Ceres in Sagittarius: Meaning and Traits

Asteroids are objects billions of years old.

These objects are remnants from the earliest formation of the solar system, which happened 4.6 billion years ago.

Ceres was the first asteroid discovered, and that happened in 1801.

Giuseppe Piazzi was an Italian priest, and the person who tried to discover another planet, and when he discovered Ceres, he believed that it was a comet.

After it was analyzed, it was discovered that it was neither a comet, although asteroids do have comet like characteristics sometimes, nor a planet.

Ceres in myth

Mythologically, Ceres was a goddess, and a very important one in the Roman gods pantheon.

This goddess ruled agriculture and crops. She was also the protector of the class of plebeians.

Because she was the goddess responsible for providing people with good harvest, rituals were performed during harvest to appease this goddess so she could ensure the harvest was good.

Romans had the festival Cerealia dedicated to Ceres. This festival was held in April.

Ceres was the ruler of motherhood and fertility. Rituals were also held in her honor during ceremonies of marriage and burial.

Ceres in astrology

Astrologically, asteroid Ceres is also the ruler of motherhood and childbirth, fertility, nurturing, nurturing qualities, family, family relationships, food, and our diet.

It also rules the stages of womanhood, from early years to old age, especially the period of motherhood. It is especially important for women because they have the role of mother.

Ceres also gives information about the person accepting their role of a parent and spouse and the way they are likely to behave in these roles.

Ceres, like other asteroids, influences the person more if it is prominently placed in the natal chart.

Especially if Ceres makes strong aspects to the person’s Sun or Moon, or their Ascendant, we can assume it is influencing the person significantly.

It is important to analyze the house where Ceres is placed.

This asteroid shows how we act in the role of provider and protector, whether we consider this role a natural one or we tend to avoid it and consider it a burden.

Ceres can show the person’s nurturing qualities and their approach to caring about others, especially their family members. Ceres shows how we express our nurturing qualities.

Our nurturing qualities can be analyzed through the sign where Ceres is placed.

If it is placed in water signs, Ceres gives the person the ability to give emotional support to those they care for.

They instinctively feel what is bothering others emotionally and know exactly which advice to give them to feel better or resolve their emotional issues.

When Ceres is placed in an air sign, this makes the person possess the ability to give verbal support through others.

These people nurture others through communication and give them consolation by using their words.

Ceres in earth sign gives the person the ability to support others physically, through financial and other material support.

They care for their loved ones by providing them good food and comfort.

When Ceres is in a fire sign, this gives the person ability to give energetical support to others and inspire them to take action.

They morally support their loved ones encouraging them to fight for their desires and goals.

Analyzing Ceres in the natal chart can give us answers to the question whether the person is a nurturing type and is prone to taking care of everyone and not only the ones that are close to them.

Also, Ceres and its placement in the natal chart can give us information about the person’s behavior in the role of a parent, but also the role of a spouse.

When Ceres has challenging aspects in the natal chart, this might indicate issues the person could experience in these roles.

Of course, the complete natal chart should be taken into consideration before giving a final verdict to whether the person will experience such issues.

Ceres can give us information about the person’s relationship with their kids.

It is important to note that Ceres prominently placed can make the person especially aware of their personal wellbeing and their diet. They usually pay much attention to the food they eat.

Sagittarius sign

Sagittarius belongs to the group of fire sign, and it is also the ninth sign of the Zodiac.

Those who are influenced a lot by this sign are usually laid back and easy going personalities.

They are prone to adventures and change. This sign doesn’t like any kind of pressure.

They love their freedom and won’t easily give up on it. This is one of the main reasons why these people avoid serious relationship commitment and marriage.

They prefer open type of relationships and partners with similar view on partnerships.

These people can be prone to infidelity and changing partners.

They are very direct and sometimes appear rude because of this trait. They don’t care much about what others think about them or their attitude.

These people act as they please and if they don’t like someone or don’t feel good in some situation they remove themselves without much excuse.

These people are tolerant and accept others and their unique traits. They love variety and enjoy meeting new people. Sagittarius enjoys being around different cultures and experiencing differences.

Travel and movement is one of their greatest passions. These people have likely traveled more than the average person and often end up moving to another country.

They aren’t very tolerant, but they aren’t malicious. They don’t like being controlled or told what to do, but they also give this freedom to others.

They usually don’t impose themselves nor their opinions onto others.

It is fun to be around them because they have a good sense of humor and are also very communicative.

They are very knowledgeable and intelligent and can talk about different variety of subjects.

If you get mad at them it is likely that you won’t be able to stay mad at them for a long time, because of their charisma and ability to win you back.

Sagittarius people are very driven and passionate. Their energy is almost endless.

They cannot keep still at all and need to be in a constant movement.

Their career often involves traveling, and their leisure time is usually related to travel.

Because they are so active, they love sports, often some extreme kind.

They love to compete with themselves and test the boundaries of their endurance, which is why they often choose running and mountain climbing as their sport of choice.

They are also active in the gym and pay a lot of attention to their physical fitness.

Usually they have beautifully shaped bodies which they pay a lot of attention in maintaining.

Generally these people are attractive and easily gain attention. They have a lot of opportunities to satisfy their intimate urges.

Their nature is flirtatious and they are good at approaching people they like. They easily make new acquaintances as well.

They have strong physical desires which often leads them to seeking different partners and experiences. They consider this a relaxation.

When they find the “right one” they can choose to become devoted and faithful to their partner, but they still need to have a part of their freedom left to do things they enjoy doing, which also includes traveling alone.

These people are very deep and possess a lot of inner wisdom and knowledge, although on the surface they might not appear this way.

Both men and women are interested in discovering the deeper meaning of things and they enjoy talking about such matters with likeminded individuals.

Ceres in Sagittarius

When Ceres is in the sign of Sagittarius, this makes the person open minded about the idea of partnerships and committed relationships.

Generally, these people prefer their freedom more than being in a committed union with just one person, and they often avoid getting married or dating someone exclusively.

They love to keep their freedom because they don’t like the thought of being tied down by anyone or anything.

Of course, the entire natal chart should be taken into consideration before making such conclusion.

These people are very passionate and need to fulfil their intimate desires often.

Many of them consider it a form of relaxation and fulfilling their physical needs and can separate their emotions from the physical act.

Even women are able to distance themselves emotionally from the physical act of intimacy and enjoying just the act without emotionally attaching themselves to their partner.

Both men and women with this placement prefer their freedom to any kind of union.

This is what makes them avoid committing for a long time and prefer being single because this gives them the right to live their life as they please.

This trait also influences their desire for children. These people often decide not to have children because they know they couldn’t devote themselves completely to them.

Even women often have this attitude, although motherhood is their innate need.

When they have children they are not the best parents. They have a relaxed approach to parenthood.

They treat their children as friends and love doing fun things with them, but they are not the best at teaching them how to deal with life and its challenges.

They pay attention to their physical wellbeing, and they are often active in sports.

They usually tend to have a good diet as well, but due to the influence of planet Jupiter which rules Sagittarius, they might be prone to gaining weight.

Woman with Ceres placed in Sagittarius

Women with Ceres placed in Sagittarius are freedom loving beings.

The idea of commitment, especially having children is often frightening to them because it means giving up on their freedom and the life they want to have.

It might sound cruel to women with strong maternal instincts, but in these women the desire for living their life as they please, and ability to go wherever they want and whenever they want is very strong.

Many of them choose to have children but spend their life in regret for the things they missed out on doing.

This in turn influences the children negatively because they tend to accuse them as the culprits for the wasted time, or they simply aren’t devoted to the role of a parent as much.

Of course, this shouldn’t be considered a rule. This placement of Ceres is not enough to give this interpretation, and the whole chart and some other indicators should be taken into consideration.

These women have a friendly approach towards their children, and they tend to give them a lot of freedom to explore and develop their own side of looking at things.

Even though it is a liberal approach, it often backfires at them and their children, causing them to make the wrong choices in life and making them go astray.

Man with Ceres placed in Sagittarius

Similar to women with Ceres in Sagittarius, men with this placement of Ceres value their freedom very much.

This often causes them to avoid serious commitments until later in life, and for some, avoiding them completely.

Men with this placement often end up avoiding getting married or having children. For them, it is a better solution than not fulfilling these roles good.

These men are good looking and love to explore their options. Their physical needs are strong, and they have many opportunities to fulfil them.

Cheating is not a problem for them, although they prefer to be open about it to their partners, which is why they love to be in open type of relationships.

These men often don’t manage the role of a parent very well. They give their children a lot of freedom and leave them the choice to develop as they please.

This is usually not a good approach with children who have no life experience and are prone to bad influences from their surroundings.

They are sport types and usually take good care of their body. They work out in the gym, or they run, which is one of their favorite sports activities.

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People with Ceres in Sagittarius are freedom loving and open-minded beings.

Their main focus is organizing their life according to their desires and life standards.

It is hard to influence them into doing something they don’t want, especially if it involves jeopardizing their freedom.

They are usually very active and both men and women are into sports and healthy diet.

Their love for freedom often keeps them from serious involvements and commitments, which is why they often choose not to get married.

Even women with this placement often end up making such choices.

Both men and women might be prone to cheating because of their open view on physical intimacy and ability to separate their emotions from the act.

Because children are even a greater commitment, many of them choose not to have children either.

When they do marry, they need to keep a part of their freedom to do things they love.

Their children have complete freedom to develop as they choose, which is often a wrong idea because they are exposed to bad influences from their surroundings which they often cannot avoid and end up making wrong life choices that are irreparable.

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