The Shortest Morning Ritual To Reprogram Your Life! (Essence Tapping)
I want to share something you can do every morning for just 2-3  minutes. If you do this for 21 days, your life is going to change.
Did you know that the most potent time for manifesting is either first thing in the morning or last thing at night? Yes!
Why is that? When you sleep, you actually merge with nonphysical thoughts. Your egoistic thoughts actually stop for a period of time, and when you're not dreaming, you are one with pure positive energy - the nonphysical energy.
When you first wake, you don't come to wakefulness all at once. When you come to or wake up from sleep, you're a little disoriented at first. This is because your thoughts haven't kicked in yet. Your egoistic identity hasn't taken on its role yet, and this is actually the perfect time for you to start reprogramming your energy pattern.
Remember that as your energy pattern changes, your life changes. 
That's why a morning ritual is so powerful.
A lot of people have trouble with morning rituals because they don't remember to do them, or maybe their morning ritual is too complicated. That's why, after a little while, they stop doing it. I want to give you a morning ritual that is super easy, and that anyone can do.
This activity I'm going to show you will help jump-start your day, and fill it with positive energy. In other words, it will reprogram your day for success.
Are you ready? So the technique we're going to be using is called EFT (emotional freedom technique.) It consists of tapping specific pressure points on your body while speaking powerful affirmations. The process uses these special pressure points to not only remove negative past programming but also to "lock" new beliefs into your energy field through the physical body. I am an EFT master practitioner and I've spent many years studying EFT.
I have also practiced EFT with many people, and of course, I've practiced a lot for myself. I've found that while many know about the tapping process itself, many don't know what to say while doing it for maximum benefit. That's one of the reasons why people don't tap as much as they should. I want to share with you a very simple tapping method that I came up with that will amaze you.
With this method, you'll be able to tap for yourself without having to go to an EFT master or teacher every time. I want to guide you to start tapping first thing in the morning. 
Watch the full video on my channel:
I call my method essence tapping. Why essence tapping? In one of my blog posts, I talked about form versus essence. Forms are the physical presentation of what you want to manifest.
For example, if you want to manifest a dream job, the dream job itself is the form. Just imagine the form being the physical container of your desire. Now you may be asking, "well my desire is a dream job. Why are you saying that the dream job is just the container of my desire?" Believe it or not, your desire, in this case, is not the dream job - it is the feeling you would experience if you got that dream job. What you're really desiring is not just a job, but the inner emotional experience of landing that job and doing it every day with joy and gratitude!
You want to feel abundant, you want to feel people respect you, you want to feel valued, and you want to feel joy. That's what that dream job could potentially give you. What we really want to experience is the essence which comes in many forms.

Many people get the form and yet they are not happy. They don't get the essence because they are not aware of the importance of the essence behind the forms. In many cases, the forms actually turn into more suffering for the person! So if you could shift your focus more to the essence of what you want, guess what happens:  The forms will take care of themselves because the universe will manifest the perfect forms for presenting you the essence you wish to experience.
So our goal for this daily morning routine is to tap into the essence of what you want. So we're going to start with a very simple round of EFT every morning. 
First, you're going to tap this "karate chop" point (on the side of your hand. You can tap on either hand.) You're going to say:
"I release all my past programming and limiting beliefs."
It's very important to release the unwanted before you start anchoring in positive affirmations. Every tap is an anchor. You're really planting a new seed. So before you plant your new seed, you want to make sure that your soil is prepared. By tapping your "karate chop" point, you're preparing your soil.
Once you do your release statement, you can now start tapping in the new programming. When you're tapping through all of these EFT points, you're simply going to say, I am ________ (the essence of what you want.) Before you start this, it is best to sit down and write out the essence of what you want.
We're now going to go through these EFT tapping points. (Tap where the red dot is):
"I am love."
 "I am joy."
"I am gratitude."
"I am beauty."
 "I am fun."
"I am abundance." (either)
"I am freedom."
And lastly, I always end my tapping on the top of my head. I'm going to say:
"I am one with the universe. I open myself to miracles"
Then I push down on the top of my head, I take a deep breath, (inhale), and then I release (exhale).
That's it! It is very simple and yet there are so many different variations you can try. You can do it however you like, but I suggest that you use the same opening statement of release and the same closing statement for opening yourself to miracles.
By doing this every morning, your day is going to be filled with positive energy. Your day is going to be filled with light, gratitude, and fun. All the essence of what you want. By doing this before you start your day, you are pre-programming your day. You're anticipating positive things.
Let me know in the comment down below what statements you come up with! We can all do this together. I might even use some of your statements..
Make sure you start tapping and do it for 21 days. You should really do this indefinitely, but at least because for 21 days because that will help you develop a new habit. This is going to be your new habit and after 21 days, I hope you come back here and let me know how your life has changed.

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  • Munny On

    Hi Karin,
    Your EFT morning essence is amazing and thank you so much for making it.
    I just extend a bit with your statements as it feels so good to me. As you asked to share I have given below my statments:

    Tapping point 1: Karate Chop:

    I release all my past harmful programming and limiting beliefs. I am choosing to be open and receive all the goods. I am choosing to be grateful.
    (rest points are come sequentially )

    2. I am Love, I am Loveable.
    3. I am Joy, I am Happy
    4. I am Gratitude, I am Forgive
    5. I am Beauty, I am Eternal Youth
    6. I am Fun, I am Intelligent/Smart
    7. I am Abundance, I am Prosperous
    8. I am Freedom, I am Harmonious

    9. last point :top of the Head:

    I am one with the universe/Creator, I open myself to mirracles.

  • Dhilma On

    Wow! I am SO doing this! Thank you so much! You are changing my Life!

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