YOUR DREAM LIFE IS 17 SECONDS AWAY (24-hour Law-of-Attraction Challenge)

Author: Will Moon


The whole idea behind the 17 second concept is to sustain a positive feeling for long enough so it will attract more positive feelings. If you can maintain a good feeling-state for 68 seconds, you have initiated the processes of manifestation. These processes involve everything the Universe does to re-arrange Itself in order to manifest your desires for you; and it operates outside of human understanding and human laws. This blog will discuss how good feeling-states relate to your dream life, and how to make it work for you.


Good Feeling States

We all want to live lives in which we feel fantastic, energized, and inspired. We call this a ‘dream life’. Typically, we feel good when we get something we want, and so we associate good feeling-states with getting things or achieving goals. It is interesting to note, however, that these feelings we get are always very similar, but the things we want change all the time. This realization helps us understand that our ‘dream life’ is really a feeling-state. What we really want are feelings, not things. This may be hard to accept, because, as a society we are constantly striving to get things the world advertises will make us happy, and so our goals become focused around objects and situations.



The Mistake

Law-Of-Attraction lore teaches us to use affirmations, mantras, and visualizations to create our dream lives. The mistake we make, however, is that we formulate our affirmations around objects or situations. We come up with very specific goals (based on our desires) and then create fine-tuned mantras to try and ‘speak’ these goals into existence. Unfortunately, you cannot lie to yourself. If your goal is to be thin, it will be almost impossible to ignore your bedonk-a-donks while you recite ‘I am lean and athletic’. You will end up generating contradictory feeling-states that will get you absolutely nowhere.


“That Which Is Like unto Itself, is Drawn”

Above is the actual Law statement of the Law-of-Attraction. It explains that whatever you are will increase. What you are is what you predominantly feel, in other words, your state-of-being. Unfortunately, most of us operate daily in rather low feeling-states because of what’s happening in our lives, and it is particularly hard to accept responsibility for this when so much seem to be out of our control.


Your Dream Life is 17 Seconds Away

Luckily, we know that thoughts make feelings, and so we have influence over what we feel, and therefore what we are. Our ability to focus our thoughts in order to create feeling-states is indeed the Power we have in this world. If you can maintain a good feeling-state without contradicting yourself for 17 seconds, similar thoughts will start to flood your mind and create a momentum of good feelings. So, if your dream life is really a life in which you feel fantastic, excited, and inspired, it means that you can create it right here and now.


Feelings are General

A feeling-state is not really associated with any one specific goal. Feeling fantastic because you got your dream job feels much the same as buying a new car … feels much the same as receiving $100K … feels much the same as getting married … feels much the same as reaching your desired weight. It is important, however, to think carefully about what you want because you do get what you ask for. Researching everything about your desired goal helps you to know if it is in line with your deepest joy. Once you have a clear vision in mind, forget about it. The Universe knows your desires the moment you think them, so you do not have repeat it over-and-over again.


The Challenge

The challenge is to maintain a high vibrational state-of-being for 24 hours. One way to do this is to remember the good feelings you get when things just seem to be working out for you. Then, by finding all the little things during your day that are already working out for you, you will reinforce and maintain your positive feeling-state easily. You do this by simply saying “I am grateful because things are always working out for me”, hold the feeling for 17 seconds, and watch as you receive similar feeling thoughts to further raise your vibration. 


For the Science Geeks

If it is important for you to try and comprehend the mechanics of the Law, you may want to research Quantum Theory - which states that all possibilities exists at the same time -, and perhaps also the Reticular Activating System – a neural network which increases cognitive functioning and conscious awareness during feeling-states that are similar to the happy feeling you get after you have done exercise.



17 Seconds are all you need to experience your dream life right now, and to start manifesting your goals and desires. Sounds simple? It is!

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