This 2600 Year Old Secret Is 100x More Powerful Than The Book "The Secret!"

Today let's discuss a 2,600-year-old secret that is a thousand times more powerful than the book, The Secret.

Last week I posted something on the community post section of my YouTube channel and I mentioned that I'd been practicing the Law of Attraction for over 20 years.

Somebody did not like that post! They said, "The book The Secret only came out in 2006 - how can you be practicing longer than that?"

I can tell you for a fact that I am not being untruthful. I have been practicing the Law of Attraction well before that book was written. Actually the concept of the Law of Attraction is much older than The Secret.

Almost every ancient religion, or ancient spiritual practice, touches upon the kind of ideas outlined in the Law of Attraction - they just use different words. I believe that the person, or the entity, that put the Law of Attraction into a clear "new" concept is Abraham Hicks, and he started teaching back in 1990s. I found out about them in the late 1990's, or early 2000's.

And before meeting Abraham, my first knowledge about manifesting the life of my dreams was through the book, Conversations with God, by Neil Donald Wash. That book was written in 1990. So please don't limit your understanding of the Law of Attraction to just what's offered in the book, The Secret.

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The Secret is simply the very first time someone made the Law of Attraction a commercial success. The Secret is basically telling you that yes, you have permission to manifest your dream life. That is all great, and yes, I do admire that.

However, I do find that the book is missing a lot of very important information. I've been talking about these things in my previous blog posts. So please don't think of my website as a "pure Law of Attraction or The Secret channel" source - it really isn't - This is the Choosing Gratitude approach to manifesting your dream life.

I have been practicing Buddhism for 14 years. Today I want to share with you an ancient secret that - in truth - isn't really that much of a secret! A lot of people already know this, but I want to bring this to light again and let you know that this is exactly what the book, The Secret, is missing.

The book The Secret basically tells you that if you want something, just visualize that you already have it and feel it - that thing will then happen for you.
That is true - however - that is only true in a reality where there is no friction.

What is "friction" in terms of manifesting? Do you know how in physics, when you push an object within a vacuum - an area with zero friction - it will keep moving forward steadily forever - it will never stop unless you stop it.

If you put Law of Attraction in a vacuum - in which there is no ego - then the Law of Attraction works like a charm, 100% of the time.

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However, we are living in this 3-D reality - we are living in a place where there's air, there's friction, there is wind, there is EGO. So in our reality, when you push an object it eventually it stops, right? This is because of friction in the air. There are other factors that come in to play so that sometimes when you push something it won't even budge. It is simply stuck! This same predicament can manifest in your life when you're trying to manifest something.

When you read the book The Secret, you realize it's a great theory. However, you may also notice that when you try to apply the theories in the book word for word, it doesn't always bring you the desired results. It doesn't always bring you the results that some other people claim to get in the book. Why is that? It's simply because there's a lot of friction between you and what you want.

Your desires are divine because that's what your soul is wanting. That's where your soul is heading.

Let's say in a vacuum, where there is no ego, there are also no blocks. There are no limiting beliefs. In an environment like this, you'll certainly get what you want instantly. You will be where you want right away because there is no space or time involved, right?

However, in our 3-D reality, it's not like that. The Buddha said 2,600 years ago: "There are 3 poisons of mind." These are the exact reason why people are not manifesting their dream lives. Once you remove these 3 poisons everything you want will come to you easily. That's how you can change your life.

I truly believe that in my practice, once I became aware of these things, the concepts in The Secret starts working. I never force it. A lot of people here make the mistake of "forcing" the Law of Attraction to deliver them what they want, but it really just happens naturally. It is just like when you push that object in a vacuum - it naturally moves. There is nothing you need to do. However, you DO need to remove the friction!

Now let's understand what these poisons are and how you can remove them from your consciousness. Nobody can remove them 100% completely though, because we do live in this physical 3D reality. However, the more you become aware of these 3 poisons in your egoistic consciousness, the sooner you will manifest your dream life, and the sooner you will truly live a life of joy and fulfillment. So this is the 2,600-year-old secret that the Buddha told:

The 1st poison of the mind, according to the Buddha, is GREED. You can also translate it as ATTACHMENT. A lot of people confuse greed with desire, right? They feel that when they want something, they want it so much! That is not how your soul desires however. When your soul wants something, it does not want it greedily. Your soul does not want it with attachment because your soul knows that everything it wants is already here.

For example, if your friend owes you a dollar, you don't fret that much about it because it's only a dollar. You don't constantly ask him/her, "Where's my dollar? Where's my dollar? Where's my dollar?!" He might forget it the first time, but you say, "that's alright...tomorrow is fine." You're not desperate, you're not clingy, you're not so attached...that is the true essence of souls' desires. 

It's okay to desire something. It's your nature to desire. However, try not to become SO attached to your desire. Don't be greedy for your desire. Greed, means thinking, "This has to happen for me! It has to happen in just this way! It has to happen within this time frame!" In cases like this you are really creating more friction. You're creating more blocks within your energy field. That friction is actually the force that blocks what you want from coming to you.

So eliminate the sense of greed as much as possible. Eliminate the sense of impatience and urgency. All of these things are part of greed. Once you awaken to your true nature, or what Buddha calls your Buddha-nature, then you won't be driven by greed or attachment. You're simply going to be driven by your desire.

You want to move forward. You want to experience. You want to expand.

The 2nd poison, according to the Buddha, is HATRED. This can also be translated as AVERSION. Hatred is aversion. When you don't like something, you can also hate it. You want to kill it and you want to eliminate it. That kind of force is never a manifesting force. It is okay to be aware of things you wish to avoid. It is okay to be aware that something is not good for you and protect yourself. You don't want to walk into danger, right? You don't want to walk into a situation that is not good for you, or a situation in which you could be harmed.

I'm not talking about loving or getting close to people who may harm you. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about being fully aware of what is not good for you and simply choosing differently. You don't have to hate something in order for it to go away. As a matter of fact, the more you push against something the more it comes to you! Resistance is also created when you're trying to push something too strongly away from you. 

That's why, if you hate being poor, you can get stuck being poor. This is because you're pushing so hard against energy of being poor. You're really manifesting more and more of that energy. So instead of hating being poor, why not desire, or intend, to be rich? Instead of hating being lonely, why not desire or intend to be together with someone in a great relationship? There is a difference between hating something and desiring or intended the opposite of it. In a sense hatred - or strong pushing away of something - is the same as greed, just turned inside out!

The 3rd poison, according to the Buddha is IGNORANCE - this can also be translated as INDIFFERENCE. Ignorance, or indifference, is based on the idea that you and others are separate. Therefore, when other people are suffering, why should you care? You're not affected and so you're indifferent, right?

The truth is when you are indifferent about other people's suffering, eventually, that suffering can come to you because you and others are actually one. That's the exact reason why Buddha talks so much about compassion. Compassion simply means you feel pain when other people suffer. You want to help others alleviate their suffering. You want to help others and by doing that, you're opening up your energy field instead of just focusing on, "I need to manifest this," or, "I need to manifest that."

When give away something you want, more of it often manifests for you. If you think you have no money try giving to those less fortunate than you. If you want to have more love, try being kind and loving to others. See how you will manifest more for yourself. 

This is the essence of gratitude, isn't it? The more grateful you are for what you have, the less indifference you're going to have; the less ignorance you're gonna have too. So the less poison you're going have in your mind. Once you can eliminate these 3 poisons from your mind - greed, hatred, and ignorance - your life will change.

Eliminating these 3 poisons is so much more powerful than just the sitting there thinking, "I want that. I want that. I want that!"

I want you to start living your life consciously. Start living your life working on becoming fully aware of what kind of energy you're radiating out. 

When you're radiating the energy of greed or hatred or indifference, don't beat yourself up. We all have those days sometimes. I'm not saying that I never have them. At the moment you're radiating those energies just tell yourself: "You know what? I don't choose this kind of energy. What I choose is the opposite of that!" Keep choosing what you want. Keep choosing the energy of gratitude of abundance - of oneness.

As you move further and further away from these poisonous Egoistic tendencies, and closer into the true essence of the universe, your entire life will just transform. You won't even have to worry so much about, "Should I do this? Should I do that?" Or, "When I'm going to manifest what I want?" Everything you want will come to you easily. That's how I transformed my life.

This teaching is really not a secret, right? Still a lot of people are not aware of it. So if you're aware of the Buddha's secret and you try to live your life by this secret - I bet you - your life will be a thousand times better than if you just practice what is outlined in the commercial success, The Secret


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