These 4 Crazy and Weird Manifestation Secrets Manifested What I Wanted!

Today, let's talk about four weird and crazy things that I've done to successfully manifest what I wanted! Let's just lighten things up a little bit!

I'm going to talk about several crazy methods I've used to manifest what I wanted. When I've done these "out there" methods, they usually come from divine inspiration to go ahead and do something I never really thought of! Sometimes they are specific techniques that may seem strange to others. That's why I never really shared them before...but today I thought, "Why don't I make a blog post and put them all together?"

The most important thing in this whole process is to be weird - crazy or not!

Remember that when you want to manifest something new, you have to generate new energy!

You can't manifest anything new while thinking in old ways, or radiating old energy, right? So these methods I'm talking about today will really help you create an energy shift. This means generating new energy to shift yourself into a new energetic place. That's the only way for you to manifest something new. Remember your goal is to shift your energy!

So feel free to use these to your advantage. Maybe you've already been using them! If so, let me know in the comments down below. :) You can also invent other ways to shift your energy and share them below! Remember the goal is to shift your energy, not just to do something weird and crazy.

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The 1st weird and crazy thing is to use the power of space to generate new energy. 

What I do is I simply jump in my car without any destination in mind. I turn off the GPS and basically just let my body drive me to wherever it wants. Before I start driving, I ask the universe to take me to a place with the best energy for me.

I will go there and soak up the energy. When I come back I feel that I am at the perfect place in terms of physical location!

I have no intention of moving permanently. However, I will go to a different place temporarily to recharge my energy. I can drive to a place that's 30 minutes away from me pretty easily. Oftentimes the universe will just take me and I will drive on the road to an area that I am not familiar with - a place I've never been before. 

When I was a teenager, I used to hop on the bus and let it take me to an unknown stop that I never been to before. I would just get off the bus and I would explore the neighborhood. By doing that it's really interesting to see how it creates a shift. It's almost like you're instantly teleported to a new source of energy. You can just go there and observe things for a while.

Every time you go to a new place, you will find something new there. That new thing can lead to something else. It will lead to some very amazing manifestations.

I remember a few months ago, I drove to an unknown place. I don't even remember where I went to, but during that drive, I got the idea of the Tesla code 369 manifestation method. To this day the Tesla code 369 video is a great hit on my channel!

I've seen a lot of other YouTube creators make the same video Tesla Code 369 video after mine came out. I'm the first person to create that content! You see, divine inspiration will always help you become the first person to do an amazing thing! Then other people may copy you...haha! They can never really copy you however, because your first divine spark can not be copied.

The 2nd crazy and weird thing that I've done is to get an extreme haircut. You'd be surprised to see how just by cutting off a lot of your hair, how your energy will shift.

I remember the first time I did that was when I was about 18 years old. Up until that point, I always had long hair. One day I decided to shift my look - and this shifted my energy.

I cut my hair like really, really short! After that I felt like a new person. With that new kind of energy, I actually attracted a brand new job. That was my very first job.

It is very interesting when you change your hairstyle. I'm not talking about getting a trim....that's not going to do it. When you change your hairstyle significantly, you will feel like a new person. TRY IT!

I'm sure some of you have had that experience already. I'm curious to hear what your experiences were like. Let me know in the comment down below,

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The 3rd crazy and weird thing I've done to manifest is go to a silent retreat for the entire day. I will give myself a whole day during which I will not speak. I will not say a word. I'm just in complete silence.

Silence is such a powerful place for manifesting. When you're always chatting talking, explaining, judging, comparing, competing - these energies are a hindrance to your manifestation practice.

Then when you don't talk much, you preserve your precious manifestation energy. You'll be surprised just how peaceful you feel. Out of that peace, creativity, divine inspiration, and a sense of just being really grateful arises.

So TRY it! Spend a day in silence - don't talk. If you have to say something to somebody, keep it short.

I usually do sitting meditation, some walking meditation, and then sitting again. I would also do some chanting meditation. Basically I would just change the type of meditation I do for the rest of the day. 

Ideally, you want to go to a Zen retreat for this. I've done that for a whole week with a group of people! That is extremely powerful! Usually these retreats aren't cheap though. If you don't want to spend money on it, just do it at home. Spend all day simply being in the moment of now. Now you may be asking, "What does this have to do with what I want to manifest?"

What you want to manifest is already cooking in the universe's "burner." Let the universe handle it. All you need to do is allow, detach, and let it in. So spend a day just being in silence.

I bet that when you come out of your retreat you're going to feel much more energized. Oftentimes when you come out of these retreats things will start happening for you easily. I do this all the time and I can't tell you how many amazing opportunities I have manifested right after I come out of the retreat. I also get many great ideas conceived through these meditation retreats. So make sure that you try it and make it into a monthly routine. Once a month do it for one day.

If you want to take it to the next level during this day try to consume only green juice, organic food, and preferably only raw food. Remember that what you put into your body also affects the energy that you radiate.

The 4th crazy and weird thing I do to manifest is I write an announcement of something I want to manifest.

I remember years ago (a few months before I met and married my husband) when I was still single and didn't know anybody who could potentially be my soulmate, I decided that I want to get married. I wrote an email. This was 15 years ago. There was no social media at the time. So all I did was I started writing an email. I wrote this really lengthy email, making an exciting announcement of my own wedding.

That was kind of crazy because at the time I had nobody to get married to! So I said: I will be getting married to this amazing man. In this wedding announcement I clearly described who he is, what his life is like, what kind of person he is, and what we're planning to do together. All of that was included. After I did that I saved it in the drafts folder, added recipients, and saved it. All I needed to do when I was ready was to click "send."

After I wrote that email, things started happening. I ended up manifesting my dream relationship. I ended up sending out that email and inviting everyone I added as recipient, maybe a year later.

At this point I truly had somebody already! I'm still married to him. It's been 14 years. That's how crazy this method can be. TRY THIS but don't make it a chore! Have fun with it!

If are doing it and you don't feel like you have excitement, you don't feel that you can really come from the place of complete detachment, then wait a few days. Always do it at the point where you really feel that energy. 

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    I’ve been looking for the name if a specific manifestation technique that was written about not too long ago. The jist of it is that you create a weird event with a friend or two and it creates a bubble basically. I gave the book to a friend a couple years ago and I’ve been thinking about the name of the technique but just csnt remember it for some reason. It was something like a epiphany event? I’m not sure, but if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated

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