How to Test Quantum Jumping & Shift into a Desired Parallel Reality?

What is quantum jumping? Can we change timelines and shift into a parallel reality?

In this blogpost, I will share with you how you can prove this theory, and also cover how you can do it. 

What is quantum jumping

Firstly, what exactly is quantum jumping? This concept comes from quantum physics. According to quantum physics, there is no solid concept of space and time. What we're really perceiving through our five senses is a filtered reality, not the true or ultimate reality.

So what is quantum reality? It's vast openness. It's quantum fields. According to quantum physics, every possible reality is already there. Every single moment we are not creating our lives, but we're choosing them. All you need to do is become a vibrational match to the reality you want to experience. You choose that particular reality, and you are instantly there. That is the theory. Also, according to the theory, there are many parallel realities coexisting. At this moment - in your perception - there's yesterday, there's today, and there's tomorrow. In quantum reality however, there is only one time - that is now. That's quantum reality in a nutshell. Because this vast quantum reality exists this way we can take advantage of it. We can jump from this timeline to another, and from this universe to another. It sounds crazy, right? But really, it isn't.

The universe is a big database

Let me share with you a quick way to test the idea to help you understand it.  I think if you have a better understanding of this, you are going to really use it to your advantage, and not just perceive it as a cool theory. You have watched my videos on Youtube, right? What did you do before you clicked on one of my videos? You probably already watched some other people's videos on similar content. That's why, the google/Youtube algorithm understands you as someone who's interested in this kind of content and therefore delivers more of this content to you.

You may be asking, "What are you talking about? This has nothing to do with manifesting my desires!" It actually has everything to do with manifesting. This is how every database works - and guess what? The universe is just a gigantic database. This may sound crazy but I realized this because I'm actually a database professional. Once I realized that the universe is nothing but a gigantic database, my perspective changed.

The way I live my life also changed. I started to take things less seriously. Now, let's talk about a mental experiment to really make this clear:  I want to challenge you to think of something completely random. For example, how to cook dog food. You can think of anything. Just start with how to, and type that into your search bar on Youtube. More than likely, you're going to get a bunch of links and videos when you search. The content presented to you about how to cook dog food (or whatever random thing you picked) will be everywhere.

Now I want you to click the top five links that Google/Youtube delivered. By doing this, you're basically telling Google that you're interested in this. I bet you that over the next three days, Google is going to continue sending you similar stuff about how to cook dog food. 

Watch the full video on my channel:

You don't have to genuinely take interest in this random particular idea, of course. This is just an experiment. So the crazy thing is this:  After about a week or two, your Google feed will be filled with 80% dog food, or whatever random thing you picked. Even though you have no interest in that. This is exactly why you also see things manifest in your life that perhaps you no longer want to see. You believe they're so real. When you go to Youtube you may see your whole Youtube feed is nothing but dog food. This gigantic database search engine thinks that's what you want. It is just trying to deliver to you whatever you are seeking. Now imagine that there are a billions of us searching, right? We each have our own Youtube feed - or Youtube "reality" - with completely different content.

Now on Spotify:

Keep in mind though, that's it's all still Youtube - all the options are one. That's how the universe works. Every single video already exists in Google. You are simply watching it through your own "interest filter." Jumping to other interests is not just a concept. We're doing it all the time. When I go to my website account, I'm in my quantum reality, in terms of online content. When you log into your Google account, guess what? You have your own "Google quantum reality." I have three google accounts. When I shift from my Choosing Gratitude account to my personal account, I am going to experience completely different content on Google. That is how I shift from this quantum reality to that quantum reality. It's simple as that.

My own story

A few years ago, during the last election time, I was kind of interested in politics a little bit. I started watching some election related content on Youtube. For some reason, I just started to read more and more because Google kept sending me more and more of it.

I started noticing though, that every time I read them I felt horrible afterwards. I couldn't stop reading them however, because every time I'd go to google or Youtube, all I saw was election related stuff. If you feel that you are stuck in some reality, that's annoying to you - that is so not reflective of who you are - it's not very different from me being stuck with all the election related content. So I decided I'm going to just ignore all the political content.

In the beginning, it was extremely hard because a part of me was still interested! A lot of the videos or articles had very enticing titles. So I'd find myself curious to click. That is how you get stuck in a negative reality loop that you don't like. I had to make a decision that no matter how enticing those titles were, I was going to ignore them.

I decided that I would start searching for how to manifest my dream reality instead, or how to start my business - things that I really wanted to experience. Once I started searching those things, new things started appearing in my feed. It didn't happen overnight though. I remember the next day I still had 80% political stuff and maybe 20% consisting of my new direction. I kept ignoring the old stuff though - even though sometimes I was so tempted to click on one of them. Eventually everything changed. Now I don't see any of that political content anymore. So that's exactly how you choose your new reality. 

How you can jump from one reality to another reality?

1. Become very clear about how random and how fluid your reality is.

Just like Google. It seems like your page is stuffed with things you don't want to see. That's a result of your past queries. That's your past search results. See your current life simply as that. No more than that. If you give it too much power, you're not gonna become free from it.

2. Choose your new reality

Right now, when you're in the middle of your current reality, it may seem very difficult, but commit some time every day to imagine yourself in a completely new reality. Imagine yourself being there already and have absolute faith. That reality is already there. You don't even need to create it. All you need to do is to believe that your dream life is already there, and all you need to do is shift to it.

How do you shift into it? 

You are feeling it. You are in it already. When you are feeling that you are in your dream life, choose it continuously  Remember just like what I said with Google results - when you initially start to type in new searches, your Google feed may still filled with the old, and that's okay. That's the part where most people give up.


3. Offer gratitude to your current reality

Ironically, that's the only way to cut the tie between you and your current reality. When you are trying to push it away from you from hatred. When you're saying, "Oh, I don't want you! I hate you!" you're really making that reality much more powerful. It's similar to reading online content. The more you engage with it, the more you'll get.

You can continue to read that content because you're so engaged, and you are not going to get rid of them.  For me, the best way to cut this tie between me and my unwanted reality is simply blessing it.

Bless it and say, "thank you. Thank you. I am now free from you. And I have learned my lesson and I am ready to move on." When you can truly and completely embrace where you are right now, it will be much easier for you to shift into a feeling place that is much more joyful, and of a higher vibrational place. That feeling place is actually your new reality when you're emotionally there. Don't be bothered by whatever is around you and watch what happens.

Essentially, life is just a moment to moment thing. It's the choice-making process in each moment that leads to your experience within billions of possible experiences.

So let me know in the comment down below what you would like to choose from this moment on. Let's all hold energy for each other. If you're new here, remember there is no way to gratitude. Gratitude is the way - start this journey!

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  • Anna On

    Back in November my husband was picked up by immigration and I want the judge at his court date on April 5th to let him come home to me and our 3 children. I want to have the means to open my own parent/teacher store to have a way to give back to our community. Send us positive energy. I am thankful to gave found you. Blessed be!

  • Tanya On

    Love this post. I’m not into law of attraction at all but rather law of assumption. This mirrors what Neville Goddard wrote about. I’ve made the decision to shift into the reality where I met a particular person years before I did in this one.

  • Sammi Jo On

    Thank you so much Karin, I am a teenager who came from tiktok. But i have studied the alternate universe theory and quantum jumping for a year now, and this is the best I have read yet !

  • Bilet On

    Gratitude Karin, wishing you more high level energy… Just wanna be mySELF! Be that which I willest to be. Thanks. Light and Love.

  • Grace On

    Thank you so much for sharing this Ms. Karin. I am calling deeper into my life my own subscription platform for health and wellness from diverse people and sources. I am calling deeper into my life fulfilling, close, honest, kind and joyful relationships with people who are my chosen family. I thank you again for sharing and send you lots of love and positive energy. You deserve it!

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