These Mistakes May Ruin Your Tesla Code 369 manifesting Method!

Today Let's dive deep into the 3-6-9 Tesla code manifesting method.

If you haven't watched the video on the Nikola Tesla 3-6-9 secret divine code manifesting method, read about it in this blog post.

Also, make sure you learn about the booster technique that takes only 5 minutes a day and it can triple your results!

Let's talk about some of the common pitfalls I see when people are trying to use this method to manifest their dream life.

Before I go into the potential pitfalls, I want to congratulate all of you who have already created success with this method. I know it's only been a few days and none of you have really completed 33 days yet,

I already saw, for example, Matty, he manifested a small lottery wins with 500 British pounds.

Also a shout-out for Hannah. Congratulations on manifesting an amazing job with a super-high salary.

I know this works. I know this has worked for me and is already working for a lot of you, and if you have any success stories, make sure you let me know and we will talk about your success stories in future videos.

After I uploaded this video, I get a lot of comments and email on the video with questions. I see a lot of questions like "Karen, can I manifest X, Y, Z with this method?"

X, Y, Z can be a million different things, Some of you want to have more money, some of you want to have a soulmate. Some of you want to have straighter hair or different shape of your head and all kinds of things, And my answer to you is: you can't put a limit on what this method can do. You can't put a limit on what the universe can do.

Watch the full video here:


Essentially, this method is just a tool to help you tap into your own manifesting genius. Okay? So it's not this method that manifested this method is just a vessel that will draw out your innate manifesting genius.

When you're manifesting, when you're writing your statement, remember that your 17-second statement, you can read it however you want, but I want to remind you to pay attention to essence, not forms.

Essence versus forms?

For example, getting a new job that is a form,  getting rid of a pimple or making $1 million, etc etc...anything that your lower mind, your egoistic mind can put a label on is a from. Anything that your lower mind can grasp as a concrete worldly condition is a form. I'm not saying the form is not important. The form is very important because through these forms we perceive our world.

However, the forms are not all. There is ESSENCE behind each form.

For example, behind a great job, there has to be a sense of satisfaction, a sense of freedom and the happiness that's related to the job. You could have the highest paid job, but let's say everybody treats you really badly and you don't get satisfaction from the job, then a job that other people may perceive as a good job may not be the one for you.

The other day I bought a bottle of perfume, and this is a perfect analogy. This bottle is really, really pretty, And I was drawn to this product because of the unique design of the bottle. Let's say that this bottle is the form, But what I like about it is not just the bottle but the essence of the perfume inside of this bottle.

Imagine if I go out and just buy an empty bottle. Initially, I'll be happy. Imagine this bottle doesn't have anything in it or it doesn't have the right scent, or it doesn't have the right perfume in it, would I still be happy with this product? Probably not.  On another hand, let's say this perfume was put in a plastic bag, sealed then gave to me. Would I even buy this? Probably not either. Right?

So the essence doesn't really exist without a form, just like the perfume can't really exist without a pretty bottle. But this pretty bottle is not everything.

That's why when you're writing your statement, Remember to focus on the essence. you can also mention the forms, you can say: "Thank you for my great job." But this statement alone is not enough. You also have to say something that gives you the satisfaction, feeling of love, appreciation, respect. You have to put in a feeling place in your statement because those feeling places are what the essence is.

And that's the 1st common mistake, your only focus on the form. You only focus on something that your ego can see. And sometimes it can get ridiculous. So sometimes I tell people, "don't worry too much about these forms because the forms can change. But essence can't. Your feelings stay and can't change. Once you can feel the joy, the happiness, the abundance, the freedom, the right bottle will just show up, to contain the essence inside." 

The 2nd mistake that I want to remind you is to pay attention to the energy-momentum. 

How do you create momentum? Is it from continuously writing three times in the morning, six times during the day and nine times before bed??

A lot of you have asked me, "Karin, can I do it at 6:00 PM" or  "can I skip a day?"

So here's the thing, you can do whatever you want because you're a free person. You have free will. But as you take these breaks, I don't want you to be super rigid. At the same time, when you deviate from the standard practice, make sure that you don't slow down the momentum.

For example, let's say you've been doing this for 10 days and you've been doing really well and one day you got home late, you missed your evening practice, or instead of practicing at 3:00 PM, you did at 9:00 PM. I will say that's totally okay as long as the next day you continue the flow.

Remember the momentum is like a flowing river. And what you don't want to do is to stop the momentum or slow down the momentum.

For example, if you miss multiple days and you feel that the energy stopped, then I really recommend you go back to day one and just start fresh and start the momentum again. 

When I first did it, I started to see things happening in my life on day 3 or day 4. Then around day 9 I actually see major movement in my desire direction.

That's when you know that the energy is moving and once the energy is moving, you have to keep pushing it. Until you reach your desired reality.

So in other words, the 2nd common mistake is lack of momentum.

The 3rd thing I want to remind you is that you need to show the universe that you are willing and open to manifest this.

You have to show willingness.

What is willingness? When you are doing this practice, you are entering into a sort of a manifesting contract with the universe and you know what? The universe doesn't need you to do anything. However, if you want to get what you want, you have to do something.

It doesn't really mean that you need to really labor hard, however, you have to show the universe that you are willing to do the work. That's why I see people asking me, can I do 21 days or can I do 16 days?

There are a million variations of what could add up to 3,6 and 9, but it's really not just about the divine numbers.

The numbers are here to help you amplify the energy, but your energy has to be in place.

Most people are already involved in a negative momentum when it comes to their manifestation goals. So if you are not really feeling anywhere near your manifestation goal or if you're not feeling anywhere near the positive essence of what you want to manifest, it takes time to show willingness.

Remember when you are arguing with this, you're not arguing with me because I don't care, you can either do it or not do it. You're really arguing with the universe. 

That being said,  if at any time during this process you see your desire being manifested, then you can quickly switch to another desire. Now start your counter from day one.

Let's say you don't want to do 33 days. You want to put a checkpoint at 21 days, maybe at 21 days you can just look back and see how you feel.

Do you feel the energy move?

Now, The final thing I'm going to share with you is about manifesting money and abundance. How to manifest more money with this method. Obviously, when I first tried this, I use the money in abundance as a test, right?

I manifested over $10,000. Many of you asked me if I can share with you my statement. 

I have a program called Choosing Abundance. That's a 30-day step by step system to help you manifest abundance.

I already put my statement in the class bonus. (See below). Once you're in the program, the statement is free.


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