Ceres in Capricorn: Meaning and Traits

Ceres is an asteroid, a celestial body billions of years old.

In fact, these objects formed during the formation of our Solar system from the debris of rocks, and this happened before 4.6 billion years.

Ceres is a special asteroid, because it was the first one discovered, in 1801. Nowadays there are over 1.1 million known and named asteroids.

Ceres in myth

Ceres the asteroid is named after a Roman goddess, like many other. In mythology, Ceres was an important goddess of the Roman pantheon.

She protected the class of plebeians in ancient Rome. She was the ruler of crops and agriculture, providing good harvest.

There were rituals devoted to honor this goddess that will ensure good harvest. Women also prayed to Ceres to help them with their fertility.

Ceres in astrology

Ceres is also used in astrology analysis. This asteroid rules fertility, childbirth and motherhood, nurturing, family, food, as well our diet.

Ceres is the ruler of the stages of a woman’s life, from her early ages to adulthood, and especially her mother role.

It shows how the person acts in the role of parent, whether they accept it and enjoy or whether they don’t even want to have children.

It also rules the protective side of our personality and shows how protective and caring we are towards those we care for.

Capricorn sign

Capricorn is an earth sign and the tenth sign in the Zodiac.

Capricorn makes people influenced by this sign serious, analytical, tough, reserved, and cold.

These people don’t reveal their emotions easily, often because they are afraid of getting hurt.

These people possess a strong character and are very enduring. Nothing can brake them and they are capable of withstanding the most challenging situations in life.

Success is what motivates them, but also providing financial security.

These people cannot relax until they’ve done all their choirs. They are very determined and organized.

They are also reliable and precise. Their reputation means everything to them.

They are not very romantic and passionate. Their passion is their career and some of them are able to focus all of their attention in achieving career success and climbing up the ladders of success.

These people, both men and women choose to settle down and marry later in life, and some choose never to do that.

Their ambitions and their job is far more important to them.

They are responsible and when they have a spouse and family, they make sure they don’t lack anything.

They might provide them financially, but sometimes they won’t be able to devote them a lot of their affection and time.

These people don’t find it easy to relax and have fun. They might become more relaxed as they age and gain confidence. This also comes with success and financial security.

They are materialistic and require financial stability. Women are the same, and one of the major criteria when choosing the right partner is their financial status and level of ambition.

These women are able to provide for themselves, but they want a man who will do that equally.

Generally they are traditional types and loyal to their spouses.

Some of them, especially men might be prone to cheating but they successfully hide that from their spouse, because they would never ruin their marriage for an adventure.

Their nature is very dominant and controlling and their partner needs to be someone who can tolerate that.

Ceres in Capricorn

When the asteroid Ceres is placed in Capricorn it makes the person very responsible and ambitious. These people often end up in positions of authority.

The person usually climbs to greater heights than the ones they started from.

They rise in status and usually become very accomplished, through their own efforts but also through the circumstances they experience.

These people have nurturing qualities, but they have a serious approach towards it. They consider it as a duty, and they plan how they will do it.

They are very reliable and when they care for you, you won’t lack anything. They know how to organize and manage their resources, so they have plenty for all they need.

Their qualities make them a great leader. They are excellent for managerial jobs where they organize and lead a group of people.

Their approach to all areas of life is organized and disciplined, not just their job. They might even appear boring with their over planning and organizing every activity to the tiniest details.

This approach ensures their success in the workplace because they are perceived as serious and reliable by their seniors, which they truly are. These people deserve the success they will likely achieve in life.

They are also good marriage material because they are traditional and reliable in their relationships as well.

They enjoy creating the stability necessary for a committed union, and their partners can really relax because their life is completely organized.

This is excellent for partners who seek such a partner and someone to rely on, but for people who like to take part in organizing their mutual living with their spouse and partner, this person won’t be a good match.

Ceres in Capricorn people might be prone to controlling and imposing their opinions. They also cannot accept anyone else making decisions on their behalf. Their nature is very dominating.

They are loyal and committed partners, and usually faithful. There are opposite types who are like this on the outside and are in fact prone to cheating behind their partner’s backs.

These people are excellent in money management. They are not money wasters, and they invest their coins wisely. In their family they usually have the role of the provider and banker.

This placement gives the person endurance and strength when times are tough and enables them to confront the challenges and successfully overcome them without much damage to their lives.

They are also excellent at making some major decisions in life because of their ability to look at the situation from many different angles and only then make their choice.

Ceres in Capricorn is prepared for some hard work in order to succeed. Hard work even motivates them, and they know that it will pay off because they will achieve their goals.

It is like they have an endless supply of energy that keeps recharging them whenever they feel depleted and low. These people are very confident and not much can put them down or avert them from their track.

Usually this is a great placement to ensure financial success. The person has the abilities required for a successful businessman and financier.

They are also focused on healthy eating and maintaining their physical wellbeing.

These people exercise regularly and pay attention to what they eat. They might have a strict diet regime and eat some specialized foods.

These people are straightforward about their opinions and don’t like to beat around the bush. If they don’t like you, you will surely know it soon.

They keep their promises and are very punctual. They are very down to earth and have a realistic approach towards life.

Ceres in Capricorn person almost never complain. They accept their fate without much thinking. They just do the job which needs to be done.

One of the main goals they have in life is to earn enough money to be able to financially provide for themselves and their family. The idea of not having enough money is terrifying to them.

Failing to provide for themselves and their family is the worst failure they can experience.

These people are serious and have a serious approach towards all kinds of commitment.

They rarely divorce their partners because of they consider marriage and having children as a duty they need to perform regardless of how they feel about it.

They aren’t very emotional to their children either. They teach them discipline and how to fight for themselves in life.

These people try to instill the best values in their children, especially being responsible and honest.

They might not show their feelings too much, but they care about their children and spouse very much, and tend to show their feelings through their actions rather than words and affection.

Sometimes these traits they possess are a result of some early life events they’ve experienced that forced them to take care of themselves or someone else even and become responsible before their time.

These experiences toughened them and made them very enduring.

It is possible that they grew up in a family where affection was demonstrated through material gifts, and now they lack the skill to demonstrate to their spouse and children.

Woman with Ceres placed in Capricorn

Women with Ceres in Capricorn are very organized and not very emotional.

They have emotions, but are reluctant to demonstrate them, and instead they appear cold and reserved even towards their loved ones, their spouse and children.

They are tough and resilient, and no number of difficulties can divert them from their track.

They might consider marriage and having children as duty, like they do with all other areas of their life.

Organization is crucial for the way their life functions and they will try to introduce plans and order in their marriage and parent life.

These women are very ambitious and want to achieve success in all areas of life, especially their career.

Some of them might have a problem deciding whether they want to become a mother, but if they decide on having children they will make sure to dedicate as much time and money as necessary for their children not to lack anything.

Truth is that love and romantic relationships, and children are not their primary interest.

They never do anything half-heartedly. They plan things ahead and nothing can catch them by surprise.

Their nature is withdrawn and they don’t show their thoughts and opinions easily. They are very analytical and very detail oriented.

As parents they are strict and not very gentle. They want to educate their children to be good people and make them capable to go through difficult situations in life and be victorious like they are.

They are very disciplined and act in this manner towards their children as well.

Man with Ceres placed in Capricorn

Similar to women with Ceres in Capricorn, men with this placement of Ceres are serious and analytical.

Their main focus is their goals, and their main goals are to become successful and financially independent.

Their sense of value is closely tied to their achievements. These men don’t even think about committing and getting married before they achieve all the goals they have planned for themselves.

They want to be able to take good care of their loved ones, firstly their spouse and their children. Until they are able to do that, these people won’t create a family.

They are too responsible for making such irrational decisions.

Men with Ceres in Capricorn often achieve leading and managerial roles in life. They are excellent planners and organizers, and this is the role they desire in their marriage and family as well.

They can be prone to controlling behavior and telling others what to do. They get along best with a partner who will be ok with such attitude and ready to follow this person’s guidance.

As parents they are strict but make sure their children are well educated and thought the right values in life.

They also financially provide their children but also teach them the value of money and earning money themselves.

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People with Ceres in Capricorn usually appear stiff and reserved, which they usually are. They have a hard time relaxing in front of strangers.

They are motivated by their ambition and goals. Success and financial stability are their main goals, and they will achieve them regardless of the time and effort necessary.

They have a traditional approach to life and are generally loyal and devoted partners.

They need to plan and organize things ahead which is something that bothers most people both at work and in their home. They can be prone to controlling behavior also.

These people have their goals in mind and until they achieve them they usually don’t think about seriously committing to anyone and starting a family. They are too serious and responsible for such decisions.

When they do get married and start a family this is a result of a thoughtful and planned action which required many prerequisites to be fulfilled.

Until they are secure that they will be able to provide for themselves and their family, these people don’t make such a move.

They are strict parents but make sure their children have a good education and know the right things in life

. They prepare their children for the challenges of life instead of hiding them from the cruelness of this world like some parents do.

They are protective of their loved ones and although they don’t show much emotions they make sure their loved ones are completely provided and taken care for.

These people usually become very successful and accomplished in their lifetime as a result of their efforts and initiative.

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