Blue Jay Feather – Spiritual Meaning

Seeing a feather for the majority of people is a sign that they truly feel means something – they feel that seeing it is not a coincidence and that it means something important.

Like the Universe is trying to speak to you and you must listen to it, just in a similar way, when we see a coin or a ladybug.

Now, generally, it is believed that the feather may be a confirmation of your instinct or suspicion you had regarding pursuing one course or maybe some other, and this is the moment of a dilemma, that the Universe will help you solve for sure.

Now, as you will be able to see, we can dream of feathers, and they’re seeing them can also be helpful for a deeper understanding of who we are, and where we want to go.

Seeing a feather that is blue is one of a kind event, not very often, as blue feathers are very rare – and this may be even certain proof that something is going on, and that you need to listen carefully.

Blue Jay Feather

Here we have the two concepts that are related to this object, first, this object is a feather, and second, it is blue, and both of these two things have their own symbolical meaning that is important for understanding it.

We already know that the color blue is associated with aspects of freedom, independence, spiritual growth, and expansion in many different directions.

When you have the desire to be free, you should look at the blue color; and instantly you would feel much more relaxed, and you will feel an instant urge to do something, not as brave, but more something very bold, that you could never think is possible to do before, but now you will have the resilience and strength to do it.

Now, feathers are very interesting spiritual objects, that are often associated with the Angels themselves, the spiritual realm, and all that is Divine.

Oftentimes, people say that they know that Angel has visited them, and after their connection with divine beings, they can see a feather.

And also those who do not know what has happened, can see a feather and can assume that they have a visit from the Divine being.

Feathers were very important symbolical objects in the culture of Native Americans; there seeing a blue feather is a sign of good luck, and this event was seen as such a good sign, that people even collect them, to carry them as emblems.

So, even today, the blue jay feather is a sign that luck will follow you, and that you will have good fortune, and peace of mind.

Now, we have to speak of something else here, that is also very important, and that is the fact that the blue feather is extremely rare, in a symbolic way, it reminds us of everything that is so rare and at the same time so valuable.

A blue tint in general is very rare to be found in nature.

It reminds us that we need to take care of such things and people and that we must always remind ourselves of their beauty.

Just like the truly valuable things that come to us in life, not very often, but there are there to shake us to the core and at the same time to change our lives; these things are rare and so precious.

The bird itself, the Blue Jay is related to all things in our lives that strive to be firm, and sensitive at the same time.

It is the symbol of strength and the ability to clearly communicate.

Some may see these birds as very naughty, as they can sound very loud, and oftentimes they can seem very confrontational, and evil.

Nevertheless, specific cultures, just like Native Americans are seeing them as signs of true happiness and symbols of good fortune.

Of course, there are other factors that determine what this feather means, particularly in a spiritual sense.

Blue Jay Feather – Spiritual Meaning

Blue Jay Feather is rare to find and its symbolism is different depending on where you saw it and how you felt at that moment.

If you found a blue jay feather in its nest, which also contains the eggs of this bird, it may mean that your wish will come true and that you will soon be able to expect the marriage that you have been unsuccessfully working on for many years with your spouse.

This is a very positive sign and soon you can expect good and joyful news.

If you found a blue jay feather on the ground, it symbolizes your character, which is more than commendable. You are a down-to-earth and modest person who is also very stable and modest, even though you are materially quite strong.

You didn’t let money corrupt you, but you spend just as much as you need and nothing more. You help everyone in all situations, and when people see you on the street, they would even think that you are someone who is fighting for your existence, even though you are actually provided for the rest of your life, even if you do nothing.

This feather that you saw on the ground is a reflection of your personality and you should save it and always have it with you for good luck and to always remind you of who and what you are.

If you saw a blue jay feather falling from the sky in front of you, it could mean that luck will follow you wherever you go and whatever you do in the coming period.

This is a very positive sign and means that the period has finally arrived when everything will go smoothly for you and without too much effort and trouble that you had to achieve all your goals until now.

After the rain, the sun always comes out, and that is a well-known saying that is completely true. It was only up to you to be patient and persistent, luck had to serve you at some point and this sign from heaven is the first indication that luck will soon smile on you and you with it.

If a blue jay feather flies into your home through the window, it may mean that soon you can expect very positive news from afar.

It is very possible that you have been trying to go abroad for a long time to do the work you normally do, but for some reason, you have been rejected several times.

The situation will soon change and you will be able to hope for a positive outcome and approval for this departure and work across the border. Your job is probably not paying as much as it should be and you have been struggling and making ends meet for a long time to survive as well as you can. In the coming days, everything will change and the door will open for you for a better and better life, but that will also mean that you will have to move.

So we advise you to start packing your bags because this good news will soon be knocking on your door.

If you saw a blue jay feather floating in the air and when you tried to catch it you missed it because the wind blew a little stronger and again and again and every attempt to catch it ended up with it slipping away from your hand by a hair’s breadth, it could mean that you are trying to do something in your life that is simply not meant for you and this is a sign that you should continue with your life and that only if you grieve the loss, beautiful and spontaneous things will start to happen to you.

In this case, the feather represents one person from your life that you really like and would like to be with more than just friendship.

But despite all your attempts to seduce her, she resisted and always eluded you and played with you and your feelings, sometimes very rudely.

But you are the one who allowed it and you don’t need to blame anyone but yourself.

It is quite normal that sometimes a person cannot go against his feelings, but he must also know some limits and have self-respect.

You are blind in front of your own eyes and do not listen to the advice of friends and everyone else who tell you not to waste your time with someone who plays with you and your feelings like that and you persistently go headfirst through the wall.

This pen is the moment when you need to get the point out of the experience and finally see things as they really are in the right light.

It will be much easier for you when you realize how much that person doesn’t really deserve you, let alone your attention.

Turn over a new leaf and dedicate yourself to people who know how much you are worth, and there will already be a person in your life who will be able to appreciate you as you are and develop mutual chemistry between you, which can grow into much more than that.

If a blue jay feather fell on your mother’s chest, it may mean that there is a person in your life whom you are very close to, but she is very shy and careful not to notice it because she is afraid that you will run away from her if you discover her feelings. towards you.

This is a person whom you consider to be a sincere friend and you have no idea what is actually hidden in his heart. She is secretly suffering and constantly thinking about you and how she could communicate her feelings to you.

You also have sympathy for her, but for a similar reason, you don’t try to do anything about it.

We advise you to invite her to dinner, which you can spontaneously turn into a romantic one pay attention to how she looks at you across the table and catch that look and give her the same one from the bottom of your heart and trust us that your mutual smiles at that moment will be worth more than a thousand spoken words.

Life on this planet is very short and you should not waste your time because of your insecurities.

Sometimes you have to be a man of action in every segment of your life and take matters into your own hands and not waste either your own or other people’s time.

Sometimes you have to shoot straight at the target, so what the hell.

At least you’ll know what you’re in for and you won’t regret it because you’ll be aware that you have to move on and try somewhere else.

If a blue jay feather has caught your throat, it may mean that you have finally realized how important the words you say are and that you should only speak when you have something smart to say and that it should be something that will have some point and depth.

Until recently, you were a person who spoke just to say something, even if it was without any sense or point.

Your words did not have depth and you could sometimes be hard on people.

Because of this, they even avoided you and considered you boring.

You suffered because of this and sought professional help, which revealed the reason for your so-called babbling, and you managed to correct it to the maximum.

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This is just of the many ways the Universe is communicating with us, human beings, and sending us these small signs is true proof that Divine beings are taking care of us.

Most commonly, feathers of any kind, and this is especially true when it comes to the white feathers, are associated with the Angels, and their communication with us, they want to tell us that in this way, they are thinking of us, that they are by our side, etc.

Now, when a Blue Feather appears, and not just anyone, but a blue Jay feather, then it has a somewhat different meaning.

It is believed that there is no more spiritual type of feather but the blue kind; as it is also associated with all supernatural in our world.

A blue feather is frequently connected with the idea of spiritualism and the metaphysical.

As we have said the color blue typically indicates an intention of depth and unknown, though can also be linked to intelligence and cleverness.

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