What is the 33.333333...% Rule? It Makes or Breaks Your Manifestation!

Today, let's talk about the 33.33333 rule for manifesting. What exactly is 33.33333 rule?

My spirit guide told me not long ago that this is a divine number. What is it? What is its significance?

If you don't know, don't worry. Neither did I as of yesterday! I literally just received this from my guides and I can't wait to share it with you. We all know that Nikola Tesla revealed to all of us that the number 3 is a divine number.

Actually, Nikola Tesla is not the only person who discovered this. My guides pointed me to an ancient Chinese scripture called Tao Te Ching. It says the oneness becomes two, and two becomes three, and three becomes everything.

What exactly does that mean? Think about it:  If you divide 100% (which represents the wholeness) into 3. Guess what you get? You get 33.333333333 - an endless number of three in each portion. Each 1/3 is 33.333333%. Why is this significant?

Tao Te Ching also points to the oneness of everything, The oneness of the universe has 2 sides. It becomes two, meaning it has two sides, the yin and the yang, and that's the source of everything. The yin and yang have two sides of oneness that become three endless numbers of 3. These are the substances or elements that you use to manifest everything!

So everything in this world is a result of manifestation - it is a manifestation of either some specific person, or some specific group, or our group consciousness.

Whether you like it or not, everything we hear, we see, we touch - even virtual things like this video - is a manifestation, isn't it?

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So Every manifestation comes from these 3 infinite parts. My guides are telling me that there are 3 key factors which constitute all manifestations. These are the 3 factors that make everything possible. So basically, 33.3333333% of your manifestation consists of thing 1, and then the other 33.3333% consists of thing 2, and then the rest consists of thing 3.

Today we're going to go through these 3 things and help you understand how everything is manifested. Why is it important to cover this?

It is because once you become aware of this process - once you become fully clear about this divine manifestation formula - then you can use it to your advantage. By knowing it, you can live a more conscious life, you can speed up your manifestation, and you can manifest deliberately.

That's what my channel is all about! It's about creating the life you want and not the life other people want.

Today's rule is basically the key to unlock this manifestation process. Now let's go into each part in the manifestation process!

Factor #1, (the first piece of the pie. The first 1/3 of every manifestation) is divine timing.  YES! Divine timing is so important, and most people with today's scientific minds just don't understand this.

For example, let's say some musicians come up with a great piece of music five years ago. The music is adored by many and becomes world famous. Then, after a couple of years, when they attempt to create another great piece of music, somehow nobody likes to listen to them anymore. That's because the timing of when they are putting out these new pieces of music is off.

We're talking here about manifesting with the divine, with the universe - because you know that when you're manifesting from your ego only, things can go wrong. When you're manifesting in harmony with the entire universe though, that is much more powerful - that's what I have been teaching all about! 

It's not about manifesting only from your ego if you want your manifestation to come into physical existence. The right timing has to be present. Does that mean that if your right timing is five years from now, you can't manifest anything? Thankfully - and strangely - the answer is no. Read on.

My guides are telling me that in ultimate reality there is only one moment in time - the now. There is only one divine time, and it is right now. Take a moment and picture yourself as a point of consciousness traveling through space and time.

If you're just a single point of consciousness, like your ego perceives, you have to zigzag through this gigantic quantum soup to find that single point of "divine timing." That is a very hard thing to do of course! Most people will never find that point because the universe is SO vast.

However, imagine jumping out of that single point of consciousness reality, and becoming ONE with the divine. If you become one with the entire "pie," then EVERY moment becomes divine - That is what you need to do.

That's why I talk so much about the power of meditation. Most people can't even sit down quietly for two minutes. They can't access this divine Oneness if that's the case! If you keep practicing meditation however, eventually you'll come to a point in which you become one with the divine. Then divine timing becomes an unsealed secret. You really have to be there and experience it for yourself.

Factor #2 (or the second piece of the pie - the second 33.33333333% - of your manifestation process) is the right space.  I know someone - and you might too - who is not in a good place (geographically) when they are born. Then they grow up however, and move to the other side of the planet. All of a sudden everything starts to work for them! The person I know that experienced this is actually me! :)

I also know people who do really well in their hometown and when they leave their hometown, guess what? Everything starts to fall apart. So they ended up returning to their hometown. There are a lot of people like that. 

This means that we all have a divine space in which things can happen for us. Just observe your own life. You can see the tendency is there. Most people in the manifestation community do not talk much about divine space, but it's actually a really interesting topic.

For the past few months, I have been sinking my teeth into the traditional Chinese art of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui. They focus a lot of attention on how you arrange your space to achieve an energy lift.

I'll talk more about that in my future blogs. I feel like I need to learn more about it first. Learning about it however, is really eye-opening.

It has made me realize that there are people who can not manifest what they want simply because the place in which they find themselves is not the right place for them. Should they move to a different city, or maybe to a different country,t things could change for them. Others moved away from somewhere and they can't manifest - maybe they should just move back home.

So think about this for yourself because this does play a very important role in your life - in your manifestation practice.

Now On Spotify: 

Factor #3 (or the final piece of the pie- the last 33.33333% - of all manifestation) is the right YOU. This is the part where you develop the ability needed for achieving a certain goal.

For example, let us say you want to become a great pianist. What you need to do is practice the piano, right? If you want to become an actor, you do need to practice acting skills. Or, if you need to become a good businessman, you must make sure you understand the basics of business, right?

This doesn't mean that you need to struggle very hard and punish yourself to learn the new skills. It does mean however that you need to have the skills and the abilities required for whatever field you're trying to manifest for yourself.

If you want to manifest $200 in the mail you don't have to learn anything. What I'm referring to here is the process of transforming your entire life.  It's not just about getting a hundred dollars in the mail, or winning a $5,000 lottery.

You may think it's really cool to manifest quick money like that, but we need to go beyond that. You must ask yourself, "What do I want to do with my life?" That's why my guides are saying that the last 33.333333% is the right YOU, or the right people, or the right connections. But wait - how could "you," "the right people," and / or "the right connections," be put all together?

You and others are one! Let's say I'm trying to start a YouTube channel. If I don't manifest you watching these videos then they mean nothing, right? So this is the same thing. When you're watching my videos, I have to exist for you in order for you to understand these concepts. You see, we are all intertwined in this quantum soup of manifestation.

So everybody around you is actually part of your manifestation. This means manifesting the right people, and the right connections, are also part of the natural manifestation process. 

If you can see yourself as one with others, then the right people will fall in the right place to give you the right skills to give you the right abilities or to give you the right opportunities to manifest! 

To Summarize:

The first part is your manifestation comes from the right timing, and you need to cultivate that through meditation - through practicing any of the manifestation techniques that I teach. That is the mystical part. That is the part that your ego really can't get to no matter how hard it tries. This is how the universe works. You can manifest with the Universe by meditating, by praying, or by practicing different techniques I often discuss. 

The 2nd part of the 33.333333333% comes from being in the right space, the right place.

The 3rd part of 33.3333333% is the right YOU, or the right people.

The 33.3333333% rule corresponds with the ancient Chinese book written by Mencius where He too discussed how important these 3 factors are: 

The timing, the divine space, and the divine people, or the divine you. Don't you think that it's just about you going out for a specific goal because It's about the flow of divine energy, vibration, and frequencies.

Each 33.333333% will offer you a piece of your manifestation, now it's up to you to put it together. 

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