These people enjoy showering their loved ones, especially children with luxury and beautiful gifts.

Their nature is calm and reliable, and they enjoy offering their loving shoulder for their loved ones to lean on.

They instill true values in their children as it is their purpose to prepare them to be the best versions of themselves.

People with Ceres in Taurus have a good business instinct. They usually make money without much effort.

Success is common for them because they have the ability to transform thought and ideas into matter.

They are great entrepreneurs and managers.

Their home is a place richly and tastefully decorated. These people love beautiful things and furniture and have a gift for making their space cozy, and pleasant to look at.

Their calm nature prevents them from stressing in difficult situations. They think things through before reacting.

If Ceres is afflicted in their chart these people might be prone to overspending and buying excessive luxury, sometimes jeopardizing their financial security which is not a typical Ceres in Taurus trait.

They are usually careful with their spending but tend to spend their money on luxury items of great quality that will last a long time, and often be passed over to their next generation.

They can sometimes appear overly protective and caring to the point of suffocating their loved ones, but they do it for a good cause.

They cannot stand someone they care about lacking something.

Ceres in Taurus people are often very creative and have a need to express themselves creatively in some way, usually through some form of artistic hobbies, decorating house, or similar.

Woman with Ceres placed in Taurus

The placement of Ceres is somewhat more important in women’s charts than in men’s charts due to their motherly role and duties.

In a woman’s chart, Ceres describes how a woman takes on her role as a mother. These women are very dedicated mothers and wives.

Venus is the planet of fertility, which usually makes these woman very fertile. They are very devoted to their family and children.

Their family is high on the list of their life priorities. Because of that, it is not uncommon for these women to choose to take care of their children and be a “stay at home mom”.

These moms often tend to spoil their children, but also their loved ones, showering them with gifts, love, and attention.

This is a good placement for Ceres to express its true nature. They are truly nurturing beings.

Woman with Ceres in Taurus usually has good financial background and is able to provide for the ones she cares about.

This woman is a good mother but also has a good relationship with her mother.

When this placement is in challenging aspects, that can cause this woman to be overly protective and nurturing which can smother her children and spouse.

Some of these women might tend to overfeed their children making them obese.

Their need to protect their children and give them everything they think they need might turn against them.

Another potentially bad trait this woman could possess is her possessiveness towards her children and loved ones.

This could be a trait that could potentially have a harmful effect on her relationships with them.

It is necessary for this woman to have a healthy outlook on caring for her children.

It is beautiful that she loves them and cares for them so much, but a line should be drawn when this becomes a burden.

Her desire to please and make others happy by protecting them too much can be harmful, and she should control such urges.

This woman is usually very creative, and she often uses this creativity in her household. Her home is usually a welcoming and beautifully decorated place people enjoy spending their time in.

She also enjoys good food, either preparing it, or eating in nice restaurants. This woman doesn’t feel sorry for spending money on a good meal.

Man with Ceres placed in Taurus

Similarly to women with Ceres in Taurus, men with this placement have a very protective and nurturing nature.

These men can also act very possessive towards their children and the ones they love.

They are openly showing their love and affection and do their best to protect their children.

They are able to provide well for them because they are usually successful and financially secured.

Like women with this Ceres sign, men with Ceres in Taurus love to eat well but also love to cook.

They love to indulge themselves and their loved ones showering them with gifts and luxury.

These men love luxury items and activities. They prefer quality to quantity and are careful not to jeopardize their financial security for the sake of buying luxury goods.

This man is usually faithful and chooses a partner for life. Family life is very important to him, and he cannot wait to experience the role of a father.

He is a gentle father who often spoils his children.

He enjoys showering his spouse with gifts and luxury. He is an excellent choice for a long-term partner.

Man with Ceres in Taurus is usually creative and possesses artistic talents.

He also loves pleasant surroundings, and his home is carefully and beautifully decorated.

This is a practical man who has a very organized approach to life.

Sometimes these traits can be burdensome to his loved ones, especially if they are exaggerated.

This man prefers the comfort of his home and doesn’t love to go out much.

He is a great host who loves to have home parties for his closest friends and family.

His children adore him because of his cuddly and gentle nature.

This man is usually good looking and with his faithful and loyal nature he is a true catch.

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Ceres in Taurus is a great placement for this asteroid.

Taurus is an earth sign which gives this person a stable and devoted approach towards family affairs, marriage, and children.

They are kind and nurturing parents and adore their children.

Their organized approach to life makes them a reliable partner who is able to provide for their children and family household.

They tend to save rather than spend.

They also love to invest in items of quality which last long time.

They are creative and enjoy beauty, and they are often physically pleasing themselves.

They love good food and often have issues with weight.

They are family oriented and prefer spending their free time at home with their children and partner which makes them an excellent choice if you desire a long – term commitment.

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