Manifest Weight Loss in Just 2 Minutes with EFT

In this 2 minute EFT round, I'll show you the basics of tapping and share one of my favorite ways to tap for weight loss! Feel free to repeat it for a few more rounds until you feel you a greater sense of non attachment, and wait to see miracles in your life!

To learn more about EFT, read this blog post!

You can use this script below to tap a few more rounds and amplify the magic!

Karate: Even though am not at my ideal weight, I am ready to accept myself as I am and I deeply and completely love and honor myself.


Even though my ideal body seems so far away, I know the potential is there and I’m grateful for the body I do have now.


Eyebrow: I understand that through fully accepting who I am, I am beginning to tear down the resistance blocking me.


Side of Eye: I understand that through loving myself fully, I am able to change on a deeper level.


Under Eye: The universe is simply waiting for me to open myself to more love in order to change anything I want. 


Under Nose: Radical acceptance of myself as I am will lead to radical change of my appearance, and I know it!


Chin: My beautiful body at an ideal weight already exists within me. 


Collarbone: I am like a sculpture and the universe is chipping away what is not me.


Under Arm: Getting to my ideal weight is easy and natural for me.


Top of Head: I can’t wait to see how the universe surprises me with dramatic weight loss I’ve never experienced before, and it is happening RIGHT NOW!

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