Your Desire Will Be Manifested with 100% Certainty If You Answer YES to These 3 Questions

How can you know a specific desire will manifest 100% of the time?

Here are 3 questions that will tell you. If you can answer YES to these questions, know that your desire will manifest.

In one of my blog posts about the missing pieces within Law of Attraction practice I write about the difference between a True desire - a Soul's deepest desire - and an Ego-driven desire. I make a blunt statement that not all egoistic desires will manifest no matter how advanced you are in Law of Attraction practice.

I got a very interesting question after this:  "How do I differentiate True desires from Ego desires?"

So in this blog post, I will answer this question and give you more. I want to tell you what types of desires will manifest 100% of the time, whether you are an advanced master, or you know nothing about Law of Attraction at all.

The first question I want you to ask yourself is, "Am I grateful for this desire?"

I'm not asking you to ask yourself, "Am I grateful for having this desire fulfilled," or "Am I grateful as I pretend that this desire is already fulfilled," - The precise question is:  Am I grateful for simply knowing that I want this? Consider this question deeply.

Remember, life is not about a destination. Life is a journey.

Imagine you're born into an environment where everything you want is already there and there's nothing for which to strive. There's no motivation to keep you alive. Do you believe that is a great state of life? Let me tell you:  That is boredom. That state of being is the opposite of being alive.

If you have a desire that drives you, that makes you feel like waking up every morning, you're happy - you can't wait to get to manifest it, and you can't wait to experience the process of getting there. You also can't wait to see things manifest into your reality out of thin air. You can't wait to see helpful people and synchronicities line up for you. If you have some gratitude for simply having that desire, you are way ahead of a lot of law of attraction practitioners. This is because many people just start with, "Oh, I don't have this but I really want it."

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Feel gratitude for simply having an unfulfilled desire that can shift your energy into a much more powerful place - a place where you can tap into your soul's deepest desires.

You can see through the tricks of the ego because your ego-driven desires are not linked to gratitude. There's no gratitude in an ego-driven desire.

When your ego wants something, it usually comes from desperation, and from a feeling of lack. Your ego tells you, "Oh, you want that because you don't like what you currently have. You don't want what you have now" but your soul's desire is more like, "Where you are is beautiful and where you're going is even more beautiful."

That's one way you differentiate a soul's desire from ego-driven desire.

The second question you want to ask yourself is, "Am I open to divine timing with this desire?"

In ultimate reality, there is only one point of time - and that is right now.

However, that point of view only exists in the quantum field, in the ultimate reality, within the level of the soul. That's why your soul is not desperate for anything because it already has everything. The soul however, loves the process of expansion. Your soul wants to grow. Therefore, time is created for you to be able to explore different aspects of what you already are - of who you already are. Do you see how beautiful this unfolding is?

So you have to allow things to unfold. That is the beauty of living in our 3-D reality. The purpose of my teaching is not to make you remove yourself from your 3-D physical reality, but to make you feel grateful, make you live more fully in this reality, make you more understanding, and make you be more open to the expansion. 

Your ego cannot understand the wisdom of the universe. The only way you can align to the will of the divine is through surrendering - through becoming, and accepting. 

Since you can't understand the plan of the universe, you must surrender to it. You surrender by acknowledging divine timing. 

For example, if you plant a seed somewhere, you have to allow time for the seed to sprout into a tree. Then it bears flowers and fruits, right? So in our reality, if you don't accept divine timing, you are going to feel desperate. And when you feel that, "oh, I'm so desperate for something," you must try to be acutely aware of that feeling.

If you feel this way, tell yourself, "This feeling is not real and this feeling is not from my soul but rather from my Ego."

The ego is going to try to trick you into thinking that your life is no good. It will trick you into thinking everything is no good. It does this and that can continue to perpetuate self-hatred. It can also convince you to fight, and "conquer" the situation. This energy of hatred and resistance actually prevents you from receiving desires quickly.

Know this:  The universe holds nothing against you, but you cannot force, fight, or resist the process. The timing of physical manifestations are up to the universe. Ultimately, the universe is an outward expression of your soul anyway. So it's really YOU. It's just that the ego is only a small part of you and often, it doesn't understand the larger you. This can lead to the feeling of desperation. If however, you are able to trust divine timing, things will come to you rather quickly - when you're not expecting it, and when you are not forcing it.

Never force the universe because the universe is not going to be taken by force. Allow divine timing, and if you have a desire, ask yourself this: "Am I okay with not having it right now?"

Allow the universe to give you this thing you want at the perfect time. If you allow for that, it means your desire is bound to happen. If you can't deeply allow, then your desire has some ego involvement. That can really hold you back.

The third question to ask yourself is, "Am I okay seeing others having desires fulfilled before me?"

When you have a desire that's based on your soul's true wanting you're not going to be jealous of other people. Instead, when you see other people having their desire fulfilled, you will feel happy for them because you'll see that it's a piece of evidence the universe is giving you

On the other hand, if you have something that other people want, don't think to yourself, "Oh you know, these people, they don't know how to manifest what they want."

Instead, exercise compassion. If you can help them, help them. If you can visualize them having it, do that too! By doing that, you're actually enhancing your own manifesting power. When you enhance your own manifesting power, you're going to manifest your desires and others' desires faster. 

Lastly, I want to give you a bonus question! Actually it's the MOST important one - ask yourself this:  "Do you think that you ARE your desire?"

What do I mean by that? In the book Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch says that when he was in his twenties he thought he was his hair. Then when he got older he thought he was his car. You see, oftentimes as egoistic entities, we perceive that what we want is us. I really want you to place a little distance between "what you want" and "who you really are." Okay?

You're not what you want. You are much bigger than what you want. 

I remember, 20 years ago, I was manifesting left and right. "I want this, I want that!" I was very specific about what I wanted. These days I feel that I am bigger than those specific things.

It's similar to the experience of growing up:  The toys you used to like are just not as interesting anymore.

What I want today is much more nebulous and non-concrete. I want to be able to hear my spirit guide talking to me all the time. I want to practice to become more grateful every day. I want to practice to be more at ease and at peace every day. 


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  • Christian On

    Thank you .. my Universele disire is written down on the Internet xx

  • Christian On

    Thank you .. my Universele disire is written down on the Internet xx

  • Christian On

    Thank you .. my Universele disire is written down on the Internet xx

  • Dhilma On

    Wow!!! This is so eye opening! Thank you….

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