WHY 108 - How to Use This Magical, Powerful Number to Manifest Anything!

Today I want to talk about the magic number 108. Why is it so magical and powerful, and how can you tap into this magic and use it to manifest your dream life.

Energy, Vibration and Frequency

The other day, I saw a very interesting comment under one of my YouTube videos by Ed Maluf. He said he's trying to understand why every video he sees about Hoʻoponopono repeats it 108 times. Why not a hundred? Why not round up to 110? What is the meaning of 108? Can somebody please explain?

This is a really interesting question. I think the question goes beyond "Why do you repeat the Hoʻoponopono prayer 108 times?" The question is really about the power of 108. First of all, if you are in this community of law of attraction, spirituality, or manifesting, you must see life through a different lens. Things shouldn't be just "things." Numbers shouldn't be just numbers. Everything is energy, vibration, and frequency. Everything you see and touch in this physical reality - even though it may look static, and it may look dense - it doesn't stay the same way forever. There is no real static object in our universe. Everything is a form created by different energies and vibrations. Therefore, different numbers also vibrate different energy. 108 is a very powerful number because it vibrates a specific kind of energy at which no other numbers vibrate.

It's very similar to singing. Think about it:  When you sing you have to sing at the exact right pitch. If you're off - even just a tiny bit - it sounds really weird to the ear. The song comes out differently, usually not in a good way. That's the difference between amateur singers and professional singers. The professional singers can stay on key. They're always precise. When you are vibrating to manifest, it's exactly the same way. It takes practice to vibrate at the right energy, and the right vibration. It takes training. That's why a lot of people say, "Well, I'm doing this technique, I do that technique, I meditate. How come I don't manifest?" My answer to you is that your energy has to be very precise. That can only be felt through a lot of practice and a lot of training. 

These numbers - like 108 - are perfect guides to help us understand if we are on track or if we are off track. 108 is actually a divine power trigger in both Buddhism and Hinduism. It's also often referenced in martial arts because the martial arts are based on Eastern philosophies.

The Buddhist Interpretation of 108

One of the living Buddhist masters from Sri Lanka named Bhante G actually went into great depth regarding how this number 108 came about. We have six senses. What are the six senses? According to Buddhism, they are sight, hearing, tasting, smelling, touch, and consciousness. These are the only six ways we get to know our physical reality. I'm talking about this physical reality that we know and interact with daily. According to master Bhante G, there are three states available in each moment as well - the states are painful, pleasant, or neutral.

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Now, feelings arise as the senses interact with the 3 possible states. Feeling is one of the 6 senses "colored" by one of the three states. So now we have 18 feeling "states." It's the 6 senses, times 3 states - that's 18. Now this map gets a little bit more complicated. We know that these feelings could either be internally originated or coming from outside of us. They could be either internal or external. What does that mean? When you touch a hot stove, that's an external feeling. You get an external feeling of pain - it's a painful touch feeling. That's how you put these 3 dimensions together, if you multiply the 18 States of feelings by two (internal vs external), we now get 36 possibilities.

Now this is going to get even more wild. Stay with me. Each of these 36 possibilities - whether they're internal or external - they could come from the past, present, or future. There are 3 dimensions to each possibility. Now you multiply 36 by 3. What do you get? You get 108.

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Think about it. If you look at all the possibilities of any given moment, how we feel, and how we experience our world, we get 108 options. Meaning this world could operate with us in 108 ways. If you could transcend these 108 ways, you are free from this reality and you are free to manifest - isn't that crazy?

108 Energy Gates

We also have other interesting "tie-in's" from this traditional Eastern philosophy. Like in martial arts, I heard that a lot of the systems of are based on 108 moves, and in acupuncture, they say that our body has 108 acupressure points. 

All these Eastern traditions are pointing to these 108 "energy gates" that are around us. In a way, they actually trap us in this reality. If we could transcend them, if we can break free from them, we become one with the universe. I'm not saying that we're not one with the universe already. We are - right here, right now. What I mean is that you have to transcend how your ego experiences reality. Your ego does that through these 108 energy gates. That's why the number 108 is extremely powerful to know.

Transcend Your Energy Blueprint

I do a lot of astrology - especially Chinese astrology - readings for my clients. After reading hundreds of charts, I'm convinced that we are all born with a certain kind of energy blueprint.

Like the 108 energy gates, individuals' energy blueprints have endless ways to present themselves in this reality. In a way our astrological chart is simply a map of where the Gates are located at various time periods in your life. The readings can only tell you where these energy gates are though, meaning the ups and downs of your life. However, listen to this:  If you could transcend these 108 gates, you are not even going to be bounded by your astrological chart.

How to use 108 to manifest

Now, you may be asking, "Well Karin, I just want to get more money, I just want to manifest my dream house." Let's talk about how exactly you can leverage the power of 108 to manifest what you want. I hope by this time, you already understand that you must transcend your ego.

You have to go beyond your ego in order to manifest anything. You can either use a mantra, which I have talked about on my blogs several times. (Read this post here), or you could use an affirmation if you're not comfortable with mantras. No matter which you choose though, it's a "vehicle" to manifest. The most important thing is still your connection to the universe and transcending your ego. Once you have decided whether you're going to use mantras or affirmations, make sure that when you are repeating your choice 108 times. Also, "loosely," think about what you're manifesting. You don't have to be super intense - don't attach so tightly. Once in a while you can think about it as your manifestation goal, and that's enough.

Start your session by asking the universe to help you transcend your ego.
This is very important because if you don't ask for help, the universe is not going to help you. Open yourself to the magic of the universe. Open yourself to divine help - that's step one.

Step two is to use your mantra or affirmation and repeat it 108 times while loosely thinking about your desire. Step three is to sit in a few moments of silence. It's better to end with a meditation session. If you don't have the time to meditate, at least sit in silence for a few moments. Then I want you to simply thank the universe for everything you've been asking for because gratitude offered in advance of your manifestation is always calling for the physical manifestation of your desire. Happy Manifesting!

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