Top Mistakes to avoid with Tesla Code 369 manifesting Method

Author: Desiree S

Common mistakes with the Tesla code 369

Did you try to manifest your desire with the Tesla code but didn´t get the expected results?

Here are some common mistakes to avoid.

In general every law of attraction method, every technique is just a tool that helps you to step in your manifestation genius. It´s not the tool which is manifesting, it is you. The more you practice, the more you get to know your own powers and how to handle them, the more success you going to have with all kinds of law attraction techniques.

Let's talk about the first mistake.

Essence vs. Form

Essence vs form what does this mean? The form is everything the conscious mind can grab, a specific wish for an example. „I want to get this particular job in this particular company“.

But what is the essence behind this desire or this wish? Probably feelings of satisfaction, happiness, and freedom.


What if you get this particular job and your boss is horrible, you have to work over timings every single day, don´t have any free time left and your colleagues aren´t nice either, will you be happy? Will you be satisfied? 

It is not about the form, its about the essence, which feelings are you yearning to feel. So while writing focus on the essence, be in a feeling place. Don´t make the mistake of focusing on the form only.

Forms usually change but the emotions, the essence behind it usually does not.

Second Mistake – Lack of momentum

Many people have asked if it is okay to skip on a day or do their writings at different timings.

It is okay if you do it one day a bit later because you had to work a little longer than expected or for whatever reason as long it won´t get a habit to do it irregularly.

What is important is to keep the powerful energy that you are creating in a flow. Do not stop the momentum, keep the flow.

Once you feel this energy has stopped cause you missed several days, go back to day 1 and start fresh again. It is important to have that energy to get the desired results.

So keep the momentum going and keep the energy flowing!

Third mistake – Are you willing and open to manifest?

If you desire something and really want to have it, you need to do something for it. You need to show the universe that you are willing and ready to work for your desire. Your energy needs to be in place. Show the universe you are ready, ready for more!

Fourth Mistake - Money and abundance

This mistake is basically the first one but it is worth mentioning again. If you want to manifest wealth, don´t just write down „I want to have one million dollars“. Focus on the feeling, pay attention to the essence. Focus on the feeling of abundance and freedom and not just on a particular amount you want to have.


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