Ceres in Aquarius: Meaning and Traits

Minor planets, or asteroids are rocky objects, millions of years old.

They are remnants from the times of the beginnings of formation of the solar system, around 4.6 billion years ago.

The first such object was discovered in 1801. This was the asteroid Ceres.

It was discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi, Italian priest who was trying to discover another planet, and first he thought that Ceres was a comet.

Asteroids sometimes have comet like characteristics.

Ceres in myth

In mythology, Ceres was a significant goddess. She was a Roman goddess of agriculture, but also motherhood and fertility.

The Romans took this deity from the Greek pantheon of gods. In Greek, the goddess with similar rulership was Demeter.

In ancient Rome, Ceres was respected as the protector of plebeians.

The Romans had a festival named Cerealia after this Roman goddess. They prayed to Ceres to help them with their harvest.

Rituals in her honor were also held during marriage and burial ceremonies.

In art, Ceres is usually presented as a mature woman.

Ceres in astrology

When they are prominently placed in the natal chart, asteroids can have a strong influence on the individual.

This means that the asteroids makes a lot of aspects, especially conjunctions with personal planets and important angles of the chart.

The asteroid Ceres is attributed with a similar symbolism like the one attributed to the goddess Ceres, whose name it bears.

Astrological Ceres is the ruler of childbirth, motherhood, fertility, nurturing, caring, family and family relationships, food, and agriculture.

It also rules the stages of woman’s life, from her childhood years, through her motherhood and up to her old age.

To see whether a person is influenced by this asteroid, we should analyze the sign, as well as the house in the natal chart where it is placed.

Also, of great significance is when this asteroid makes with strong aspects with the person’s Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, or the angles of the natal chart.

Ceres can give us information about the person’s attitude towards being a parent and spouse.

It is especially important in women’s chart, because of their role of mothers.

Analyzing Ceres can reveal whether the person has nurturing qualities and nature, and how they express them.

Ceres can show if someone considers natural the role of protector, especially of their loved ones.

If Ceres is in a water sign, the person’s nurturing style is giving emotional support to those they care for.

When it is in air sign, the person usually gives their support to others through verbal support.

They talk to people they care for and give them consolation through their words.

Ceres in fire sign, makes the person support others through inspiring them for action.

These people give others moral support and encourage them to fight for what they want.

If Ceres is in earth sign, the person cares for others by giving them good food and shelter.

These people physically support their loved ones, giving their material and financial support.

The person nurturing skills can be discovered through analyzing Ceres’s placement in the natal chart.

It can reveal whether the person has a need to take care of everyone, not just the ones they love.

Ceres also shows our attitude towards the role of a parent and spouse. It shows the person’s relationship with heir children.

If Ceres is in challenging aspects, the person might have issues with these role.

Prominently placed Ceres makes the person interested in taking care of themselves and their wellbeing. They pay a lot of attention to their diet.

Aquarius sign

Aquarius is an air sign and has a lot of similarities to the other air signs, Gemini and Libra.

People under the influence of this sign are very intelligent. They are unique and always stand out from the crowd because of how innovative and different they are.

This can sometimes go to extreme and some of them might appear as if coming from another planet because they have so unconventional ideas and attitude.

Most of them want to be different from others and sometimes this means being different no matter what it costs. This attitude sometimes costs them a lot.

They don’t appear to be very emotional, and especially in romantic relationships they might appear distant and cold. It is not that they have feelings. Many of them have a problem expressing them in close unions.

They can freely express their love for humanity though. These people are true helpers of humanity and many of them are ready to invest their lives in doing something for the benefit of all.

They might appear close and distant, but are in fact very protective of people, especially those they care for.

Aquarius is the most likely person to give help to a stranger without thinking about it.

Many Aquarius people are considered rebels, and opposing norms, which they often do.

Often times the word “different” isn’t enough to describe the differences between them and the rest of the world.

They are straightforward and direct, and their words can be perceived as hurtful by many, but in most cases these people don’t have a malicious cell in their body.

They are simply unconventional, and this can sometimes make them appear as rude. They rarely have a bad intention of hurting someone.

Many of them have an urge for innovation, in all spheres of life. Many of them are true humanitarians and choose professions where they are helping others in some way.

These people are very curious, and their nature is almost child-like. This is why people usually cannot get mad at them because they know that they don’t have bad intentions.

Aquarius person is open-minded and adventurous. Sometimes they appear unpredictable, and this might scare people who are very practical and organized.

Their way of dealing with matters might be unconventional but they are often the only ones that get the problem solved.

Aquarius love people and love being around people. They love meeting new people from all realms of life, especially from different cultures. This fascinates them.

They embrace differences as something natural because they are so different themselves from anyone else.

They love exploring new things, trying out things first, and this often involves danger.

Freedom is their most important asset, and they reluctantly give it away even for those they love and care about very much.

Ceres in Aquarius

When Ceres is placed in the sign of Aquarius this makes the person rather unconventional in their role as a parent, especially the role of a mother.

These people try to be on equal terms with their children, and although they give them all the necessary care and support, they also make sure they give them enough freedom and independence to grow and develop on their own.

Their way of nurturing others it through talking to them, looking at the problem from multiple sides, and giving unconventional advice for solving those problems.

These people are selflessly helpful and focused on doing good things for people without expecting anything in return. This is what makes them great caregivers and helpers for those in need.

They often choose professions where they can care for others and nurture them. They see all living beings, especially people as equal, and they treat everyone with the same level of respect.

They can be very unpredictable with their behavior, and people in their family might consider them a bit lightheaded and sometimes weird.

They love to goof around and often appear younger than their actual age, because they never really act and feel their age. They prefer the company of younger people because of their youthful energy.

These people don’t like to think about problems. They might ignore their problems or simply take action to solve them, but they never just talk about their problems without doing anything.

These people are usually slim and don’t have issues with their weight. Their diet can be unconventional in some way, like other things in their life.

Woman with Ceres placed in Aquarius

Women with their Ceres are not traditional moms. They care for their children, but they give them their own space.

This might be sometimes dangerous, because children do need control and supervision, and these women can sometimes exaggerate in the amount of freedom they give their children.

These women are not typical feminine women. Since their young age, they don’t fit the typical stereotype of a woman.

They might be playing a masculine sport, hanging around with boys, being intimate with them earlier than most girls typically are, etc.

Women with Ceres in Aquarius are unconventional in their womanhood as in other matters.

They want to be different from other girls, through their personal style, hair, the way they dress, activities they are into, people they hang around with, places they go, everything.

Their attitude and behavior is often being criticized and judged by those who are “obeying the rules”, especially women.

Women with Ceres in Aquarius don’t care about being judged for their behavior. They live their life as they please, although later in life they might have regrets for always doing the opposite of everyone else.

Their approach to marriage is similar to their approach to parenthood. They love their freedom and cannot stand being suppressed in any way.

Many of them choose to stay unmarried, and some choose not to have children either.

Man with Ceres placed in Aquarius

Similar to women with Ceres, men with this placement are out of the ordinary in every sense of this word.

Their freedom is very important to them, which is why many of them prefer open type of relationships and remain unmarried.

Their relationships need to provide them with enough freedom to do the things they like.

Their partners need to have similar preferences and only in this case their relationships can work.

As parents, these men are often not very attached to their children. They love doing fun things with them, provide for their food and shelter, but are not involved very much in their upbringing.

Not all men with this placement are like this of course, and the analysis of this Ceres placement should be seen through the entire natal chart.

They are selfless and love helping others, whether they are their family members, friends, coworkers, or simply strangers on the street.

They instinctively want to help people, and this is what often makes them choose a profession where they use their knowledge and abilities to help many people.

They know how to say the right words to help boost someone’s moral and inspire them for action.

They might appear distant and cold, and they might lack emotions in a traditional sense, but they have a big heart ready to instantly help anyone in need.

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People with Ceres in Aquarius are open minded and unconventional.

They have a universal love for entire humanity and selflessly offer their help to people.

They love doing things differently from the rest of the world, which is why they can often be perceived as weird or for the lack of better word “different”.

As parents, they are completely liberal. They don’t want to pressure their children with a ton of rules, and they try as much as possible to help them develop their individuality.

This can sometimes backfire because children need discipline and rules during their growing up phase.

They always organize some interesting activities for their children and inspire them to be curious like they are.

These people are sometimes rudely open and direct. It sometimes appear as they don’t have any mental (nor physical) boundaries to what they will say or do.

They go with the flow of their thoughts and often have almost a child-like behavior.

Their out of this world attitude is often criticized by conservative and traditional people from their environment but these people don’t care much about what other people think.

They love their freedom more than anything and prefer open type relationships to marriage.

They love the feeling of being able to go wherever they want and do whatever they want.

This attitude sometimes causes regret because of the many mistakes it causes them to make during their lifetime.

When it comes to helping others, these people are the most generous and selfless of all.

They are often in some profession which involves helping and nurturing others in need.

Women with this placement are not typical feminine wife material.

They have their own viewpoint, and they follow the flow of their desires and perception of how their life should look like.

It is not easy for them to be accepted by their surroundings, because of their unconventional approach to all things, but mostly towards their role as a mother and spouse.

They need to learn to live with the criticism and inevitable feeling that they might have done something or everything wrong.

Regardless of this, they remain faithful to their true nature because it is the only choice they can make.

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