Test Law of Attraction with Gratitude Experiment (Shocking Demonstration)

Author: Carmen Alicia Roman

This video is to demonstrate what impact energy can have on things and the outcome of choosing gratitude.

Testing the difference between 2 statements one being negative: “I hate you” and the second being positive: “Thank you”.  See what effect it has on a pendulum.

What do we need for this experiment is:

2 glasses


2 labels: one labeled “I hate you” and second label “Thank you”


Negative energy - Hate

Positive energy – Gratitude 

Clearing energy- Clean, Peaceful



Place water in the 2 different glasses and label each one with the different labels of: “I hate you” and the other one of “Thank you”.

Focus the negative energy of, I hate you on the glass labeled “I hate you” for about 10 minutes with the pendulum in it and pull the pendulum out and see how it reacts.  

As you can see for the video it just went on circle and did not respond the way asked of left and right with the thoughts of “I hate you” and negative energy. It just went in circles.

Clear the energy of your thoughts and the pendulum.

Now place the pendulum in the glass labeled “Thank you” for about 10 minutes and focus on the energy of thank you, gratitude and positive energy. Pull the pendulum out after 10 minutes and see how it reacts. 

As you can see for the video it responded right away in the way it was asked and wanted for left to right with ease.

The result for this experiment was that words do have power as shown in the video by example. Now you can see how your words are affecting you and your life. What are you creating in your environment and space of your home, work and life?

What you can see from this experiment is the outcome that comes from our words and thoughts. They do have strong power.

Now imagine the difference you can make in your life, home and work.

Make a difference in your life, start by just taking 10 minutes a day to focus on your words and energy. See how your life will start to change. Stay in the power and thought of positive with gratitude and have things flow easier just like the pendulum did in the video.

I know from personal experience when I am not in a positive state of mind it seems like things go sideways and when I am in a state of gratitude and thankfulness things seem to go easier even if there are issues around… it just seems not to be so intense. 

Words and the energy behind them can make all the difference. Try it for yourself. See and notice the difference! Change your words and thoughts, and you will change your life!

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