Using Water to Manifest | Powerful Gratitude Affirmation Unveiled

Author: Carmen Alicia Roman

Manifesting like never, before and constantly. Using the magic of water. Water is such a powerful manifestation tool. Water actually absorbs energy, whatever energy you give it will be boosted.

Using affirmations with water.

Take a bottle of water 

Speak your chosen affirmations exactly 108 times into the bottle of water. (magic number in Buddhism)

What is important is your state of being when and while you are speaking your affirmations and the affirmation you speak. They must be in a positive tone of energy.

After you have spoken your affirmations 108 times, pour half of the bottle into a cup and just drink that portion instead of drinking all of the water in the bottle. You need to save half of that bottled water with the spoken affirmations, to carry over for the next day.

And the following day fills the rest of the bottle with water again and speak your 108x affirmations into the water again. And once again just drink half of the bottle of affirmation water leaving the half for the following day to add more water and speak another 108x same affirmation.  Repeat every single day for 90 days!

The reason to do this is so the power of affirmations stays and expands in the bottle, so the next day your affirmations are still in the bottle growing and multiplying. This way you are actually preserving and growing the affirmations in the bottle as the days continue. 

Do this for 90 days and continue saying the affirmations you are working within this bottle.  Some results might be seen after 7 days but for others, it might be too soon for real results to be seen or noticed.

The technique is one thing, but your affirmations are very important. Be careful of what you speak as affirmations.

In Karin’s case: She wanted financial abundance because she started her own business about a 1 ½ ago and really wanted that business to succeed. So, she used a lot of affirmations and Law of Attraction techniques and the business is doing really, really well. And now she is a position that she is no longer chained to a desk 9 to 5. She works out of her own home every single day of her life. She is happy with the abundance in her life but is feeling a little burned out with a shortage of time. In the past, she has always asked for money. And now she realizes that money is a bunch of paper. 

She realized maybe she asks for is her freedom and grace and maybe what she wants is not just success and financial abundance, but maybe also feel the feeling of freedom and everything flowing without her. 

So her new affirmation is 

 “Thank you for the infinite grace and freedom in my life that makes everything flow. I am now successful with grace, ease, and freedom.”

So she has now been focusing on more grace, more ease, and freedom. 

After 7 days she has noticed all little things don’t bother her anymore. She has noticed more peace and happiness. She will continue with this for 90 days to see what the results are. 

So do this for 90 and see the results!

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    Hi i am 19 years of old and i am glad to found a beautiful author on internet n that’s you i love your every blog you are doing well nice to know you mam ,since I know about law of attraction it’s Totally changed my life I am proud of myself of who i am love you by the way

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