You will manifest 10x more money 10x faster if you let go of these 3 energy patterns!

Today let's discuss three things you must let go in order to manifest money, and lasting wealth and abundance.

Lately, I've been getting a lot of emails and messages about manifesting money. It looks like a lot of people are going through financial problems and obviously, globally, we're experiencing a financial crisis. This crisis is impacting a lot of us significantly.

But let me tell you something:  Remember that no matter how bad the collective situation is, there is always a way for you to find your inner light. That light from within will shield you from the worst of the global situation, and you must find that light in order to create your own "bubble of abundance."

I am sending out the energy of abundance every day to all of my gratitude tribe members.

Let's all send out energy of abundance to each other.

A lot of you come to me saying, "The reason I don't manifest money is because I have a limiting belief that there isn't enough money to go around."

Yes, this is the number one limiting belief most people can identify. A lot of us growing up thinking "money doesn't grow on trees," there are very limited resources out there, and everybody is fighting each other for them. In truth however, this is only the first layer of your problem, okay?

A lot of times our inner psyche - our negative belief system - has layers. It's like an onion - you open one layer and then you find another! This is a lifelong journey to peel the onion. You must open one layer and clear something; then see something else that needs to be cleared.

So lately, through working with some of my gratitude tribe members (my clients), I've been noticing certain energy patterns that are holding everyone back. I'm starting to realize that actually your problem - your core problem - is not just the belief that there isn't enough money. The root is much deeper than that.

So, I want to share about these three energy patterns that you must let go in order to manifest an abundant life, no matter what we're going through globally.

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The first thing I want you to let go of is your ego's "game plan." What do I mean by that? Because of the belief that there's limited supply of money, your ego develops a complicated plan - a "perfect" plan to help you escape this "limited reality." Your ego thinks it is very, very clever! 

Your ego may tell you, "well, maybe you need to go out and win the lottery!" Or, "you need to go get a job that's like this and that." Or, "Well maybe you should do this, maybe you should do that." I'm not saying that you can't make money through some of your ego's plans. Obviously, there are plenty of people making money through all of these means, right?

All I'm asking you to do is to stay open. You know, you might or might not win the lottery.

I've won the lottery three times, but I've never really tried to win the lottery.
I never told myself, "I think the way for me to make money is to win the lottery." Actually, by doing that you are ensuring that you're not winning the lottery! It's not about winning the lottery. It's not about getting that dream job. It's not about having to do one specific thing.

It's about being open, fluid, and just flowing with the universe. So it's okay to make plans. It's okay to listen to what your ego has to say. But at the same time, you need to always be open to the divine.

When divine guidance comes, it's usually a very subtle urge. It's not something that's very strong and pushy. It's usually like a very faint inner voice that tells you, maybe at this moment you should do this, and if you don't do it, then it's fine. That's what divine guidance feels like.

Not, "Oh, I have to go to school, I have to do this job, I have to send out a million resumes." It's not about these actions you're going to take. Before you take these actions, before you follow your ego's plans, you need to let yourself know that all of these plans are just means to an end.

What is the "end?" It's simply being one with your divine guidance. You can be there right now if you can step into the feeling place of abundance, joy, and of an unlimited supply within this universe. If you can step into that feeling place, none of these things will feel so desperate. As soon as you start to feel desperate - you start to push yourself towards a specific game plan - that's usually the moment you know you're driven by your ego and not by your divine guidance.

The second thing you want to let go of in order to manifest more money and abundance is the tendency to compare yourself to others.

Remember that you and others are all divine beings. Know that everyone has their own divine timing.

It's actually very unfortunate that our society kind of pushes us into a cookie-cutter system.

Like at a certain age, we all have to go to school. At a certain age, we all graduate - at a certain age we do certain things. So this system makes it so tempting for us to compare ourselves to others. I want you to think about this though:

The moment you start to compare yourself to others, you're losing the game. Why is that? Because you and others have different divine timing.

It's just like in this universe some flowers boom early and some flowers boom late. It's the same with you and others. That's why there's diversity in the universe. It's impossible to say that person is a winner and you are a loser, or that you are the winner and they are the losers. It simply isn't like that. 

We are all loved - we're all winners - but we have different timing.

There are times when another person is making money or the are attaining the goal that you're setting out to obtain. There are also times where you're getting these things and they're not. No matter what you know, when you're comparing yourself to others, you either feel inferior or you feel superior. These feelings are not very different actually. Many people think that feeling inferior means they need more self-love, and that feeling superior means you love yourself enough. This is not accurate.

Self-love doesn't mean you feel superior to others. Self-love doesn't mean you feel arrogant. Self-love means you love yourself as much as God loves you. God also loves others just as much as God loves you. So when you come from true self-love, when you come from the true divine guidance, you won't compare yourself with others. This is because you know you and others are one, and you and others are all divine beings with unique timing.

As soon as you let go of this comparison, you will feel a million times lighter, and you're going to feel like you know you're truly loved and supported. Once you let go of this comparing, everything will become easy for you. Then you know it'll be much easier for you to step into the energy place of abundance.

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Here's more good news:  Once you're in that energy place, everything just comes to you. Once you're there - remember - don't start comparing yourself with others! Again, should only compare yourself with the past you. As long as you're making progress, as long as today you're feeling more abundant than yesterday, then you're on the right track. Even if you're not feeling as good as yesterday, guess what? There is always an opportunity to step into the energy of abundance in the next moment. Okay?

So live your life that way. Don't compare yourself with anything or anyone. Focus on this present moment and focus on stepping into the energy of abundance. Focus on your own vision and your own visualization to see yourself in that energy place. There is no one out there like you. You are unique. Okay?

The third thing to let go of is the false attachment to time.

What do I mean by that? The egoistic mind always wants to put everything on a straight, logical, timeline. This is because our ego can't really perceive the truth that everything is happening right now. So for your ego there is always a time to do this, and a time to do that. "When you're at this age you should do this, and when you're at that age, you should do that!" Right? So I often hear people tell me, "I'm too old to manifest my dream life," or "I'm too young to want that." In the eyes of your divine self however, there is no age. 

This can also present itself by your ego saying, "Oh by this age you have to have this much money, and by that age, you have to have that much money." It's not like that because, a lot of times, it's really about whether you step into the stream of abundance or not.

I know plenty of people who made a fortune when they were in their early twenties, and then in their early thirties they were broke again! I also know people who were broke all their lives and then somehow - later in life - (even in their 50's or 60's in some cases!) suddenly they manifest all this abundance. So it's really not about where you are in life --- it's about where you are energetically. 

There's really just that one door between you and your dream life. All you need to do is to open that door.

Remember that when you send out an intention to the universe, that intention should be divine - a true essence of intention.

For example, Let's say you're intending for more abundance. You want to feel free, and you want to feel that you have control over your life. You want to feel like you know there's enough time, there's enough money, there's enough of everything. This intention is divine and nobody is really standing between you and that intention, but yourself.

Now, the problem is that when you intend that, then your ego starts to go around and make all these plans, you start trying and you start failing, and then you see that you start pushing yourself farther and farther away from the manifestation of your intention.

So it's very important to completely let go of checking, Oh, how long I have been doing this? Or how old am I? How young am I?

Completely let go of the sense of time. Just detach yourself from the time.

It's a lot like when you're cooking something and you're checking every moment, "is it done yet? Is it done yet?" When you're not checking though - maybe just set a timer forget about it - before you know it, it's finished.

It's the exact same way with your manifestation. A lot of you may be wondering, "Well, don't they teach us to do the 33 by 3 method - like do three days, five days, 33 days?" Right?

All of these techniques are really helping you to let go of your false sense of time.

Think about it. If you focus more on doing something for five days, your ego will stop chattering and asking, "Oh, how long have I been doing that?" Instead you put yourself in the system of doing the act. 

But once you get too attached to that system, if that system makes you feel impatient or desperate, this means you need to even let go of that system. Okay?

So it's a very delicate practice. It's not about how many days you should do it or how many times you should say an affirmation, but it's about how you FEEL when you do it.

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    Hi, very interesting. So how do you do this?

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    I just have to tell you how thankful I am to have found you. Sending you love, your guidance is so valuable to me. I was meant to learn how to advance soul, and I am 60! It took all these years and covid to know why i am here! I just wanted you to know that you make a difference for so many. Thank you!!!

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