I Used This One Weird Manifestation Method For 7 Days (And Then This Happened)

Today let me share with you a weird hack that I learned from a Japanese lady and the result of this method is pretty shocking. Let me tell you about it!

I got into a big problem

A couple of weeks ago I got into a little bit of a problem with my Amazon business. Some of you may know that I own an Amazon FBA business, and I've been doing this for the past four years. The business is pretty passive, and pretty stable. Once in a while though, I do have problems coming my way. So a couple weeks ago - I got into a pretty big problem.

Basically - all of sudden - Amazon shut down one of the variations of my products with no explanation. Without warning, my revenue dropped by 20% because they shut down this particular product. Weirdly, this was one of the variations within my whole brand, and the other variations were fine. Amazon often does things that are totally unpredictable, and sometimes you can't even argue with them. So of course I started this tedious process of trying to figure out what happened. In the past, when I first started my business, I remember when I had a problem like this, I would panic. I thought the sky was going to fall. These days though, I realize that I've been through so many of these instances. I know that every time I have a problem, there is a bigger solution. Usually, these bigger solutions are worthwhile to discover as I work through the problem. So in this case I was like, "Okay, you give me this problem. Let me see, what can I do?" So I asked my spirit guides, I asked the universe, "What should I do next?" I didn't really get an answer immediately. So I just kept going on with my life.

My Great Inspiration

Then on that day I remember the YouTube algorithm pushed this video to me. It was a beauty video from some Japanese news channel. I'm always interested in beauty videos - just one of my hobbies. This particular program was about anti-aging. It discussed how these ladies look amazing even though they're in their fifties, sixties, and even seventies. In the video, they're interviewing these older ladies and they still look fabulous and youthful.

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One of the ladies who was being interviewed was asked about her secret to youth and beauty. She said she does this exercise every night before bed - she goes through her entire body in her mind, every part of her body. She just thanks her body part by part. I thought, wow, this is very interesting. When I was watching this program it was about beauty. This was about anti aging. I thought this is something that I could do because, obviously, I'd like to look like her when I'm in my sixties! So I said, "You know what, I'm going to start doing this tonight." So I started this technique for beauty purposes.

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That night as I was falling asleep, I started scanning my body. I started with my eyebrows, and I thanked my eyebrows. I thanked my eyes. I thanked my nose. I thanked my mouth, my face, my head, my brain. I went through anything I could think of in my body, part by part. I also thanked my heart, and my lungs. I'm no doctor, and maybe I don't know exactly where my organs are, but I tried my best. I thanked my liver. I thanked my kidney. I thanked every part of my body. Then I fell asleep. That was the first night, and when I woke the next morning, I felt really, really good. I felt more energetic. I had a really good night's sleep. The next night I decided to do it again. During that process, I started to get divine inspiration. It's like my spirit guides talking to me.

My Weird Manifestation Method

I was told that this could be modified into a manifestation process. I was like, "how is that?" I was then told that at the end of this process, once I'm done thanking every part my body, I can bring the energy back into my heart. I can then visualize my heart becoming a flower. Within that flower, I visualize the scene I want to manifest. Mentally, I looked at that flower. I Imagined that to be whatever flower I could think of at that time. To me it was a lotus flower because I always love Lotus flowers in Buddhism. They talk a lot about Lotus flowers.

I visualized that my desire became a Lotus flower. My guides told me to water it with gratitude. I then started to focus all of the gratitude that I had sent out to every part of my body onto this flower in my heart - the Lotus flower.

On that flower, I asked my guides to help me solve this business problem because Amazon just shut down one of my products. I didn't know why it happened and I got no answers when I tried to call them. I didn't know what the solution could be. I said, "I would like to manifest a solution to my problem." After I did that, I just visualized that the lotus flower was dissolving in my heart and I fell asleep.

So the first half of the process was the beauty tip I got from the Japanese lady in the video. Basically, you thank every part of your body. At the end of the process, visualize your heart opening up. It becomes a flower and you can make it into whatever flower you want. Then you're going to see your desire in that flower.

Then, focus your attention there for a few minutes until you drift into sleep. That's what I did and I really, really liked the process. I did it without much attachment because I know that when I want to manifest something, I don't want to be too attached. I wasn't impatiently expecting any results. I was simply enjoying the process, and I did it for 7 days. If I count the very first day - the day when I only did the first half (from the video) - it was 8 days. This manifestation technique that I'm encouraging you to try however, was done for exactly 7 days.

Five days into this process, the product that had been shut down suddenly became active again. There was no explanation! I was still going through the official reinstatement process with Amazon.

Keep in mind that this process normally takes a few weeks. Five days into it however, nobody had told me anything, and the product suddenly came back. I knew it was some kind of miracle. I kept up the process though because I hadn't officially heard back from Amazon and I didn't want to risk the listing getting shut down again. I wanted to get official word from Amazon that the product would be reinstated. About 7 days later, they sent me an official email saying they decided to reinstate the product! This was really a neat process because it only took about 7 days!!

It took much less time than it normally does to get issues like this fixed. I know a lot of people get into these problems in the Amazon world. Many of them lose their business this way. I'm just so grateful that my problem was resolved and my revenue is back and everything is back to normal.

I would like for you to try this process for the next 7 days, or maybe even for the next 30 days. When I first started I did this out of fun, out of joy, and out of curiosity. My guides are telling me that this process is really good for people who want to manifest a change of appearance. This is because, obviously, when I started doing it, it was a beauty manifestation process, right? So if you want to manifest beautiful skin, weight loss, or if you want to look more beautiful, more radiant, more healthy, this is the perfect process for you. If what you want has nothing to do with beauty, try it anyway, because the most important thing is the gratitude you send out to yourself.

When you can send gratitude to every part of your body, your body will start radiating that divine magic - that divine magic is all you need. At the end, the process is so powerful because that flower is really the flower of divine magic. You're literally watching it and allowing it to grow in your life. Definitely try this technique and let me know in the comments down below that you're onboard! Also let me know once you've manifested your dreams!

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