Try This Affirmation With The 3 Magic Words! Works Fast and Life Changing!

I'm so excited to share with you a 3-word affirmation that has been a game-changer for me. I believe no matter what you want to manifest, and no matter where you are on your journey, this is going to change your life and help you manifest more of what you want!

Using this affirmation early on, you may not feel its power, but as you continue using it more often, (give it at least 7 days) you are going to feel different. And once you start to feel different, your energy will flow differently and things will start coming into your experience.

I have been thinking about affirmations quite a bit lately, especially since a lot of viewers ask me to give them affirmations they can use. For the past 20 years, I have been writing affirmations for myself and for others. Some of you all have received affirmations from me recently. It's crazy to think that I've probably written thousands of them after 20 years!

Over time though I began noticing that some of my affirmations were getting longer, and more complex. Recently during one of my meditations, my spirit guide told me I need to practice 2 things. One is to simplify, and two is to put it down.

Simplify means - "The greatest wisdom comes from just a few simple words." You don't need to have a very fancy affirmation because you don't have to worry about the universe not understanding you. There are times we write really long and fancy affirmations because our ego is worried that if we don't get specific enough, the universe won't get it. That is not true because the universe is much bigger and much more intelligent than our ego.

What my guides have been telling me is that I need to simplify my affirmations, and condense them into few words.

Put it down means - "Put down my ego and all of those complicated things. Simply return to stillness, the present moment, and gratitude."

This is about returning to the basics. It is okay to expand your practice but I don't want your practice to become too fancy or too complicated. In that process, you could lose the most precious thing,- your direct connection to God, to the universe.

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The most important thing is to simplify and return to the basics.

Basically put down the complexity and return to the true source, the true wisdom that is within you. This is something you already have.

With that being said, the 3 words-affirmation that I was inspired to share is very simple. "I am enough."

Remember, you already have enough of everything you want. Believe it or not, you may feel lack but that's a feeling that stems from illusion. It is manufactured

by your ego - it could be coming from a group consciousness around you.

Understand that you are enough. You are enough. You have enough because the true nature of yourself is already abundant. The true nature of yourself is already everything you ever wanted. So by saying I am enough, you are returning to the basics. You are returning to the truth that you already have within.

You can create a few variations of this when you're troubled with money, for example. When you want to manifest more money. Instead of saying, "I want to have money, I have money," you can instead say: "I am enough money, or I have enough money."

I like to affirm with the words "I am." This is because when you say "I am," you go within instead of projecting out. You can also say, "I have" enough of whatever you want.  It will work however you want to do it - whatever makes you feel comfortable - as long as the important three words I am enough are in there.

There are three ways you can use these three words and bring out the best of this affirmation.

The 1st way is to use it in 3-6-9 method. The method is very simple. Every morning you write your affirmations 3 times, sometime during the day you do it 6 times, and before bed you do it 9 times. Instead of writing your own statements, try using "I am enough." 

Dropping all the controlling energy is key. The result will bring amazing changes - things you wanted and were so specific about - things you thought you had to command the universe to create - will show up in your life naturally. 

The 2nd way to use this is to record it with your own voice. You can download a recording app on your phone and record your voice saying.

I am enough. Repeat a number of times - maybe for three minutes. 

Then listen to it some time during the day. It can be while you're driving, when you're out for a walk, when you're about to fall sleep, or whenever you're alone and have time to listen to it. Use it like a subliminal - listen to your own voice telling you "I am enough, I am enough, I am enough."

The 3rd way to use this affirmation is to write it on post-it notes and just post it everywhere!

If you live with somebody, it may seem like a weird thing to do so you may want to have a conversation with them before you do it. But If you live by yourself, or if you have your own room, just put it all over the place. You can put in on a mirror so when you're washing your face, or putting on makeup, or combing your hair you can see it. It's good to have these three words everywhere to remind you that you are enough. You are what you want. You already have everything. You are already where you want to be. No more desperation and impatience. 

The most important thing here is to change how you flow your energy because when you are in a place of being desperate and impatient you're actually blocking the energy needed to manifest your dream life.

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