The Secret Beyond Law of Attraction That Nobody Is Telling You!

In this blog post, I want to share with you a secret that is beyond the law of attraction that can help you manifest your dream life. And weirdly, nobody in this community is really talking about it.

I had been thinking about why so many people talk about law of attraction on the internet and just me, myself, I have probably over a hundred videos talking about law of attraction and manifestation but why so many people watching these videos are still not getting it? Or still not manifesting nor living in their dream life.

I asked my spirit guides, what is really missing in this message? And the simple but profound message I received from my spiritual guide is this: "your world is too noisy" if you feel that you are not living your dream life, unhappy and living in a mess, more than likely you're living in a very noisy world.

I don't just mean the noise outside of you. I simply mean that you live in a world where everything outside of you, including your dreams and goals, is trying to separate you from your deepest power. And when you are no longer aligned with the deepest and most powerful part of you, then you lose your genius ability to manifest your dream life.

In a sense, you really don't need another YouTube video nor another fancy technique. You don't need another hat or trick to trick the law of attraction.

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Starting this point on think beyond the law of attraction. I want you to think beyond it because the only way you can get the thing that you want is to simply become connected with who you are and by being you, you naturally attract. And the only way to manifest beyond law of attraction is to know and enter the power of stillness.

There is a powerful technique that I have received from my spirit guide.  I've been doing this the last couple of weeks and it really helped me manifest beyond the law of attraction;

All you have to do is close your eyes, look within, simply sit still and find that still place within yourself.

See that empty space within your body and within your mind, in that place, you ask a simple question, "who am I?"

Simply answer; "I am" then other words will come up. You will hear words from your spirit guides. You will hear words from your soul. You can probably say; "I am love, I am gratitude or any feeling that comes in" And those feelings, are the essence of what you would like to manifest. That's the essence of your dream life that you so much deserve.

Separate yourself from what you think you want to get because your ego is not capable of getting anything for you. (Have you tried and failed?) Go back to that powerful, "I am" and simply ask yourself over and over again, "who am I?" Then wait for that powerful answer to emerge from within yourself, from that still place, try to stay in that still place within yourself.

Once you're connected to that true power you can be as almost as a nuclear bomb, You could do anything. You can feel this joy and shatter your current life; the life that's been created by your egoistic mind, by things you don't identify yourself with, from that power, you can manifest anything.

The trick is this; Know yourself and once you find who you truly are, you become a natural magnet. 

Anything that you think you want can be manifested. You can also be a natural repellent to anything that is not in alignment with who you truly are. 

The best thing you can do is having a daily practice.

If you could do it three times a day, your life is going to change in front of you. You will realize that you are powerful, more powerful than anything.

The law of attraction is not something to be tricked and hack rather It is a law that delivers what naturally attracted to you. you will no longer be a slave of law of attraction nor a slave to anything. You will be finally aligned with your soul's purpose, which is simply being who you really are. 

And you can be it, right now right here. 

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  • Suman Meharwal On

    It resonates so clearly..we just need to know the real us and rest everything would fall in place

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