The One Law of Attraction Game Changer Nobody Is Telling You!

I wish to share with you a game changer for your law of attraction practice!

Do you want to know the determining factor as to whether or not you can manifest what you want? 

As many of you know, I have been on the spiritual journey for the past 20 plus years and I have manifested amazing things for myself - completely turned my life around, in fact. I've also helped a lot of people in the past few years since I started this website to help them manifest their dream life.

I've heard some amazing stories; people starting their own business, manifesting amazing abundance, manifesting new projects, new jobs, new love lives, and other profound changes! Seeing all these amazing realities come to be has only strengthened my faith in what we can accomplish.

But there are also people who follow all the tips, tools, and techniques and yet nothing works for them. If I look deeply into each individual case nowadays, I can usually tell why things happen for some people, and not for others.

I've been asking for spiritual guidance to explain these inconsistencies in the most simple terms possible. I received my divine guidance on this and now I can share that guidance with you.

I believe a lot of you may think you're not manifesting what you want because somehow you're not doing a technique properly. I've seen questions like, "Oh, can I do it at this time or that time? What color pen should I use to write my affirmations? How many times should I do this? How many days should I keep this up?"

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Here's the issue: All these little things are not important. I asked my spirit guide, "What is the number one thing people need to do to manifest what they want?" And the answer is very simple: They need to have the right energy.

What exactly is the "right energy," and how do you acquire it?

I know that when we talk about "energy" and "vibration" it's all very airy and nebulous, am I right? The truth is, you need to develop awareness of your energy state. Where exactly are you right now - Energetically - today?

I want to give you a tool to help you assess exactly what kind of energetic status you're on. Once you understand your own energy, all you have to do is to put yourself in the right energy to manifest what you want.

In other words, the details of your techniques are not that important. The most important thing is energy you put into them. It's like when you are drinking a cup of tea, do you need a cup to hold the tea? Yes - otherwise you can't drink the tea. The tea is your energy, and the cup is the technique.

Now you may be wondering, "Oh, what kind of cup should I use? What color should it be?" That is not of great importance because when the right tea shows up, you already have the right cup for it. 

So it's not like you don't need the cup - you need a cup, right? Otherwise drinking the tea will be difficult. The details of the cup however, are not as important as what's inside the cup.

Now I want to introduce you to a very important concept called sponsoring thoughts. I read about this in the book, "Conversations with God," by Neil Donald Walsh. This are his words: "sponsoring thoughts are the thoughts that initially push you into doing something."  This is similar to intention, drive, or motivation.

I would rather call these, "sponsoring energy," because thoughts can be very hard to catch. They fly by most of the time - but energy is something you can feel.

In his "Conversations with God" book, Neale Donald Walsch simplifies everything by pointing this out: When you boil everything down to the sponsoring thought - the source of your every thought, every word, and every action - you can file them into one of two categories. For our purposes, we'll call this two categories of energy.

Love or fear. Everything you do, everything you say, and everything you think either come from love or they come from fear. Sometimes though, there seems to be a blend of these, right? 

In cases like this it really depends on whether you have more love or more fear. Keep in mind to that when I say love, I'm not talking about the possessive type!

By love, I mean divine love, divine joy, and divine gratitude. This is the connection you have to your own divine nature within the universe. That kind of love. Love is a connection. The connection between you and God.

What is fear? Fear is the opposite - disconnection. When you're disconnected from God, you are afraid. You're in the dark. Everything we're doing is either sponsored, or driven, by love or by fear. Now here's another truth that may be a bit difficult to believe - fear doesn't truly exist.

There is only love in the universe. In your moment to moment reality you are either aware of - or giving attention to - that love, or you are not. There is only felt connection, or the absence of felt connection to that love. 

Once we boil everything down to this, we are at the core of our universe. We are at the core of our being. We are at the core of our purpose and our existence. We are here to connect to that universal love, to that universal joy, and to that universal gratitude.

These things are the reasons why you want things. You don't want money just for the money - you want money in order to feel that connection. You want to feel abundance. You don't want a sexy partner just to have a sexy partner. You want that partner in order to feel love, to feel the connection.

What is the purpose of knowing love and fear?

Going forward, every time you have a thought, I want you to ask yourself; "why do I think this way?" 

When you are saying something, if you can catch yourself saying it, ask yourself, "why am I saying this?"

When you're doing something, ask yourself "why am I doing this?"

Try to peel through the superficial facts and find your sponsoring thoughts, or sponsoring energy.

Think about it. If you start the 3-6-9 method, or the 55x5 technique, or whatever technique you're using, if you come from an energetic place of fear (like, "I have to do this in order to have more money, to look better so that I won't feel lonely, so I won't feel like a loser,"), then you are running from something you hate, as opposed to running towards something you love.

Instead, your desire should be connected to universal abundance.

Let us say there are two people and both want to manifest something. One is doing the 3-6-9 method. This person is driven by love, by the feeling of expansion, and by the true beauty of their desire.

The other person is doing the exact same technique using the exact same statement but he/she is driven by fear, or driven by a desire to run away from something they hate.

The result is going to be vastly different. One person will manifest their dream life and the other person won't. This is because the universe is like a gigantic buffet. Everything you want is out there and every blend of love and fear is out there. And it's up to you to choose!

When you choose, "I don't have money, so I want money," what you're going to get is basically a dish that is called, "you don't have money."

The universe is echoing back to your deepest energy pattern.

That is why it's so important to understand your sponsoring energy. Is it driven by love or is it driven by fear? It's as simple as that. Once you understand this, you can start to consciously change your energy.

Every time you act out of fear, typically you are driven by a sense of nervousness, urgency, and/or feeling like you have to get this done. When you have that kind of feeling, then you should immediately know that your sponsoring energy is fear based. At that moment, no matter what you do, it is not going to get you to the right result.

How can you change that?

What you want to do is to just take a few deep breaths and consciously switch to the energetic pattern of love. 

Remember that everything you want outside is already inside of you, Everything you want is already there. It's already inside. You just need to go within and grab it, okay?

This is a moment to moment practice. There is never going to be a time where you feel, "I have arrived now and I have my dream life." Your dream life is always evolving and your soul's desire is always expanding. You will never get it done and you will never get it wrong. 

So, return to love, return to light, return to gratitude. 

That is the purpose of this site. I want you to have a life in which you're living moment to moment; in which you're constantly looking to connect to God, to connect to the universe. That, my friend, IS the true dream life. You have it. You can have it right now. 

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