Boxelder Bug Spiritual Meaning

Every part of the world, of the Universe as it is, is made out of smaller, and bigger things, planets, and little insects, all of them are important for the deeper understanding of us as we are, human beings, and also for the understanding of the secret messages that are hidden in it.

Just like we can observe the wind and be carried by its direction, in the same way, we can follow the sign that comes from a certain animal, that has to appear near us, or is doing something that we do not see as ordinary.

Now, insects when appear, are also a part of the world communication – the Universe is saying something important to us and we should read that meaning.

Here we will take a look into the world of Boxelder bugs, what is their symbolic meaning.

What is Boxelder Bug?

From a biological point of view, this bug belongs to the family of Hemiptera insects.

They are black or dark brown and the most interesting part of their color is the bright orange that is also on their wings, so this makes them attractive.

They come from North America, but they have spread to some parts of South America.

They eat mostly boxelder seeds, and this is where their name comes from.

They also eat maple seeds and seeds from ash trees.

During winter they are not active, and they become active when springtime comes.

And here we come to their meaning, having in mind that they are appearing in the spring, we know that they are associated with awakening.

It is the moment, the right moment to decide on making changes in our life.

Boxelder Bug Spiritual Meaning

If you have started to notice these bugs, you have been wondering what kind of meaning they carry in your life.

Is it some kind of a symbol, a warning even, and subsequently what should you do when you see them, particularly if the moment of their appearance is not regular, it is not a time when they usually appear?

As we have said Boxelder Bugs appear in the spring, and they are active during the spring, as they announce changes that are happening, not only in nature but also in us.

So they can be seen as symbols of awakening, the personification of human optimism and happiness, and ambassadors of change, adventure, and regeneration.

They announce the beginning, as an ideal opportunity to reconsider our attitudes, and redefine relationships, ideas, and plans.

The question that you must answer is this – after you have seen this bug near you, maybe it landed on you, is this – are you ready for the changes brought by the spirit of a new beginning?

And how much does this moment motivate and inspire you to come out of your winter shell and spread your wings?

So, we could say that the appearance of this little bug is very positive, although at times changes can be scary for us.

But the moment of a spiritual awakening is the ideal time for general cleaning, where you are called to tidy up your thoughts and spirit.

Rethink yourself, and get rid of unnecessary worries, fears, unpleasant people, and everything else that burdens you.

If you feel uncomfortable at the moment when you have seen this bug, then you should know, that you are the type of person who has slowly adapted to the changes.

You do not like exiting your comfort zone – so, the message here can be this.

Be ready for changes because without them there is no personal or spiritual development.

Even unpleasant ones, can have positive effects and give a strong impulse to personal development.

Open your heart, soul, and hands and accept new ideas, people and events.

This moment is an ideal time to start realizing your plans, wishes, and adventures.

After all, change and do what comes to your mind. Spiritual and physical changes go hand in hand.

And if you have seen not one but more of these bugs that are flying over your head, then your change must include action.

Know that a happy life is an active life.

More than ever, you should work on a greater number of activities, and you will have more social contacts that potentially represent an opportunity for personal development and satisfaction with life.

Taking care of yourself is the most important aspect of any change –

caring for the body, spirit and mind forms an inseparable unity and represents the essence of well-being.

But, in all of this, we must not forget that the Boxelder Bug is mostly black; and we all know that the color black is associated with death, times when we are mourning, and leaving something meaningful behind.

The fact that in your life there is a black bug, as a symbolical spot that reminds you who you are, and that you must deal with all blackness in the world so that you can grow.

Then, the Boxelder Bug becomes the symbol of loss, a so-called “marker” of the course of life that marks and (re) invisibly directs the course of life at the beginning of the growing process.

The message here is to find strength, deep inside that will turn one very stressful life event, a life crisis into a growing lesson, after which you will fly away into something completely different.

Have in mind that the blackness of this insect, and for some, all black insects are, in fact, our guardians, and this does not mean anything bad, or sinister.

They are can immerse evil forces, thereby guarding us.

And do not forget here, the Boxelder Bug has a bright red and orange color on its wings, and this also has an important symbolical meaning for us.

Right away and the first association for us is that orange is that it is the color of warmth, and therefore comfort for us.

This is the color that is associated with joy, sometimes, sadness brings calmness, and tears come with a smile on your face because through sadness you feel all the richness of the content of your life and you feel gratitude that in one period of your life, you had, felt and shared something with someone.

The one energy that takes different new shapes and forms. Here this energy represents a dynamic force that is the opposite of the sleeping energy.

If you saw a Boxelder bug in your bed, it could mean that you have become very lazy and you fell asleep when you least needed it.

For some reason, you fell into depression, and because of that you rarely leave your home and spend most of your time sleeping, thinking that everything will go away by itself.

Trust us, that won’t happen, but to manage to get out of the mental state you’ve fallen into, you have to wake up from “hibernation” and get moving.

Only action will bear fruit in your case.

When a person suffers mentally and depression is suffering of both soul and body, he must find a glimmer of hope in himself that will distract him from bad thoughts.

We advise you to surround yourself with positive people and to devote yourself to family and work.

Long walks and physical activity will boost your serotonin (the hormone of happiness), which will help you a lot to deal with the situation you are in now.

Be persistent even for a month and you will see how things will start to change for the better, in all areas of your life.

If you saw a Boxelder bug sucking the juice from a leaf and it caught your attention, it could mean that there is a person in your life who is close to you but is also an energy vampire.

This is a person who is most likely a member of your family and you cannot break the relationship with them.

After every encounter with her, you feel exhausted and downtrodden, and listless.

We advise you to train your defense system by planning how to silence her without offending her.

Do not allow someone to take your energy, because you are on reserve with it anyway due to your obligations, so try to at least reduce meetings with that person and others like him.

If you saw a Boxelder bug coming out of its hibernation hiding place in the middle of winter, it could mean that something completely unexpected will happen to you.

It is very likely that you will have an unexpected visit and that you will be very pleasantly surprised by the person you will find at your door.

It’s someone you haven’t seen for a long time, but you still keep in touch and are spiritually connected at a distance.

If you have seen a Boxelder bug crawling into a hole in a tree, it may mean that this is a message to you that you should not run away from your problems, because that way you will not be able to solve them.

Problems are there to be solved and not pushed under the carpet, because you will constantly “trip over them”.

Start by solving the easiest one and then go in order and you will see how far it will take you.

If you have seen a Boxelder bug in your hibernation, it may mean that it is time to take a break from work and the obligations you have imposed on yourself lately.

Material fatigue has occurred and you feel an overwhelming need to travel somewhere and simply do nothing, absolutely nothing except walking in nature and sleeping next to a warm fireplace in some cottage on a mountain, covered with snow.

This is something you must afford, to fill up your energy depots and be ready for new business and private ventures.

A person must give himself a break so that he can work to his full potential and be successful in all fields.

If he neglects this need in himself, he becomes listless and nervous, and the worst of all is that he is aware of why.

If you saw a Boxelder bug feeding on another Boxelder bug, it could mean that lately you are often going against yourself and doing things that you don’t like and don’t like because of other people.

Try to find people who have at least similar interests as you so that you can be more satisfied and spend quality free time in addition to the pile of work you have.

If you saw a Boxelder bug resting on a flower, it means that you will need to start your life from scratch.

You have decided to cut some things in your life and prove to yourself that you can do everything you have been doing so far better and better.

You decided on that move because you want to explore your limits and realize your full potential before you get old and it’s too late.

It is a pity for every human being on this planet, who allows other people to convince him that he cannot achieve something, just because they failed to achieve it.

Prove to anyone who tells you that you can’t do something wrong and prove it to yourself, because that’s the only way to succeed in life, to sometimes take risks.

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As this wonderful bug wakes up our sleeping energies, then the Universe can be seen as a manifestation of pure consciousness.

Through the process of manifestation, consciousness has split into two parts that cannot exist without each other.

The Boxelder bug sleeps and winter and wakes up in the spring.

Every time the energy takes a new form, we can use it; it can become the energy that flows, and then it wakes up our sleeping talents.

Through the awakening of the “new energy”, the energy from the Universe is awakened in its true form.

Knowing through direct experience that immutable truth – the energy that is the substrate of all names and forms – is the universal goal of spiritual life.

It is the experience of the unity of the world, creation, and its foundation, although they have never been separate.

It is like moisture that is never separated from water, sweetness that is not separated from sugar, and heat that is not separated from sunlight.

Your heart is reconciled to the fact that you no longer have it, and the sense of loss is tinged with a sense of privilege to have had something at all.

And out of the sleepiness (this bug sleeps in winter time); it can be a symbol of your sadness, and the pain you have buried.

Now, when the new season has come, you must find a way, and here we will remind you that the orange color is also associated with the creative force, that is alive (and sometimes sleeps) in all of us.

And this is the energy that is in the Universe, as the Universe is the creation itself.

In any case, take this appearance as a sign; and use the wisdom that comes from it to make your life better, to wake up sleeping energy, and create something from the inside.

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