Manifest Your Dream Home with TTSEA Method

Today I want to share with you a brand new method to help you manifest your dream home fast. I've used this step-by-step system to manifest my dream home (the one I’m living in now) and I've also used this to help many of my clients to manifest their dream homes. I call this method TTSEA.


This method has five steps and each letter of TTSEA represents one step. Make sure you read till the end because the last step is the most important one!


Key concept - the essence of your dream home


Before we go into the five steps, we need to first clarify the key concept behind the steps. If you don't understand the principle of manifesting, these steps are not going work. 


When you want to manifest your dream home, what are you really manifesting?  You may be saying, well, Karin, I want to manifest this beautiful mansion. I want to manifest specific furniture. I want to manifest specific things in my house… Yes those are all very important, however,  all of these things and the concrete structure that we call home are just there to support how you feel. The key to manifesting is that you have to tap into how you would like to feel in your dream home.


Manifesting dream home could be a tricky thing because houses have energies and the souls. Trust me, I’ve talked to many people who are in the real estate industry and I've heard stories about people who move into a beautiful home, and soon after they move in there they start to lose all their money. I've also heard of people who have moved into a modest home, but the energy in the home is so good and they started manifesting their dreams in every area of life.


Manifesting a dream home is not just about manifesting this concrete structure. It’s about manifesting the concrete structure that expresses the feeling you would like to feel. I call it “the essence of what you want “.


Now want you to take a few moments and ask yourself: what are the feelings I would like to feel in this home? Is it freedom? Is it security? Is it comfort? How would I describe this feeling?


Don't just describe these feelings with individual words. Try to describe them with complete sentences . If you have a good sentence please post below! This is the most important step. This is the foundation of your manifestation.


The TTSEA method is all about helping you generate these feelings. I will give you specific steps to help you tap into these feelings. 




What does TTSEA stand for? 


The first T represents TEXTURE.


Often times we have trouble getting into the feeling place because the feeling is just something in our head, right? Many people are just not very imaginative and they just can't really get into that feeling. Therefore they pretend that they have that feeling. You could probably fake a lot of things but you can't fake that deepest feeling within. That's the feeling that only you know and the universe know.


Most people use their mind to tap into their feelings because mind and feelings tend to be more related, right? The mind is infinite. The mind is not concrete. The mind is not something you can see and touch. Feeling seems like the same thing, right?  But mind and feeling are very very different.  Mind is based on the brain, and feelings are from the heart.


If you try to tap into a feeling using your mind, oftentimes you're either faking the feeling, or you just simply can't get there. That’s why I like to tap into feeling using concrete things you can see and touch.


 Your subconscious mind will only regard something as real if you can see and touch it. Now I’m holding a lipstick that  I can see and touch, therefore my subconscious mind knows that it is real, right? If I'm only closing my eyes and thinking about it my subconscious mind just doesn't get it.


That's why I want you to start with the step of Texture. Go into details about the texture of your dream. First Imagine you're touching the wall of your dream home. Now imagine you're touching the floor, and now imagine you're touching different furniture and different areas of your home . Ideally you should go into a big store where they sell everything in the home, go in there and just touch the material they use to build the wall and touch the material they use to build your dream furniture. You can go into a furniture store and just touch it. If you could ask them to give you a piece of the sample of the material. A lot of contractors will give you a piece of the flooring material they use. Go get these samples and put them around you and touch them often.


Through touch, your subconscious mind is going to be trained to realize that your dream home is real. Only when it thinks it's real, it will bring it into the reality. Remember, your conscious mind is not the one that's manifesting, even though your conscious mind is the only mind that you're familiar with. Don't use your conscious mind to manifest. It doesn't work! You have to tap into the power of your subconscious mind!


Step 2


The second T in TTSEA stands for Temperature.


Most of us are never really aware of what temperature does to us. We're just used to living in a specific temperature. Actually, when you're in your dream home the temperature is always pleasant. Just a few weeks ago  I went to visit a relative who lives just about 500 miles north of me. They happen to have a cold front there when I visited.  I'm used to this warm temperature here in South Florida. Although the house I was visiting was very nice, I just couldn't really enjoy it because the temperature is so uncomfortable.


 I want you to think of a temperature of your dream home, and feel it. If your warm blanket brings that temperature put it around you. If a cup of warm tea or hot coffee reminds you of that temperature, drink it while visualization your dream home.  All we need to do is to trick our subconscious mind to feel comfortable. The right temperature does wonders!  


Step 3


Step three in TTSEA is S.  


S stands for smell. The ability to smell properly is actually a very important part of our happiness. You probably take this for granted but wait till you get COVID!  I've talked to a few people who had COVID and they all tell me that it's horrible to lose the sense of smell. When you don’t have the sense of smell, you can't even eat, because everything tastes like rubber when you lost the sense of smell. Oftentimes when we go into a stranger's house we can smell their house, right? Smell is not just a positive or negative thing. Smell has so many different variations and if you want to train yourself to become a manifesting genius, you must train your sense of smell. Take your dog with you to your dream neighborhood and pretend that you're walking the dog there. Just visualize yourself getting that energy, and try to smell the neighborhood and remember that smell. 


You can also ask yourself: What would  I like to smell within my house?

Go to any aroma therapy place and get some scent that you will be using in your dream home, and start using it now.  Manifesting is not about manifesting something in the future. You're always manifesting right now, instantly! You have to bring the smell of your dream home into this present moment.

Step 4


The next letter is E.


E stands for essence of what you want.


 We already talked about the essence in the beginning of this blog before we started talking about the steps, right? All of these steps I just talked about are just gateways that take you into the essence of what you want.


 Now let's bring this all together: every day before you sit down to meditate, get a piece of the sample we talked about that represents the texture of your dream home, and get something that smells like your dream home and also get something that reminds you of the temperature of your dream home.  We talked about all of that and put those things near you before you get into a meditative state. Just touch, feel and smell them,   and then you go into your meditation.


In your meditation you will easily slip into the essence of what you want if you have done your homework. Now you're in the essence what you want.


if you need help getting into a meditative state, I have created a short meditation that will guide you through this process. Just click this link here to download it for free!


Step 5


Here comes the last step, which is the most important step.


Now let's talk about the letter A in the TTSEA system. A stands for Anchor.


You need to anchor the essence of what you want into your body. How do you do that?  This is an NLP technique (neuro-linguistic programming).

Using this technique you can program your body to feel the essence of what you want.  Here’s how to do it: First, get into the essence of your dream home, and then, I just put my thumb and my middle finger together. Put some pressure on it. Alternatively, you could push a certain part of your body. You can use one of the EFT tapping points or any spot on your body that feels right, such as the third eye area or your heart area. It's up to you. If you don't know where to push just use the same method that  I use. I like to push my thumb and middle finger together.


When you do this you're anchoring the essence of what you want into your body. Throughout the day when you're not meditating, you can do this as often as you want. Every time you push the anchoring area, you are going to be reminded of the feeling that you anchored there.


Now you know the most comprehensive and the most powerful way to manifest your dream home. Happy manifesting!


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