The Wholeness of all building blocks in life

Today I have a secret method to share with you. You can do this if you struggle with letting go, and still manifest your desires. Let's talk about it!

You know I share a lot of manifestation techniques and methods on this blog, and many of you have manifested amazing things in your life. Congratulations to you - but maybe there are some areas of your life where you feel that no matter what you do, it just doesn't manifest, or you just can't figure it out...Maybe you're someone who's tried law of attraction for a while and you don't see any success... Today I actually received a divine message from my spirit guides. I want to share this with you because I feel like this is probably the missing link that you need.

Wholeness of your life

Firstly, we need to clarify a concept in order for you to understand what to do. All right? This morning my guides told me that most people see life in separate parts. You may believe you have a good relationship, but your money area is suffering, or you think that you're okay with your job, but you need to manifest love. We tend to isolate parts of our lives as separate areas, and when we try to apply law of attraction techniques to manifest things we want, we tend to focus on specific areas of life, right? There is nothing wrong with doing it this way if you've had success. You can definitely keep doing it! But if you feel that there is this "one area" of your life - or two areas of your life - which are so hard to change - like there's almost this stubborn resistance you just can't get past - then what I'm about to say will probably blow your mind. It definitely blew my mind.

Your life is not a puzzle with different pieces or parts! My guides are telling me that life is actually one piece. It's wholeness. It's total wholeness.

Imagine if you have a big picture and you're trying to apply so much pressure to just one part of it. You keep applying pressure to it and eventually - what happens - is that the area will tear, right? It's the same thing with manifesting your dream life. My guides are telling me that you should really understand the wholeness of life. This means that different areas of your life are actually built like the shape of the pyramid. There are foundational pieces, and then there are parts of your life that are built on top of the foundation. One piece or part becomes the foundation for the next piece. Eventually this beautiful architecture of your dream life is built!

The building blocks

My guides are telling me that the foundation of your life is spirituality. That is your connection to the divine. Your life force comes from this part. Believe it or not, this is actually the easiest part. This is the part we're born with. All of us, when we were in our mom's wombs, we all had a natural connection to the divine/ God, right? We were very relaxed. We just grow and let the universe do the magic. When we were first conceived, we were a tiny seed. Then we're able to grow into this complex human being! What did we do in that process? Nothing! That's because, during that period of time, we all knew exactly how we are connected to the divine. We all just let go and let the divine do its work. That's the foundation of our life, and with that, we have life force.


When we're born we start to build the next building block of our life, which is our physical health and wellness. You know, health is the greatest wealth. When we were little babies, the only thing our parents are concerned about is our physical well-being, right? If you're a parent you know what I'm talking about. I'm a parent myself and I know that the first two years of my child's life, all I cared about was:  Is he eating? Is he drinking? Is he going to the bathroom? Is he sleeping well? Once we build a solid foundation of our physical health and wellness, then we start to build the next building block of our life. Remember how these building blocks formed? They are actually just manifestations of life force - this energy!


The next building block becomes love and relationships. If we don't have a healthy body, or if we have a body or face that we hate, we can't form healthy relationships. In a way, in the previous building block, we're not only building a physical body, but we're also building a healthy sense of self. That includes your appearance to the world. With that, we start to go out build relationships. That's why, when we become teenagers, we all start thinking about falling in love. We get attracted to other people. Through that process we're constructing this building block of life called "love and relationships".


Most people want a long-term, healthy, committed, romantic relationship. Most of us want a life partner. Even if you don't want that, you still need relationships- intimate relationships. So this is another building block that will foster the growth of your life.


Once you build this part, you feel supported, you feel loved, and now you are ready to build the next piece., This is your success, money, and finances part. If you feel loved, and if you feel supported, it's probably easier for you to go out there and show your talent to the world. You will naturally manifest more energy coming back to you. That energy is the abundance of money.


Once you have a solid building block of money and finances, then you naturally want to enjoy that. That's why you build the next part, which is "fun and social life." You want to enjoy your life - you are just pure positive energy.


My guides are telling me that once you are fully enjoying your life, you have no other option but to contribute and give back. My guides are telling me that contribution and giving back is a very important building block of life which most people, unfortunately, have never tapped into. If you could come from this place of total health, total wellness, total abundance, total love, and total fun, you will naturally want to share and give to others without even asking for anything in return. This is because you want to help, you want to contribute, and you want to give back to this universe.


My guides are saying that at this point in life, you start to realize that this whole thing has been a divine circle. You know what - now you're going to want to go back to spirituality because no kind of giving is more fulfilling than realizing that you are just a small part of this divine wholeness. Actually, you'll want to expand your consciousness and return to that wholeness again!


Divine circle

This circle never ends! You can keep going through this circle your entire life and just enjoy this. This is the perfect picture of your dream life according to my guides. Here's the problem:  When we apply too much attention or energy or force to one area of life because we believe that area is unsatisfactory, or like that building block is not solid enough, or not good enough, you start to focus so much on it and you can't let go. Eventually, since this is a holistic circle - when you focus too much on only one part, you break that circle - it's no longer whole. Even if you're able to put all your manifestation power onto that one part, it's going to be a blocked circle. It's not a beautiful and free-flowing energy circle! That is why so many people in this world are unhealthy. They're not happy. Even if they seem to have everything they want, they still feel depressed.

Do this to get unstuck in any area of your life

So here's the thing:  My guides are telling me that when you start to apply too much energy in just one area of your life... For example, you're trying so hard to manifest more money - you feel that you really need more money - what's going to happen is that this is going to cause blockage. There is simply too much ego energy. We don't want that. We want the divine flow, right? Most people say, "Yes, I really want to remove this ego energy but I can't". You're right! You can't because there's inertia. You've been doing this for so long! My guides are telling me it's actually safe to take a step back. When you try to manifest in a certain area of your life and it doesn't seem to work, I want to invite you to look at other areas of your life.


You want to take a step back and start to look at the area of love and relationships. If you have a good love and relationship area, or if you feel like you're okay with it - maybe it's not the best but you can still work on it - then you can take a little step to improve that area of your life. You may be saying, "Karin, I want to manifest money, and you tell me I can't manifest money now. Do I have to start manifesting a relationship instead?" Exactly! Take your attention away from this thing you're trying so hard to manifest, and put that attention into a different area that is actually doing a little better, a different area where the energy flows a little more freely. All you need to do is add a little attention, a little nudge. If you're so hung up on manifesting money and can't do it, why not just take a step back and look at what your partner wants, or what can you do to make your partner happy? Plan some dates. If you're trying so hard to manifest a relationship, maybe you could look at your physical health. Maybe you are healthy, you're fine, but you're not always 100 energetic. You don't feel radiant. Maybe you're healthy, but maybe physically you could do better. Maybe you can exercise more. Maybe you can eat better. Maybe you could get more energy into your body. All I'm saying is that all of these areas of life, these building blocks of life, are actually connected. They are interconnected, so you don't have to worry about not working on the area that is lacking.


That is the most important thing when you feel that something is lacking. You can apply a little energy to it and see if you can fix it. If you try and try and you can't fix it right away, that means you are simply not the person to fix it! Your ego is not the right fit for fixing it! So step back and stop giving energy to that area of your life. Instead, work on some other area of your life where you can improve. My guides are saying that you can actually improve any area of your life and that positive change will trigger changes in every other area of life. A perfect life is a life where all of these building blocks of your life are thriving. This is what I want you to do today. Think about what area of your life you never give attention to, and is actually doing pretty well. Why don't you look at it and appreciate yourself, and thank the universe for helping you thrive in that area? Apply a little effort into making that area even better. By doing that, you're naturally letting go. You're naturally manifesting success in the area where your ego wants to manifest success. This is the best way to let go.


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