The One Secret Agenda Of The Universe

The universe has a secret agenda for you! This secret agenda (non-attachment) will make everything you want to flow to you!

Why you need to know this

We have so many success stories in our gratitude tribe. Almost every day. I hear success stories coming from everywhere. Email,  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blog post. So it's not until recently I started to collect them. 

Now I'm starting to put these success stories on my website. As a testimonial vault, you can actually see them all here!

The reason that I put on these success stories because I want you to know that these people who manifested these success stories are not special. They're not different from you. They don't have any special power. They're just like you! For everyone who has manifested what they want at one point or another, at that moment, at least they are in alignment with this secret agenda of the universe, either consciously or unconsciously, and a lot of people, they manifest what they want unconsciously. That's why they can duplicate success. They will do it once and then they don't know what happened next time.

So what I'm trying to teach you here is a formula that can be duplicated. Yes, you can duplicate manifestation success stories as long as you know this secret agenda of the universe.

The Secret is your energy!

What exactly is this universe's secret agenda for you? Actually, there is no secret in this universe. Everything is out there and the universe wants you to know. The reason why I call it a secret agenda is because most people are completely missing it. That's why it seems like a secret...

But it's really not, to explain this Let's first study a typical case of a not very successful manifestation. Actually, there is no success with failure. I'm talking about when you try to manifest something and you don't manifest within the timeframe, you call it temporary defeat. So most people in this situation would say, well, Karin, I did this particular technique. Um, I did it for 33 days and this is what I wrote. This is the affirmation I recite and how come I don't see any result.

Actually everything that I use to manifest successfully has been revealed to you.  I never hold anything back. When I do these techniques I tell you the affirmations I use and the statement I use. So some of you may have duplicated it,

BUT it's not about the specific techniques or the specific words you use. I always say it's about your energy. However, some of you may still not understand what energy really represents here, because energy is something that's nebulous. You can't really grasp it.

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Let me explain with a simple example

So let me explain this with a very good example. With My Cat Her name is Bree and she's 14 years old.

I've had her for all her life, 14 years. And I got her right before I got married to my husband. I remember we decided to get a cat together. We ended up getting a little kitten and she was really cute. we brought her home and the last 14 years we've been through a lot of ups and downs in life together..

but one thing I learned about this cat is that she has a very unique personality. She's not like any lab cat. Her personality is really weird.

When you go to her and say, Hey, Bree, "come", she would never come to you. And if you want to pet her, she'll hide. If you want to show any affection, she'll just run away from you. However, the moment you're not paying attention.. like you're working, you're on your phone, talking to somebody, she'll come to you and she'll sit right next to you. And she will fur rent, She will want you to pet her. But when you pet her, even while you were petting her, you can't look at her and you have to kind of pet her without staring at her because the moment you start giving her too much attention, she goes away.

I had her for 14 years. I know exactly how to deal with her, but it's not until just a few weeks ago, I realized that the way she works is really like the way the universe delivers anything you want to you, think about it every time when you want something like, Oh, please, please come to me. It's just like when I tell my cat, Bree, come I want to pet you., she will never come. And the same way works with the universe.

So what exactly is Bree's secret agenda? If we can decipher that we can pretty much decipher the secret agenda of the universe, how it delivers everything you want to use. So for Bree, I started to see that, It's not like she doesn't want to give me her love, her affection. It's not like that. However, she doesn't want too much of that. That becomes overwhelming to her. well, I don't think God or the universe would feel overwhelmed like a cat. this is not the exact comparison.

However, think about it, your energy, the energy you radiate out to the universe,  Is like a projector and when you apply too much electricity, guess what? It kind of messes up with the hologram that you project out.

It's like when I try so hard to get my cat's attention, she would not want to give it to me. But at the same time, if we ever go travel somewhere, if we ever leave her alone for a day or two, all by herself, she gets miserable. And when we come back, like she's all over us. She wants to be loved. She wants to give us love. 

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The secret agenda: Non-Attachment

It's the same with this universe, it's like, you can't say you want something too much, but you also can say, I don't want it. In the spiritual community, we kind of have these two extremes. #1 extreme says, you really have to be very specific about what you want. And you chant it every day, write out every detail of it and then the universe will give it to you. - That approach will only work at a moment. while #2 extreme is the traditional spiritual approach, which is "I'm a hermit, I don't care about anything. I don't care about money. I don't care about love. I just want to live by myself and worship God."  and when you do that, you're also cutting off from something very natural to you, which is also, I believe something very fundamental to our humanity; Like love, like in drawing good life, enjoying some money or having fun.

So how do you balance the two? The answer is the secret agenda of the universe- for you to get rid of your secret agenda when you're trying to manifest.

Now, you may be confused. What? I have a secret agenda. Yes! Think about it when you're writing your affirmations like a million times or when you're trying to be a South loving or trying to be grateful its a part of you in your head thinking I'm doing this in order to bribe the universe to give me something and that is your secret agenda!

So if you have that, that is called attachment. So once you get rid of that attachment, you become non-attached. I don't call it detached because detachments, is I don't want money. I don't want love. I don't want this thing. -That's detached and that's not how the universe works. The universe works when you are non-attached. And this is the concept that Buddhism really explains it in full and I've benefited so much from learning this concept of non-attachment and practicing it.

So starting now think of the universe as this cute little cat, and she will not come to you when you're too attached and she will also suffer if you're detached.

So you can throw this cat out. You can't not, not love her, but at the same time, you cannot give her too much attention..


The moment you get rid of your secret agenda, that is the moment you become non-attached, then that's when the moment everything will start to flow to you.

Try this from today and you're gonna see your entire life transform right in front of you! Comment below and tell me your own success stories!

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