The Covid Crisis in India & Get Through It with Chinese Astrology

Today I just want to write a quick blog talking about what's going on in India. We all know that the coronavirus crisis is out of control right now. I want to give you a Chinese Astrology perspective on this, and talk about remedies using Chinese Astrology.

If you are currently living in India, or if you have any family or friends who are in India, or if you know anyone who's getting sick, who's suffering, please know that I'm holding energy for all of you. I'm praying for all of you, even though it looks really bad right now, know that this is not the end of the world. This will pass.

Metal Ox Energy Shifts

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about the energy shifts in this year - Metal Ox 2021. In that blog post, I mentioned that around April 5th, You're going to see the shift of very powerful earth energy, because starting from April 5th, all the way till about May 5th, we have the month of dragon according to Chinese Astrology. I talked about how this dragon energy is going to really bring the earth energy to the center stage. We talked about that even though we entered this earth year, this metal ox - ox is earth, by the way- even though we entered this year(of Ox) in February, actually, it's really not until April we start to see the power of this earth energy. And it looks like we are seeing a lot of things happening in the world, right? I talked about the potential mudslides, and we saw mudslide in Indonesia.

Now this coronavirus crisis has to do with the shift of the ox energy.

When I was making that blog, I was anticipating more changes of the earth. I didn't really think much about the Coronavirus because the Coronavirus is often represented by the metal energy. We do have the metal energy since we have the metal ox year. However, this year's yin metal energy -comparing to last year the strong yang metal energy- is softer. I was anticipating that the Coronavirus would get a little softer this year. ( It's kind of true in some parts of world), however, what I wasn't anticipating is the power of this earth energy creating the energy of metal (virus).

The Metal Ox Earth Generating Metal

In Chinese Astrology, earth gives life to metal. However, this happens on the earthly branches, not in the heavenly stems.

The heavenly stems is more about what's happening out there. And earthly branches are more about what's what's happening within us - What's internal. The earth energy, the Yin earth energy, which is represented by the animal ox is happening on the earthly branches.  When I was looking at this year's earth energy, I was thinking more like this was going to be about some kind of internal struggle, but I also mentioned this in my previous blog posts: if there's anything that is not stable within you, this instability will be manifested in some form. We don't really need to know every detail of the divine plan, but we know it would manifest. If there's enough instability within, it would manifest as something that you can definitely see and touch.

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The Secrete about Earthly Branches

So here's the secret about the earthly branches: for a lot of people, what's on the earthly branches happen more internally. However, if you don't pay attention to it, if you don't hear the cry of the suffering, that suffering is going to accumulate inside. Eventually it's going to penetrate that inner layer and manifest in the outer world.  Oftentimes, when this kind of thing manifests in the outer world, it's explosive, it's often worse than what's happening on the heavenly stems, which is something that is seen anyway.

This explains how everything is happening so quickly in India. In India , around March and February, Coronavirus over there was not that bad. People thought that they are over it. However, internally, the instability and inner struggle that people in India don't want to face are still piling up.

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We had two months of wood energy in February and March. And during those two months, people weren't feeling much of this piling up of instability, piling up of problems. Now, as soon as the month of dragon comes in and triggers the earth energy, guess what, everything started to manifesting like an explosion.

Even if you're not living in India, even if you're not suffering from any kind of Coronavirus related problems, here's what I want you to know: this is giving you a perfect picture of how our internal struggle could manifest into some kind of external disaster.

How do we remedy this?

First of all, you need to know that when you have any kind of instability from within, it's very important to treat it with energy work.

In our today's world, we rely so much on Western medicine.  Western medicine is all about outer manifestation, right? sometimes you don't feel comfortable in your body, your doctor might tell you you're fine, because that discomfort, that instability , that discord in your energy field hasn't fully manifested yet. With Chinese astrology, with Eastern philosophy, you can see through those imbalances within you. I suggest that you start addressing these issues before they manifest. That's how exactly you can avert disasters like this.

I think this Coronavirus crisis in India is giving us the perfect lesson to start looking within, find these instabilities and little discords and address them with energy work. When each one of us do this individually, we can avert a group disaster.

Now, since this disaster is already occurring in India, I think the next couple months will be pretty tough for India. Here's why: Where India is located, the energy of fire is prominent. When you have powerful fire energy, and we're entering into two fire months: the month of snake (5/6-6/5) and the months of a horse (6/6-7/6), both months will make fire energy even more enhanced.

Fire energy will give life to the earth energy of the Ox. This fire energy will make this earth energy even more powerful, which enables the Ox's earth energy to create more Metal Energy- the virus.

The bad news is that after we pass the month of snake and the month of horse, we're going to have a month of sheep (7/7-8/7), and sheep again is Yin earth energy. so this earth energy is going to be really, really powerful. I would say three months, I would be very, very careful in India.

Using Chinese Astrology as Remedy

Right now, this virus energy, which is metal, is at a very, very high level. When the level is this high, if you use something detrimental (like fire) to battle it, There's only going to be a bigger war. I think the best way to alleviate this is to use the energy of water because metal gives life to water. Metal generates water. When you add a lot of water, it sucks away the intensity of the metal energy.

If you could, put a lot of water around you. If you can, take three baths a day, and always have a cup of water next to you. Try to be near water if you are in India. Wear darker clothes. Use darker colors like black, gray, dark blue and navy blue...

Here's another Chinese Astrology secret. This is a little advanced, so listen carefully: in Chinese astrology, the animal Zodiac of Rat represents yang water. Rat is also a pair with the ox energy, which means, the animals Zodiac rat can take away the energy of Ox. So in this sense, you can use the rat energy to neutralize the ox energy which is making all this mess right now.

You can use a rat figure or a stuffed rat, or maybe even a Mickey Mouse. put it in the North direction of your home. Why North? North in Chinese astrology is the direction ruled by water. When you put the rat energy in the direction of North, you are amplifying the water energy as a remedy.

By using the water element as remedy you can slowly calm down this overwhelming metal energy that's at play right now. This is also going to cool off the excessive fire energy in India, which is giving more life to the earth energy of ox.

Start using these remedies and keep praying, keep connecting to God/the universe.  Don't lose your cool, because water is all about cooling down! It's very important to stay centered and stay cool.  Water also represents divine wisdom. In this situation, the only way that can insulate you from all this craziness in India is connecting to your inner divine wisdom. Make sure that you are always asking your inner wisdom: what is the wisdom the divine has for me? I hope you find peace and healing in this blog post. I'm sending energy of healing and love to India!

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