What is missing in law of Attraction?

What is really missing in the law of attraction today? Let's discuss this and hopefully, we can help you fill that missing link and help you manifest your dream life. 

I want to start this discussion with a question that I want you to ask yourself. 

"How successful do you think you are as a law of attraction practitioner? what kinds of things or desires have you manifested for yourself?"

Another question is, have you manifested everything you wanted?

I want to tell you something that nobody in this law of attraction community is really talking about.

The truth is: Nobody, not a single person, not a single master, has ever manifested a hundred percent everything their ego perceives as what they want.

This may sound blunt, maybe some people pretend that this is not true, but this is true and I can say it from my own experience.

There is a reason when certain things don't happen to you, and that doesn't necessarily mean that you are a bad law of attraction practitioner. The way that the secret book is preaching to you, that whole approach, in my opinion, is flawed. There are certain things that are missing.

And if you don't see these missing links, no matter how hard you practice, no matter how many times you repeat your affirmations, or no matter what kind of subliminal you hear, it's going to be very hard for you to manifest your desires.

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The First missing link is that a lot of people see that they are their ego or they are their conscious mind,

Oftentimes when you set out to manifest something, that thing you think you're manifesting is not your True desire.

Why do I say that?

I see those kinds of desires all the time and those desires are simply not aligned with your soul's deepest desire.

For example, I see a lot of people telling me, "Karin, I just want to raise my nose bridge..."  If you find a perfectly beautiful person and the person is not alive, no matter how beautiful their nose is, it's going to look terrible when it's just laying there.

Everything that your ego tells you that it wants, it's never the entire picture.

When you think that you want a nose that looks different, what you really want is to be radiant from your divine beauty.

When you say that, "Oh, I just want to manifest $2,000" what you really want is that feeling of freedom of abundance. The feeling that everything just comes to you freely and abundantly.

So the number one missing link of a lot of law of attraction approaches is that you're not focusing on the right desire.

You are focusing on your ego. I want you to really separate out what your ego wants from what your souls want.

Because guess what? Your soul's desires, your soul's pure desires are bound to happen. You cannot NOT manifest that. Even if you don't get it this lifetime. You get it next lifetime. Those desires are going to be manifested. However your ego's desires, either they're not manifested or they change.

How many times have you thought that, Oh, this is my dream house, And once you move in, you get another dream house, right? Or "this is the man or woman of my life". But once you are married to them, you want someone else... Human's ego-minds always change. It's not possible to satisfy every single ego's desires.

The second missing link of the law of attraction is the concept of compassion.

Compassion is a very important Buddhist concept. It's this feeling of being one with something. That is the divine feeling that a lot of law of attraction practitioners are missing.

Because guess what? You're so focused on your ego's desires, you're cut off from this oneness because when you think that you are separate from others, you are identifying with your ego. And when you are identifying with your ego, you are not going to be able to tap into your soul's desires. You're not going to be able to feel compassionate.

A lot of people say the law of attraction is all about "I manifest my own life, I'm responsible for everything." Sometimes when other people are going through hard times, some beginner law of attraction practitioner would say, "well, they manifested that."

It's as if they did something wrong. But here's the thing, from your ego point of view, there is no way to truly, truly judge what is really good and what is really bad.

Sometimes certain things may seem negative like what we're going through right now collectively, this Coronavirus is causing a lot of tragedies, financial problems, stress, and panic, right?

When you look at the suffering, some countries are going through and if you just say, "Oh it's their problem, they manifested that"... you're missing the point.

Compassion is actually linked to the manifestation of your true desire because your soul is here to manifest this oneness - the oneness of you and others. When others are suffering, you are suffering as well.

That's why I have been really spending a lot of time trying to send out healing energy to the world.

And I know that the more we do this together, the more we can heal the world, we can alleviate the suffering.  Our mother earth is going through a major transformation right now. There's something big happening all around the world.

In the next couple of weeks when we're going through this collectively, I want you to temporarily put down your ego's desires and instead, focus on this oneness,  focus on healing and focus on sending out energy to others, focusing on becoming more compassionate.

Focus from the place of, I understand your suffering. Let me give you a hug.

Don't think "Oh, they manifested it. I'm not going to manifest that." You know what? You really don't know what we are collectively manifesting on a higher level. And you also don't know how much of that collective manifestation is impacting each one of you.

So don't be arrogant. Don't be judgemental. Don't say that it's their problem.

Instead, let's all focus on healing this world. And let's all focus on using this as an opportunity to start a brand new chapter of our world.

let's use this as an opportunity to practice compassion.


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