Warning: December 2020- Something BIG Is Coming

December 2020 is going to be huge! In this blog post, I'll explain my prediction using Western and Chinese astrology and share with you how to get prepared for it!

When I first started to help clients manifest their dream lives, I tried to stay away from predictions or astrology because I don't want to give people the wrong idea - the idea that reality is fixed, and that their future is programmed by some kind of "angry gods" sitting in heaven. That's just not what I believe. I believe that reality is not fixed, and that you have the power to bend and reshape your reality. You have the power to manifest your future. My belief in that has never changed.

At the same time however, I'm also very fascinated by astrology. In the last 10 years I've been studying Western astrology. During the last couple of years I also began studying Chinese astrology, and Chinese numerology. I believe these ancient studies provide amazing insight to help us manifest our dream lives.

You may be confused. You may be saying, "well Karen, if you don't believe that reality is fixed - if you don't believe that the future can be predicted - then why do you even bother to study this stuff? Why do you believe these things really have meaning?" So here's what I think:

Imagine you want to build a house. The completed house is your manifestation. You can build the house however you want. However, there are only certain kinds of materials that you can use to build the house, right? I don't know a lot about construction but I do know that you can build only using certain elements.

It's exactly the same way with the universe. Everything seems to be so complicated. However, the fundamental building substance of everything in our universe is just a few elements. In Western astrology, they talk about the four elements. They talk about fire, earth, water, and air. In Eastern astrology, including Chinese numerology, they talk about five elements. Yes, they're slightly different. However, if you look at them deeply, they actually all point to the same thing.

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I have used both of these studies to help me understand what kind of energy I'm dealing with right now in my life. I'm also using astrology to help me understand what humanity is going through collectively. These energy patterns are predictable.

However - and this is a very important point - how you use the energy is entirely up to you. That's why, at the end of 2019, I made a blog post about my 2020 predictions. Even though I call it a prediction, I want you to understand that prediction doesn't mean that the future is fixed. Prediction doesn't mean that a certain event is inevitable, it simply means that we can find out where the energy is going, and we can flow with it. So with that in mind, let's talk about December 2020. In order to talk about this, first we have to talk a bit about this whole year, 2020. After all, we're all in the middle of it, right?

We're all feeling that this year is drastically different. It's like I explained in last year's blog post:  This year is really a portal for outgoing old energy, and a passage into a new reality. Going through the portal can be really difficult. Astrology has provided us some amazing insights about this year.

According to Western astrology, the planets Saturn and Pluto are in conjunction in the sign of Capricorn. I want you to understand that Pluto is a very special planet because it moves through the 12 Zodiacs very, very slowly. It takes Pluto 250 years to go through all 12 Zodiac signs.

Pluto is the sign of a deep planet-wide transformation. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008. We're going to have Pluto go through Capricorn all the way to 2024. So during these years, what does Pluto do? When Pluto goes through a specific sign, it transforms that specific area.

I'm fascinated with the journey of Pluto because Pluto can pretty much tell us where humanity is going. So Pluto is now in Capricorn - an earth sign - the sign of structure, physical reality - basically everything that is heavy and "Earthy" is here. So we're dealing with a transformation of our physical reality - our physical society, our governments, our corporations, the global supply chain - these types of things.

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January 2020 brought about a major occurrence. Pluto joining hands in Capricorn with the planet of Saturn. Saturn travels through all 12 Zodiacs every 30 years. Saturn is the planet of reality. So Pluto and Saturn are hammering the sign of Capricorn. That's why in 2019 I had said that 2020 is going to be completely different. You can see this now. January 2020 was the time when the Coronavirus first broke out in China, right? That was sort of the beginning.

When everybody started to find out about it just look at what it's done to our society! Complete transformation, right? Many people's lives are completely different. They're changed forever. I know that there are a lot of tragedies happening, but there are also positive transformations happening as well.

As a result of this pandemic, we have had to learn how to communicate remotely with each other. Now we can become less attached to our physical jobs - to jobs that tie us down, right? Now we are a little bit more ready to explore everything in the virtual world. That's what these two signs have been doing this year. Once we come into December 2020, the position of Pluto will not have moved much because remember Pluto is really slow as it travels through the 12 signs. However, the planet Saturn will have already moved through Capricorn.

In December 2020 Saturn will be in Aquarius. Guess who else is waiting for Saturn there? Planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of expansion - good luck, and great things. Exuberance! BUT, Jupiter is not happy when Jupiter meets with Saturn. Saturn is the planet of contraction - of physical reality - of stuff that ties you down. So it's like Jupiter wants to expand, but Saturn wants to contract. It can feel like there is a war going on between freedom and totalitarianism - now think again about what has been happening in our world.

We can see that this tension is going to grow as we approach December 2020 because - on December 20th, 2020 - Jupiter and Saturn form an exact conjunction. Keep in mind that world events do not always happen on the exact same day of the conjunction. They may happen a few days before, or a few days after. Around that time however - December 20th, 2020 - we may see something dramatic. 

It could be some kind of a war breaking out, or the culmination of this struggle between freedom and totalitarianism. Anyway, heading towards December 20th, 2020, we may see a culmination of this energy. Remember Pluto is still there too. Pluto is still sitting there giving energy to this great struggle between Saturn and Jupiter, between contraction and expansion, freedom, and totalitarianism. So this is some very strong energy that is happening.

Now let's look at Eastern astrology. In Chinese astrology this year 2020 is the year of gold/metal and water. In Chinese astrology, gold/metal gives life to water and makes water stronger. Also according to Chinese astrology, the first half of the year is ruled by the first element, which is gold/metal. The second part of the year is ruled by the second element, which is water. Remember here that we're talking about the ancient Chinese calendar which is not exactly the same as the one we are using.

So right now we're heading into the second half of this Goldwater year. According to the Chinese calendar, we're already seeing a lot of water - a lot of flooding in many parts of the world for example. The gold energy is actually the energy that rules our lungs. Isn't it interesting that the COVID-19 virus attacks our lungs? This gold energy will give more life to what will happen in the second half of the year:  It is going to maximize the water energy. Now the water element in Chinese astrology represents a lot of different energy patterns. It could be floods, it could be an infectious disease, or it could be a different kind of pandemic. It could even be a mutation of this virus. If you look at Jupiter and Saturn in their fight (from Western Astrology), Jupiter may even represent a cure, right?

This is a lot of stuff going on - So what is going to be the end result?

I believe that Jupiter is probably gonna win because Jupiter is in Aquarius and Aquarius is the energy of openness and freedom. It supports energy with Jupiter. You see the whole entire 2020 serves as a portal for us to move from an old world to the new world. It is very painful. However, pain is necessary. It's like a growing pain for all of us right now.

You may be asking, "How is this energy going to impact me personally?" Well, you can go to any astrology website and enter your birth date, your birth time, and create a birth chart. On that chart, you can find out where Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto energies affect your life. This means you can discover which house this is happening at! That house should be your focus during the time of December 2020.

I want you to start becoming prepared for all this. Maybe look into that area of your life right now and start thinking, how can I change? How can I let go?

For example- for me - Capricorn is my 10th house. That's my house of career. So starting 2018, I was already shifting into what I'm doing now. I started this channel in 2018 because I saw this energy coming. I knew that physical reality, physical products, physical jobs are all gonna become something else. That's why I wanted to start spreading my message online through the virtual world. You see, if you understand the energies, you can actually plan your life accordingly.

It's just like if you know a hurricane is coming, you put up the shutters and stay inside. If you have a house that is not very sturdy, and you don't have hurricane shutters,  or if you go outside when the hurricane hits, you are going to be impacted badly, aren't you?

So that's the whole point of playing with these energies. Remember the universe is a benevolent place. As we move through the ups and downs of these energy patterns know that the universe only wants us to be loved, and all of these things are just here to help us manifest our dream life in the best way that suits us.

It may sound crazy. But whatever you're going through is necessary. If you want to see the deeper energy pattern, and if you want to see the deeper knowledge and the deeper insights, book a reading with me by clicking here or use the button below.

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