What will happen 2020-2021? When will the pandemic end? Message from my guides

What will happen 2020-2021? When will the pandemic end? Today I have a new message from my spirit guides. This is about you, your life, and some important energy patterns of which you need to be aware.

2020 is a very important year

This is about you, your life, and some important energy patterns of which you need to be aware.

In December 2019 I wrote this blog post with my predictions for 2020. A lot of people are now seeing the predictions are pretty accurate!

Now it's mid-May, 2020. I have some updated messages from my guides and I want to share these messages with you.

First of all, they continued to tell me that this year - 2020 - is a very important year. Much like what they told me in 2019, they continue to emphasize that this year is to be completely unique, and boy are they are right. To me, it feels like I've been in a prolonged spiritual retreat since the beginning of this pandemic.

A lot of people are suffering, others are having financial problems, and most are also in some form of isolation. Those in isolation may be fine but they just don't know what to do with themselves. Right?

My guides are telling me that this period of time is an opportunity for spiritual awakening. No matter what you're going through: you may be going through health problems, financial problems, maybe you're affected by this virus in a more personal way, or maybe you're just really bored and you can't wait for your life to get back to normal. 

My guides are telling me that the life we knew as normal may not have been "normal" at all. They say that what we had before, in the past decade or so collectively, was moving away from our divine wisdom. This is a period of time during which we need to start returning to a search for light from within ourselves, rather than looking for things outside of ourselves.

The most important energy patter of 2020

The most important energy pattern that's playing out right now, and in the next year or two, is "restructuring".

They're saying that the physical structures around us are going to shift. What could this mean? I don't think it means that we're all moving into a new home. The changes to which they point involve our physical reality - the reality as we know it is changing. Maybe you're going to see changes in our political system, and in our financial system. There are a lot of things that are tangible that are shifting and I think these changes are not going to stop after the pandemic is over. My guides are telling me that starting from now we're going to have less and less of a public health crisis, and instead, we're going to have more of a financial crisis, and a spiritual crisis.

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The public health damage done by the virus is going to go down, but it's not going to completely go away until 2021, more or less. That's the guidance I'm receiving.

Whenever you're communicating with your spirit guides, you are not using traditional human language. Our concept of time, and the concept of numbers, doesn't really exist in the spirit realm. I'm doing my best to translate the message into language and time frames we can understand.

The most important thing you need to remember is that this restructuring is going to last for a little while - it will last until we are ready to move to the next chapter. You can get some guidance from astrology if you really want to put this guidance into an understandable time frame.

The planet Pluto went into the sign of Capricorn in 2008 and that year we had a financial crisis in the United States. Pluto does not leave Capricorn until 2024. So really, we're just in the middle of these tumultuous times.

The sign Capricorn represents physical structures, government, and big corporations. Pluto is the energy of restructuring and changing or transformation. So you're going to continue seeing some really big companies go bankrupt in the next year or two. You're also going to see some major changes in our political system. There's going to be a lot of turbulence around us and in our physical reality.

My guides are telling me to try to find that light from within yourself and know that this is just a way for our old world to shed its skin. We need to be reborn, and we need to go on to the next chapter of our lives with newfound insight, new ways of living, and new ways of relating to one another. This is why even though this change is painful, it is also necessary.

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When will the pandemic end?

So a lot of people are asking me, when do you think the pandemic is going to be over?

Unfortunately, I don't think it's going to be over very soon. What is coming however is probably not so much about a health problem, but rather the problems that will appear as our physical reality shifts: Changes in our governments, and our financial systems. We're going to see shifts in our physical reality. These shifts will lead to more:

A lot of individuals are going to see major shifts in how they make a living. Corporations are changing and a lot of old careers may disappear while new careers appear. When everything is shifting like this, obviously a lot of people, who cling to the old system, will suffer. So this is all about how soon you can let go of your old reality.

If you're someone who recently lost their job, and if you're struggling financially, I want you to see this as a new opportunity - a new opportunity for you to find a new path in life.

Let go of the old, embrace the new

My guides are telling me that a lot of people are suffering within their financial life. A lot of people are running out of money. But what they don't understand is that the old way of making money, or the "old money," is going away. Now you need to find "new money." You need to find new ways of earning money.

My Guides are telling me:  All the wisdom is from within, and all the light is from within. Opportunities will come like miracles. You must find your center though because when you panic, and when you cling to the old system, you're only going to suffer more. So let go - let go of the old structures, and embrace new structures, because a new world is forming.  We just don't see it yet. Now we're experiencing this process of letting go. The most important thing, the most important energy pattern this year, all the way through next year, is letting go.

So ask yourself, what can I let go of in my life that is no longer serving me? What is no longer serving you? And what are you willing to let go?

Sometimes, guess what? There are some things that are still serving you, but you know deep down that you need to let go of them too. It might be a job, it might be a relationship, it might be a friendship - it could be anything physical. There are things that in your life right now that you have to let go of - and the sooner you let go - the sooner you will embrace the new chapter in your life.

Many of the changes we are experiencing in reaction to this pandemic seem like temporary changes needed to cope, but in reality, these changes are long-lasting. They may even be permanent. You need to be ready for adapting to these changes. You're going to find out, after this pandemic is over, that our lives are not going to be exactly the same as they were pre-pandemic.

It's going to be very different. For example, throughout this pandemic, we are increasingly relying on virtual connections, aren't we?

Much like I'm connecting with you right now - you're not in my physical reality at this moment, but you and I are together in this virtual one, right? This is going to be long-lasting. The trend will continue. More and more people will be working remotely. More and more people will be working from home, and more and more people will be working via the internet.

So start thinking about it. Maybe you can start a business online, or maybe you can find that employer online, or maybe you can create a whole new career in this virtual reality! My guides are pointing out that after this physical restructuring phase, the virtual reality and our physical reality are going to be more and more blended.

My guides are telling me that there is nothing to be afraid of. The more you're afraid, the more you suffer. So for you, right now, life may seem like a roller coaster. My guides are telling me to hold on tight. You know that in ultimate reality, this is all just a game. It's just like a roller coaster. You're not going to die - you're going to be just fine. When you finish the ride you'll realize this was an important ride for all of us - we are riding into the next chapter of human history.

So there are a lot of amazing things waiting for you. However, right now you may not be able to see them. You may perceive this situation as negative, and painful, but you know there is a spiritual lesson in this situation.

The sooner you find that lesson for yourself, the sooner you'll learn the lesson, and the sooner you will transcend your current reality.

*Read this blogpost to read my prediction for the period of 9/7/2020 to 2/2/2021 using Chinese astrology


Ultimately, I think the lesson presenting itself to all of us is this:  We have a spiritual nature, and we need to return to that spiritual nature. We need to return to the source of our wisdom and the source of our strength. The source of our strength is not in this physical world - the material world outside - but rather in that still place within ourselves. It's in that divine connection we have with the spirit realm - with God. So find that place, and you will be fine, and you will experience an amazing 2020 and 2021!

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  • William On

    I like what you wrote. I’ve been feeling the same way. This affirms what I’ve been feeling about this year. Thank you. I really like your energy and the information you put out. You do a really amazing job with your channel and tying it in with your blog, website and products. It’s impressive. You can tell you put a lot of love and passion into what you are doing.

  • Mira On

    I’m getting married first week of December, how will the conditions be early December? :/

  • Matthew OConnor On

    Does this mean no more mass gatherings (concerts, sporting events, conventions, etc.)? I don’t think I can live without conventions.

  • Amarila On

    This pandemic forced all of us to slow down and by this, we had the time to look within and think about our life and the things that our truly important.

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