Top 3 Mistakes that May Ruin Your Visualization!

Author: Carmen Alicia Roman

The top 3 mistakes people make when trying to manifest with visualization.

How do you know if your manifesting is effective and powerful? 

You can tell by the way you feel. When you are visualizing, the goal is that you feel that you are having the desires of already, instead of just having thoughts like a train running through the station and passed you by.

The difference between the true feeling of manifesting vs. just thought of manifesting Is that effective manifesting will bring the full feeling with all your heart and all senses such as smell, touch, sight, taste. It's not like watching a movie but rather being in it.

If you are unable to be in the feeling of manifestation, then you might be making one of these 3 mistakes. 


  1. Picking the wrong time to visualize because you are in the flow of lack, negative feelings, jealousy, insecurity, feeling overwhelmed or your mind is racing and not calm is certainly the wrong time. You might be in a lacking feeling or feeling insecure that may be kicking you out of the power to manifest what you are truly desiring. It washes manifesting and visualization right out the door.  Your mind will often visualize what you are feeling before it visualizes something that hasn’t yet manifested. This is where the Universe is telling you that you are needing healing. Start self-care, loving yourself and get yourself in the feeling and the flow. Practice the 17 seconds of gratitude, statement of gratitude continually for 17 seconds or longer.
  2. Visualizing in the wrong place. For example, is your place not quite enough, or is it cluttered with too much stuff or too noisy?  It is very important that you find or make a room where you can have peace and quiet to think and focus. Make this your main area for focusing on your visualizing. 
  3. Visualizing by the wrong person. You can't visualize correctly when you are not in the right mindset! Not being centered and aligned with your higher self is a major roadblock to effective visualization. Learn to focus your mind, develop your mental muscle just like working out at the gym building up your physical muscles. Once you have strengthened your meditation, you will start visualizing effortlessly. Mastering meditation gets you to the next steps of visualization. Meditation and visualization cannot be done at the same time. Meditation is about getting to the peaceful and powerful space within or stopping the train of thoughts so visualization can begin. While meditating, focus on breathing, relaxing and getting to a point of peace and release any and all negativity. Be in mindfulness and gratitude before you go into the visualization. 

In ancient China a philosopher called Mencius said:

To be successful with anything you need 3 factors: divine timing, the right place, and the right people

It can also be like going to the gym, you need to warm up first before you jump into the heavy workout. You need to be in the right state of mind in order to get the best results. Make sure you are starting your visualization at the right place, right time and be in the right mindset yourself!

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