Ceres in Pisces: Meaning and Traits

The first ever discovered asteroid, Ceres, was considered to be a planet at first. This happened in 1801.

Ceres was discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi, who was an Italian priest. It is placed between Mars and Jupiter, in the main asteroid belt.

Other similar bodies to Ceres were discovered in the upcoming years following the discovery of this asteroid.

Because they resembled stars, but they had different characteristics, they were named asteroids, from the Greek asteroeides, which meant star-like or star-shaped.

In the 19th century when these first asteroids were discovered, both the term planet and asteroid were used when referring to these celestial objects.

Asteroids can be defined as rocky objects, which are irregular in shape, orbit the Sun, and are neither a planet nor a dwarf planet.

Asteroids are actually remnants from the times of the beginnings of formation of our Solar system, that happened around 4.6 billion years ago.

Ceres in myth

Many asteroids, especially those first discovered, carry names of beings and deities from mythology.

Ceres carries the name of an important goddess in the Roman pantheon of gods. Ceres, the Roman goddess, was the ruler of fertility, motherhood, but also agriculture.

We can guess that this goddess’ rulership was borrowed from the Greek pantheon, and the goddess Demeter, which had similar rulership to Ceres.

Ceres was a goddess with great influence among the Roman people, mainly because she was the protector of agriculture, grains, and crops, which were essential for the survival of Roman people.

She even had a festival dedicated to her, which was held traditionally in April, named Cerealia, when rituals were performed in honor of this goddess to appease her and pray that she helps people with their yearly crops and provide them with good harvest.

Special rituals were performed in the honor of Ceres, usually during the ceremony of burial and marriage. Rituals were also performed during harvest time.

Ceres was depicted as a mature older woman who was also the ruler of virtue.

She was very respected and honored by the Roman class of plebeians because she was considered their protector.

Ceres in astrology

In astrological terms, asteroids can have a great influence if they are making significant aspects with the personal planets in the chart or with the angles, especially the Ascendant.

This asteroid has the symbolism of the goddess Ceres and rules nurturing qualities, motherhood, care, fertility and childbirth, family and family ties, the relationship between mother and her child, parenthood, agriculture, and food.

It also rules the stages of a woman’s life, from her childhood through her motherhood, to finally old age.

This asteroid is more important in women’s charts because of their role as a mother.

By analyzing Ceres in the natal chart we can determine how the person is handling the role of a spouse and parent.

It shows whether we have nurturing urges and how we prefer to take care of others.

Ceres can show whether the person is a good protector of their family and those that are close to them.

It can also describe the way we naturally choose to take care of others and nurture them. This can be determined through the sign where Ceres is placed.

If Ceres is in an air sign, the person usually has the need to nurture others through verbal support and communication.

These people show they care for others by talking to them, asking how they are, giving them advice and consolidation for their problems using their words.

In a fire sign, Ceres makes the person caring for others by inspiring them to take action, encouraging them to trust in their abilities and giving them a boost of energy.

These people morally support those they care about.

When Ceres is in an earth sign, this makes the person care for others by providing them financial and material support.

They love to nurture their loved ones with good food and providing them comfort.

Ceres in earth sign nurtures people by giving them emotional support.

These people want to discuss about the emotional root of issues and help the person resolve these issues.

Analyzing Ceres in the natal chart can give us information how the person chooses to care about others, and whether they actually have the need to care for others or not.

Ceres in the natal chart can also show how the person acts in the role of a spouse and parent.

If it is afflicted, it can point to issues regarding these roles.

If it is prominently placed in the natal chart, this usually describes the person as very interested in the wellbeing of those they care for.

These people also tend to have a healthy diet.

Pisces sign

Pisces is a water sign and rules our emotional side and our emotions, just like other water signs.

Neptune, ruler of Pisces, gives people influenced by this sign a dose of elusiveness and mystery.

Pisces appear naïve, and some of these people are naïve. Some, on the other hand only appear to be naïve.

They are in fact very intelligent and aware of everything happening around them.

They also know how to get what they want without you being aware that you are being manipulated by them.

Because they seem naïve and gullible, malicious people might try to take advantage of them, but in many cases they experience an unpleasant surprise when they discover that they are not as easy to manipulate as they appear to be.

Their imagination is strong and they can be prone to daydreaming a lot. These traits also help their creativity and artistic expression.

Like all water signs, Pisces also possess strong intuition and are sensitive to other people’s emotions. Some possess psychic skills they are able to use to help people.

These people are generally gentle beings concerned for the wellbeing of others, especially those they love. Their nature is sensitive and nurturing.

Some people influenced by this sign can lack stability because they are overly emotional. They might be prone to avoid facing reality which causes many problems in their life.

Their tendency for escapism and avoiding facing their demons can lead to many kinds of addictions, such as overeating, drinking too much, doing drugs, gambling, etc.

Pisces are generally prone to different forms of escapism.

These people also don’t like any conflicts and avoid them at any cost.

They tend to avoid dealing with their issues and this causes problems in their relationships with other people. Many of them have a problem openly expressing their opinions.

They can have a problem with attachment as well. Many of them have an obsessive nature and act clingy which can be bothering to others.

Ceres in Pisces

When Ceres is in Pisces, this makes the person generally a caring and nurturing type.

They are born empaths and instinctively know when someone is suffering.

These people are naturally sensitive and sympathize with other people’s pain and trouble.

They enjoy helping others, especially those with emotional issues. They instinctively know how to soothe their pain and give them comfort through hugs and physical touch.

They are compassionate and genuinely want to help not just their loved ones, but also all living beings. These people are often activists for the rights of people, but also animals and nature.

They are good parents full of love and emotions they need to constantly express to their children. Sometimes they can become overly attached to their children and burden them with their worries and attention.

These people can be a bit clingy emotionally but also physically. They are generally a loyal spouse and don’t look any further when they think they’ve found the right one.

They are good hosts and love making parties at their house for their family and friends. They love being at home and they prefer hanging around their family members.

Both men and women are family types, and they enjoy raising their kids and giving them a childhood they could proudly remember.

They love to prepare food and enjoy eating, which sometimes causes them weight issues.

Woman with Ceres placed in Pisces

Women with their Ceres in Pisces are very nurturing and protective beings.

They are great moms who adore their children. They are ready for great sacrifices for their kids, and there’s nothing they wouldn’t do to make them happy or fulfil every their desire.

Many of these women devote their life to raising their children, completely neglecting their needs and ambitions, which sometimes comes back to haunt them when the kids are older and their role in their children’s lives is smaller or completely finished.

They willingly decide to sacrifice for their children, which sometimes leads to them being spoiled and bratty because they are used to getting everything they want.

These women usually have a strong desire even since their young age to be a mother and have a lot of children.

They recognize themselves in the role of a mother and wife and this life is something they put before everything and everyone else.

They are usually faithful to their spouse and enjoy their traditional role of a wife and mother.

If for some reason they cannot have their biological children, they don’t have a problem adopting them because they have a strong need to take care of others and nurture them.

Their nurturing attitude also applies to their spouse. They enjoy taking care of their husband, pampering them, and spoiling them also. This woman is the mom type who has her focus solely on her family.

They love family gatherings and devote a lot of their time and effort for keeping the broader family together.

These women have a strong intuition and easily recognize when someone’s intentions are bad.

They generally don’t require much from life besides that their family is alright.

Man with Ceres placed in Pisces

Men with Ceres in Pisces can also be described as family types, although if Ceres is badly afflicted this can indicate being prone to cheating and doing things behind their wife’s back.

They are excellent in the role of a father because they love their children very much and are very affectionate in demonstrating their love to them. Their kids feel loved and happy.

Men with Ceres in Pisces love doing interesting things with their children, and this is what makes them even more adorable to their kids.

They always have some new adventure in mind, and their kids simply love spending their time with them.

They are never tired to play with their children and tend to participate a lot in raising them.

Like women with this placement, these men prefer spending their leisure time at home with their family.

They are not the types to go out a lot, and they are usually a loyal and devoted spouse.

They would never allow jeopardizing their family happiness because of some casual meaningless affair.

They have a traditional outlook on family, and their nature is kind and sensitive. They love helping others and do that without any expectations.

For their families and those they love they are prepared to do anything. They are great providers.

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People with Ceres in Pisces are nurturing beings.

They sincerely enjoy helping others and caring about them, even if they are complete strangers.

They are family types and their important goal in life is to have a family and organized family life.

Both men and women are great parents who show their love and affection for their children openly and extensively.

It is not uncommon for them to exaggerate with affection for their children, especially for women, which might become burdensome for their kids, and worse, spoil them.

They are capable of doing the impossible for their kids, and they need to work on balancing this need to nurture and care for them because they might cause the opposite effect, create children who are ungrateful and take for granted what they have.

Especially women with this placement enjoy immensely in their role of mother and are prepared for great sacrifices for their children.

Many of them end giving up their dreams and career for the sake of their children.

However, it is their choice, and they wouldn’t trade their mother role for any other, regardless of how much they want it.

They always have some interesting things to do with their children, making sure they have the best childhood.

They also try to spend as much time as possible with their children and they are involved in most of their activities.

People with this placement care deeply about others, and they are very empathic to the sufferings of other people.

They are very compassionate and give emotional support to people as a form of caring for them.

These people have a great and understanding heart. Their family and children is the center of their life, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Both men and women with Ceres in Pisces have a traditional approach to life and are loyal and devoted spouses.

They don’t usually think that the grass is greener on the other side. They respect their spouse and the relationship they’ve built together.

Of course, it all depends on the aspects of other planets and their placements in the signs.

Ceres is only an asteroid and this is a general picture of its possible influence on the person when it is placed in the sign of Pisces.

When analyzing the topics of family, marriage, children, family life, you should always consult the entire natal chart of the person to make a final conclusion about their attitude towards these areas of life.

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