Spiritual Meaning of Cats In Dreams

Cats have always been mysterious but magnificent creatures with profound symbolism.

Therefore, dreaming about cats typically carries important spiritual or psychological insights for the dreamer.

In a spiritual sense, cats are profoundly significant since it’s considered that these unique animals have a direct link with the Divine.

If you’re interested in the spiritual meaning of cats in dreams, you will be glad to learn that you might have access to the hidden realms.

If you dream about cats often, chances are that you are receiving an important message.

So pay attention and make a note of every detail you can remember about your cat’s dream.

This will make it easier to decipher its meaning and help you plan your next steps.

Since our dreams are most often connected to our reality, it’s critical to correctly analyze what happens while we wander the dreamlands.

Symbolism of Cats

Apart from being a symbol of communication, cats also represent mystery, elegance, independence, nurturing, sensitivity, femininity, self-confidence, self-reliance, grace, and luxury.

Additionally, cats also represent secrecy, the dark side of the feminine, and the unseen.

But not only that, but cats also symbolize intuition, inner knowing, and magic.

So if you’re dreaming about cats often, it would be wise to start digging into the meaning of these dreams.

Lucky for you, we’ve made a comprehensive guide about the spiritual meaning of cats in dreams.

Below you will learn about the biblical definition of cats in dreams, but also the spiritual significance of it.

Additionally, you will learn about cats as spirit animals and the meanings of various cat dreams scenarios.

Important note: When deciphering any dream, it’s critical to consider every detail you can remember.

Also, note your feelings and the energy within the dream. These insights will help immensely.

Cat as a Spirit Animal

If you’re dreaming about cats, this majestic creature might be your spirit animal.

The people resonating with such energy are strong, resilient, and independent individuals.

However, these people can be pretty unpredictable, which is also a part of their mysterious charm.

These folks are also pretty picky when choosing their tribe of people.

Still, they cherish their alone time and will hardly succumb to societal or peer pressure.

As spirit animals, cats come to people meant to explore, learn, and nurture.

Did you know that cats are frequent in the Holy family drawings?

To be precise, you can see a cat on the Guilio Romano Madonna of the cat.

The Biblical Meaning of Cats in Dreams

The Bible references cats on many occasions, so they have a profound biblical meaning.

A part of the Scripture talks about domesticating wild cats such as lions and wildcats.

In fact, the Bible mentions the lion a total of 157 times.

The animal is considered a robust and resilient creature, especially in dangerous times.

Moreover, cats are referred to as “king of beasts” in the Scripture.

Also, Daniel was taking shelter in the lion’s den.

So in a biblical sense, dreaming about cats might indicate some danger in the coming future.

However, it also means that you will end up unharmed and victorious.

On the other hand, in the Peter 5:8 passage, a roaring lion is mentioned.

Here the lion represents evil and death, but not in a literal sense.

Instead, the lion symbolizes secrets and a lack of strength.

The Old Testament refers to lions as pure and fierce creatures.

So in that sense, cats symbolize pure consciousness, a vast spiritual potential, and Divine protection.

The Symbolism of Cat Dreams

Before going into deciphering your dream with cats, it’s important to remember one critical thing.

If you can remember your dream in the morning, it’s most likely not just a dream but a message.

The people, animals, and things you see while dreaming are the language of your subconscious.

But not only that, they are often messages from your Higher self or insights from the Source.

So please do your best to properly analyze so you can reveal the hidden messages and act upon them in reality.

You never know what you might learn, especially if cats frequent your dreams often.

Sometimes, they warn about the hidden risks or dangerous people surrounding you.

So take it as a blessing and practice gratitude for how the Universe watches your back.

Generally speaking, cats represent the feminine side, no matter the gender.

After all, every person has a feminine and a masculine side.

Those aligned and balanced reap the most blessings in this 3D reality.

Cats symbolize spirituality, mystery, healing, and magic.

The Psychology of Cat Dreams According to Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung

According to Sigmund Freund, cats are often associated with anxiety and tension in one’s reality.

On the other hand, Carl Jung analyzed a cat as an archetype.

He believed that the mysterious creature symbolized love and contentment.

To be precise, Jung believed that cats symbolize expressing love to reach satisfaction.

So if you’re dreaming about cats often, they might indicate that it’s time to analyze your blockages.

Is there something on your mind stopping you from breaking free and living authentically?

If there is, a cat in a dream might be encouraging you to free your mind and spirit and release anything holding you back.

Besides that, according to cats’ dream psychology, feline creatures represent femininity, luxury, and supremacy.

Furthermore, it represents feminine instincts, self-sufficiency, and independence.

The Spiritual Message of Cats in Dreams

If you’re dreaming about cats often, that is something that you should pay attention to.

In fact, cat dreams carry profound spiritual significance and messages for the dreamer.

As they symbolize instincts and intuition, cats are heavily associated with the subconscious realm.

But not only that; because of their impeccable night vision, cats represent dwelling in the dark.

As a matter of fact, cat mythology talks about inner courage, even in the dark and unknown.

Therefore, dreams about cats often represent your power of instincts, bravery, and inner wisdom.

However, the meaning usually depends on the cat’s energy and behavior in the dream.

In this sense, cats can represent family and domestic life but also worry, anxiety, and the need for protection.

In a spiritual sense, cats are typically associated with the Higher realm and symbolize the bond with our spirit guides.

In fact, cats represent the link with the Higher power and offer a window to otherwise hidden realms.

To summarize, these are the typical spiritual messages of cats in dreams:

The Spiritual Message of Cats in Dreams

  • You are linked to both the Divine and to your inner wisdom
  • It’s time to explore your spiritual side
  • Look at the bigger picture and also use the zoomed-in perspective to find a more profound reason
  • Express your emotions and desires: this is one of the critical parts of a spiritual evolution
  • Explore your blockages; inspect what may be holding you back
  • You are self-reliant; on the other hand, you may need to be more independent (take it how it resonates)
  • You are spiritually protected, but work on setting your own boundaries also
  • You may be a victim of secrets or gossip

Are dreams about cats good or bad?

As with everything in this reality, cat dreams have good and bad sides. It all depends on your situation and the details about the cat appearing in your dreams.

But you should know that dreaming about cats often signifies challenging times with a female soon. Additionally, cat dreams also indicate emotionally difficult times ahead.

Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung believed that cats are heavily linked to our subconscious mind, representing intuition and wisdom.

Moreover, Jung claimed that cat dreams should inspire one to look deep within to find a valid reason for the creature’s appearance.

Meanings of Cat Dreams According To Old Dream Dictionaries

Old dream dictionaries have actual cat dreams content.

We’ll mention the most important symbolism of cat dreams as a concise summary of the most prominent dreams about the magnificent feline.

A cat attack in a dream signifies challenging times ahead.

Also, the cat might represent a person that one shouldn’t trust.

Dreaming about an aggressive cat indicates a lack of loyalty around you.

Additionally, it can also represent a catty individual.

A cute, fluffy cat symbolizes comfortable living or the need to make time for self-care.

A cat bite in a dream symbolizes a challenging situation with a female in your life.

Dreaming about a cat chasing indicates some challenges on your way.

Dreams about white cats symbolize obstacles, while black cats represent a lack of guidance regarding life direction.

Dreams about multi-colored cats symbolize teamwork and goal-oriented actions.

Orange or ginger cats signify strong faith and passion.

Dreams about chasing a cat indicate challenges regarding an issue or a project in your reality.

Dreaming about hearing a cat meow signifies false people in your surrounding; Make sure you don’t have fake friends circling around you.

To hear a cat scream in a dream reveals that someone is speaking badly about you in an argument.

However, it’s a heat-of-the-moment thing, and you shouldn’t take it personally.

Dreaming about a kitten can indicate competition.

So if you’re all about your business, the dream might be warning you; your laziness is catching up to you.

If a cat scratched you in a dream, it might indicate that you are close to the decision-making chapter of this life phase.

But, there might be a crossroads before you; the cat is signaling to you to use your intuition and instincts.

Dreaming about transforming into a cat symbolizes restlessness.

Alternatively, it can represent aggressiveness and confidence.

A playful cat in a dream signifies social acceptance.

A talking cat represents inner peace. To be precise, this dream symbolizes self-acceptance and inner truth.

Dreaming about cats in a house indicates it’s time to turn to yourself and seek independence.

Furthermore, in this sense, cats represent life transformation.

Various Cat Dreams Interpretations

In the guide below, you will find spiritual meanings and interpretations of the most often-appearing cat dreams.

Use your intuition, discernment, and logic when deciphering; you might find some valuable insights that will help you in real life.

Dreaming About a Cat Clinging 

If you’ve dreamt about a cat clinging to you, it’s an important warning.

This dream indicates that you have a bad habit, outdated or harmful thought patterns, or behavior that you should eliminate.

Often this is critical in healing relationships or progressing in a situation.

Sometimes, the appearance of cats in dreams signifies that one is communicating with someone telepathically.

In some situations, a clinging cat in a dream symbolizes a lack of action or performance regarding your goals.

Therefore, this dream suggests that you must put in more effort to achieve your goals.

Furthermore, dreams about clinging cats also symbolize fear, envy, or self-doubt.

Analyze and think about where these insecurities could stem from so you can transmute them and achieve your goals.

In addition, a clingy cat sometimes represents endurance, resilience, strengths, and potentially surprising obstacles.

Dreaming About a Cat Attack

The unfortunate people that had this dream can testify it’s a horrific dream to have.

But, that said, be grateful for the warning it’s carrying. It indicates that some people are working against you or speaking badly about you.

If a cat scratches you, it signifies that you are in a middle of a challenging situation with a female.

But if a cat bit you in a dream, the animal suggests it’s time to relax. On the other hand, a cat bite might signify negativity and a lack of awareness regarding other people.

Dreaming About a Stray Cat

A stray cat in a dream has a straightforward meaning, suggesting it’s time to go to hermit mode and be alone for a while.

Sometimes, a stray cat indicates chaotic relationships in reality.

However, the meaning changes depending on the cat’s actions in the dream.

For example, letting a stay cat into your house indicates that you make decisions using your heart more than your head.

But suppose you remember the cat having diseases or rabies. In that case, that dream might indicate that you won’t get the support you desire from people around you.

Furthermore, if the cat attacked you, it’s a clear message; it’s time to put yourself first and mind your safety.

Dreaming About Kittens 

It’s cute to dream about kittens, but these fluffy creatures didn’t appear to make your night cozier.

But they typically carry profound meanings.

Kittens symbolize innocence, peace, and serenity.

But not only that, but they also represent the need to receive or give comfort.

Sometimes, the tiny feline signifies that you should work on forging your own life path.

In that sense, kittens symbolize fresh beginnings and many possibilities before you.

Additionally, kittens also represent enthusiasm.

This means looking at the world as though you are seeing it through babies’ eyes.

Therefore, head on without fearing the unknown if you’re changing directions or going through changes. Instead, embrace it all with positivity and drive.

Dreaming About Cats Drinking

Seeing a cat drinking water in a dream is a powerful sign.

Since water symbolizes the emotional realm, a cat drinking is typically associated with one’s emotions, usually from a spiritual lens.

But beware, if the cat was drinking from a bathtub or a toilet, it might indicate someone is playing with your emotions.

On the other hand, if you were feeding this cat in your dream, it’s an excellent sign for you. This dream signifies god luck and fortune.

Essentially, dreaming about cat food is typically associated with the emotional aspect of one’s being.

Dreaming About an Angry or Aggressive Cat

Since cats are independent and self-reliant creatures, to see an angry one in a dream has a profound meaning.

Cats get annoyed when they aren’t allowed their alone time.

In fact, they can get aggressive.

So if you’ve dreamt about angry cats, the dream might indicate that you need some alone time. Don’t we all?

Caring for family and friends is excellent, but ensure you’re not pouring from an empty cup.

You should have compassion and understanding for yourself as much as you have for others around you.

Dreaming About a Dying Cat

Dreams about cats dying, whatever the reason, usually signify relationship issues with a female.

Alternatively, such dreams also indicate anxiety and tension, usually regarding life direction.

Furthermore, a dying cat often represents an opponent and drama.

But, on the other hand, a dead cat also signals that one should trust their instincts and turn to their inside power in a challenging situation.

Alternatively, a dying cat in a dream might signify your worries are without a cause.

So use your discernment to determine whether there is really anything that you should fear or is only imagined?

Dreaming About a Cat in Danger

To dream about a cat in a dangerous situation, such as being stuck somewhere or falling, means receiving a powerful message.

If you don’t want to hinder your success in your professional life, you should put more effort into your work.

Also, the cat might be signaling that you’re falling behind your schedule. So be careful.

However, if you dreamt about a stolen cat, you should trust yourself more.

Alternatively, such a dream can indicate that you should check your motivations.

Dreaming About Cats Fighting

This dream is a positive sign because it indicates you have the drive and motivation to fight for your goals.

However, sometimes such a dream reveals one’s inner struggles, most often regarding emotions.

So if a cat is attacking you in a dream, consider it an indication of your internal fights and demons.

Dreaming About Cats Playing

To analyze this cat dream, think about how you’re going about achieving your dreams.

For example, if you feel like you are procrastinating, cats playing might signal you to start working.

On the other hand, playful cats are a positive sign because they indicate that you can overcome any insecurities or self-doubts on your path to success.

Dreaming About a Cat Litter

Cats’ litter is one of the peculiar dreams to have, but people still dream it pretty often.

If you’ve been able to smell cat litter in your dream, that must have been an awful thing to experience.

However, it goes along with the powerful message this dream carries.

In fact, since cat feces is harmful to people, the symbolism is incredibly weighty.

Cat litter thus symbolizes either harmful people around or, on the other hand, a lack of trust in others. Additionally, it can indicate anxiety in new mothers.

But on the other hand, sometimes, these dreams signify good fortune in a spiritual sense.

Dreaming About Cats’ Eyes

Eyes are indeed the most magnificent part of a cat’s appearance.

The reflective, shiny, glow-in-the-dark retina gives cats their utterly unique look.

Tapetum lucidum, the layer that gives cats’ eyes their power, allows them to see in the dark.

Alongside that, cats’ eyes can have magnificent colors. So in a spiritual sense, cats’ eyes have a profound significance.

In fact, since eyes are often referred to as windows to one’s Soul, you can imagine how meaningful this cat dream truly is.

For example, if you’ve dreamt about green cats’ eyes, the message is that you should focus on grounding your energy.

Yellow or amber eyes symbolize the need to look at your financial situation and reevaluate your spending habits.

But on the other hand, yellow is often associated with richness and good luck.

Blue cats’ eyes in a dream signify unfulfilled goals, desires, or irregular behavior.

Alternatively, dreaming about the blue eyes of a cat indicates luxury, beauty, creation, freedom, or success.


Whatever the scenario, dreaming about cats most often has profound spiritual significance and carries important messages for the dreamer.

In fact, the magnificent creatures are full of symbolism.

Key messages of cat dreams are typically associated with femininity, love, self-reliance, independence, spirituality, and magic.

Additionally, cats symbolize leadership, curiosity, freedom, shadow work, and self-acceptance.

So the next time you dream about cats, do your best to remember as many details as possible.

Note your feelings and energy so you can correctly decipher the messages of the magnificent feline.

Who knows? You might stumble upon a piece of wisdom from the Higher realms.

As already said, cats are the communication channels of the Divine.

So why not keep a dream diary on your nightstand?

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